The Obamas and the Singhs arrive for the state dinner in honor of India.

Is the Prime Minister of India filling President Obama's head with 'lies'

about Pakistan and the decades-old struggle for Kashmir?



The Frontier Post, Pakistan

America Swallows Prime Minister Singh's 'Lies' on Kashmir


"If not to the hideous shenanigans of the CIA and RAW, our leaders must spare some thought to Prime Minister Singh's propaganda barrage, so manifestly filled with evil intent as it is. He is weaving a yarn to demonize Pakistan by blatantly twisting reality and distorting history."




November 24, 2009


Pakistan - The Frontier Post - Home Page (English)

CIA chief Leon Panetta: Pakistan is concerned that India's intelligence service, RAW, has been feeding him disinformation about Pakistan's ties with terrorists in the hope of currying U.S. favor in regard to the decades-long battle for Kashmir.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Police fire on protesters in Indian-administered Kashmir, June 8, 00:01:39RealVideo

Just as Indian Prime Minister Singh arrived for a state visit and a massive propaganda offensive against Pakistan, it should come as no surprise that after a two-day visit to Islamabad, CIA chief Leon Panetta stopped off in New Delhi to huddle in the closets of India's intelligence bosses before heading home. After all, the CIA and RAW [Research and Analysis Wing] are partners in a joint venture to infest and subvert the tribal region, Balochistan and destabilize Pakistan in general. This they have accomplished by funneling heaps of weapons and cash along with infiltrators from Afghanistan in order to assassinate militants and insurgents in Swat, the tribal areas and Balochistan.


Furthermore, that thug Hakimullah Mehsud and his top brigands in South Waziristan, where Pakistan's army is decisively quelling their murderous militancy, have been spirited away to Afghanistan to escape the dragnet and spill the beans [Hakimullah Mehsud leads the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, which is thought to be behind the Mumbai terrorist attacks last year]. Fleeing Swat, that thug Maulana Fazlullah, too, proclaims that he's ensconced in Afghanistan, most likely in the safe house of his paymasters, along with Hakimullah and his criminal gang.


Surely, Panetta's briefcase must be packed with notes to exchange with his Indian friends in RAW. During his Islamabad sojourn, our nation's media reported that he was shown evidence of clandestine CIA operations in Pakistan. Perhaps Pakistan's ever-spineless hierarchy had the guts to stick its neck out so courageously, although there are doubts. After all, even if they had the backbone, where would our rulers have found the time for such a brave act when they are so ensconced in Byzantine intrigues and infighting? Still, if not to the hideous shenanigans of the CIA and RAW, our leaders must spare some thought to Manmohan Singh's propaganda barrage, so manifestly filled with evil intent as it is. He is weaving a yarn to demonize Pakistan by blatantly twisting reality and distorting history.


As these words are written, the Indian army backed by the Indian Air Force and a huge paramilitary force, is moving in for a major operation against Maoist insurgents who Manmohan Singh repeatedly calls the, “single largest security threat to India.” They seek to dislodge them from the third of the country where they hold sway, with active support of poor tribal people, landless peasants and India's lower classes, who are all reeling from an acute sense of injustice, denial and deprivation at the hands of India's government.



Yet none of this figures at all in Singh's public discourse. His constant mantra is that Indian security is threatened by Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. India, he keeps harping, has been the victim of “Pakistan-aided, abetted and sponsored terrorism for nearly 25 years.” Here Singh is clearly playing with the truth and is brazenly lying. With this atrocious assertion he deviously hides the great tragedy of Kashmir under India's colonial occupation. For three decades, their indigenous struggle for freedom has been brutally suppressed.


Map of Jammu and Kashmir: Perhaps the most

ignored and least understood potential flash

point on earth. [click for map jumbo version]


[Editor's Note: India and Pakistan have fought four wars over what was once the "princely state of Jammu and Kashmir," and which, from 1846-1947, was ruled by a British Satrap called a Maharaja. When India and Pakistan became states, Jammu Kashmir became disputed territory between the two. While Jammu Kashmir is majority Muslim, it wanted to maintain its independence, which led to the first Indi-Pak war. Eventually, Maharajah Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession "acceding to the dominion" of India. Pakistan rejects the agreement because of the area's majority Muslim population. Other countries that came into being as a result of the Partition of India were Burma, Napal, Bhutan, and the Maldives.]


These freedom-demanding Kashmiris are no terrorists. They're battling for their right to self-determination, mandated by no less than the U.N. Security Council. In order to suppress their legitimate struggle and savage them into surrender and servitude, India has unleashed three army corps comprising over 700,000 troops, all ordered to shoot to kill. Indian forces have slaughtered 100,000 Kashmiris, according to the leadership of the Kashmiri resistance, although India puts the toll at about 40,000, although untruthfully asserting that most of the dead were victims of resistance fighters.


Once an enchanting valley of dales and streams, the Kashmir Valley is today a veritable valley of graves, filling its every nook and cranny. Not a single family lacks a personal tragedy. In its alpha-interrogation centers there, the Indian army perfected its torture methods on Kashmiri youth - some 10,000 of them missing for years and believed tortured to death by their interrogators.


But if Singh is so sly as to misrepresent this colossal human tragedy, brutalized Kashmiris have been traitorously betrayed both by Kashmiri leaders across the Line of Control [in India] and in Islamabad as well. But the worst is the present leadership in Islamabad. Pakistan's hierarchy is apathetic in the face of their catastrophic predicament, and completely incapable of exposing Singh's skullduggery. If our leaders remain inert and disinterested, the consequences for the nation will be disastrous. India is meticulously working on a game plan to portray Pakistan as a terrorist state. Due to the inaction of Pakistan's leadership, New Delhi is succeeding. Islamabad had better wake up and realize what's cooking.


































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