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Americans Will Pay Dearly For 'Flirting' with Afghan War


"Instead of subduing and pacifying Afghanistan, the Americans undertook the invasion and occupation of Iraq. They have lost opportunities that could have steered them toward success - opportunities that will never return."




August 28, 2009


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Pashtun supporter of former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah listens to Abdullah at a meeting in Kabul, Sept. 1.


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America's top military commander, Admiral Mike Mullen, has bemoaned the fact that the Taliban insurgency has become more lethal and sophisticated. But what can he expect when America and its allies fought a war in Iraq but in Afghanistan they have only flirted with it?


In Iraq they lied themselves into an invasion and occupation. In Afghanistan, they committed lies, deceits and cover-ups - and got away with it thanks largely to a compliant corporate media, obliging think tanks and conformist armchair strategic experts. And although through this skullduggery they managed to remain unquestioned, they are now in a ticklish quandary with no easy exit.


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They invaded and occupied Afghanistan, declaring it a lair of al-Qaeda's global terror network and vowing to wipe out the threat it posed to global security. But instead of subduing and pacifying Afghanistan, they undertook the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Ever since, large swathes of Afghanistan have remained untouched and undisturbed in the hands of the Taliban and other militant groups. It is there that they remain unshakably entrenched along with their al-Qaeda allies.


Over the years, hundreds of thousands of sophisticated and deadly weapons have vanished from the Afghan Defense Ministry and coalition armories, with no clues as to whose hands they have fallen into.


The Americans doled out billions in aid, by some estimates $250 billion, that has served mostly to line the pockets of foreign NGOs, fatten the purses of American construction firms, or been stolen by Afghan ministers and civil servants. On the ground, there is no sign whatever that this colossal sum has been spent. Yet no questions have been asked or inquiries made of the glaring incompetence and ineptitude of American leaders and officials.



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If these bosses have been busy playing Nero's lyre with their Afghan enterprise, they've also fiddled with their own lawmakers, media and commentariat. Now the chickens have come home to roost for all of them. They have lost opportunities that could have steered them toward success - opportunities that will never return.



Not for months, but for years, the American invaders allowed turbines and machinery for a huge hydropower and irrigation project in Helmand Province to rust. Had the machines been installed it may have prevented Helmand from becoming the world's largest grower of poppy and supplier of drugs. This flirting with war in Afghanistan is sure to cost the Americans dearly.


Furthermore, the Americans simply cannot raise the army of 400,000 that experts believe will be required to quell the Taliban and other militant groups. And the NATO community is no mood to contribute large numbers of troops or large quantities of military hardware.


Al-Qaeda's number two, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, describes how

the latest offensive of Pakistan and the 'neo-crusaders' is

a 'path of doom,' Aug. 28. 00:20:25

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The Afghan Army will take years to become a genuine fighting force. Based on their own sources, the Americans can't build a force sufficient for the task; and even less so now, as the Afghan war is rapidly becoming unpopular with the American people. According to the latest opinion polls, more than 51 percent are opposed. And this opposition is likely to snowball as American casualties and the costs of the war escalate. Indeed, 95 lawmakers in the House of Representatives have moved a bipartisan bill asking the administration for an exit strategy.


So chances are that were coalition forces to exit Afghanistan, the country would be like a gaping wound tormenting its neighbors - most of all Pakistan, which has already suffered hugely from this war. Like Afghanistan, Pakistan would become a breeding ground for foreign fueled terrorism and insurgency.





















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