Is Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence still playing a double game and

helping Taliban insurgents - or is the U.S. using false charges against

the ISI  to set Pakistan up as the fall guy for losing Afghanistan?



The Frontier Post, Pakistan

Facing Defeat in Afghanistan, U.S. 'Lies' About Pakistan's ISI


Is the United States so desperate about impending defeat in Afghanistan that it is setting up Pakistan as a scapegoat? Recent charges that Pakistan Intelligence has been aiding Taliban militants appear to have triggered this angry retort from the editorial board of Pakistan's Quetta and Peshawar-based Frontier Post.




June 15, 2010


Pakistan - The Frontier Post - Original Article (English)

The logo of Pakistan's ISI: At the heart of the suspicion which plagues U.S.-Pakistan relations.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Senior levels of Pakistan's intelligence agency, the ISI, is training and funding the Taliban, June 13, 00:02:01RealVideo

Make no mistake about it - Western news networks, arguably at the behest of certain sections of their bureaucracies and intelligence apparatus, have mounted a calculated, well-orchestrated media offensive to vilify and demonize the Pakistani military, the ISI [Inter-Services Intelligence] and our incumbent political leadership. It will be unpardonable if Islamabad doesn’t finally break its reticence and speak out proactively.


Barring this, the nation will pay a heavy price for the ruling establishment's lackadaisicalness. This offensive is obviously vile, sinister and mischievous in intent. The recent report from the London-based Amnesty International on human rights in FATA alone leaves one stunned over its contents and its intents. Quite astonishingly, the world-renowned human rights watchdog based its report on completely outdated information to give credit to the notion that Pakistan's government and military has abandoned the region to live under the thumbs of brutal, oppressive militants.


[Editor's Note: The title of the Amnesty report is Millions suffer in 'human rights free zone' in Northwest Pakistan].


Since Amnesty’s information was factually wrong, its inference is also wrong. Aside from driving the militants out of the Swat and Malakand, Pakistan's military has decisively dismantled terrorist infrastructure in the tribal agencies of Bajaur and South Waziristan. In addition, the militants are on the run in various parts of other districts, despite sporadic resistance here and there. This is well known, and it is intriguing that Amnesty so spectacularly failed to take note of such a globally known fact in its report.


Furthermore, this unusual intelligence report has been backed up by an institution of higher learning. The London School of Economics report on the alleged funding, training and harboring of Afghan Taliban in its “sanctuaries” by the ISI is unmistakably a grand plant. The report’s author, a man that goes by the name of Matt Waldman [video below], has collated the feeds from news agencies to produce a piece of shoddy work that is so replete with holes that it may pass the scrutiny of the gullible, but not the clever. He has richly embellished it with superlatives and hyperbole. He claims, implausibly, to have met and interviewed nine Taliban field commanders in Afghanistan, whom he asserts revealed to him how the ISI “orchestrates, sustains and strongly influences the (Taliban) movement.”




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“They say it (ISI) gives sanctuary to both Taliban and Haqqani groups, and provides huge support in terms of training, funding, munitions, and supplies,” he notes. And then, in his naiveté, this Matt Waldman gives away the whole game with an unconscious slip. He says, “In their words (the nine Taliban field commanders), "this is as clear as the sun in the sky.”


This is the language of a prosecutor, not a commander. The prosecutor argues and draws inferences - the commander does not. He doesn’t argue, he asserts. He makes categorical statements - and doesn't draw inferences. But where in the world would commanders confide in someone like this Matt Waldman about their sources of funding, arms supplies or sanctuaries, as these nine are supposed to have done? By every reckoning, his story is extremely shallow and weak. Yet Western trans-national news agencies have bitten into it hook, line and sinker, splashing it worldwide. This should provide the Islamabad establishment a glimpse of what's coming.



This report is the opening shot. In all probability, more are in the pipeline because Afghanistan's U.S.-led occupiers sense defeat. The-once zestful talk on their tongues of creating a democratic Afghanistan has long vanished. They now talk of giving Afghanistan a trained army and effective police force for its security and then leaving. President Barack Obama’s military-civilian surge strategy has too run into deep trouble and is failing to deliver. Meanwhile, the patience of the public in nations supplying the occupying troops is running out fast. Public opinion in Europe is fast turning against the Afghanistan war. Even in the United States, public opposition to the war is sharply ascendant. According to some opinion polls, as many as 70 percent Americans want their troops to come home.


Given this, Pakistan is sure to be nailed for the failure of the U.S.-led occupiers, and yarn like that woven by this Matt Waldman is sure to multiply in the days ahead. This will be to defame Pakistan and hurt the image of its military, the ISI and its ruling leadership. That necessarily requires Islamabad to nip this vile campaign in the bud, which cannot be accomplished with lifeless denials. Islamabad must proactively speak out about the two-faced game the occupiers and their spy agencies have played on Pakistan, in collusion with the Afghan intelligence apparatus [KHAD] and India’s RAW [Research and Analysis Wing].

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