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An Arab Summit Without Syria? ... Ridiculous! (Thawra Al Wehda, Syria)


Is the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad so integral to the Arab world, that holding an Arab League Summit without it is absurd? According to columnist Dr. Issa al-Shummas of Syria's state-run Thawra Al Wehda, the League has given Syria's seat to 'the illegitimate child of Qatar and the CIA,' and blocking the Syrian regime's involvement would be like depriving a body of its 'beating heart.'


By Dr. Issa al-Shummas


Translated By Talei Lakeland


April 3, 2013


Syria - Thawra Al-Wada - Original Article (Arabic)

Syrian National Coalition leader Moaz Alkhatib: The Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad is expressing indignation that at the Arab League, he is now the recognized representative of the Syrian people.


AL-JAZEERA NEWS VIDEO: Diplomacy, Obama and the Middle East, Apr. 3, 00:47:30 RealVideo

The event held in Doha on March 26 was called an "Arab Summit," but what summit can reach its height when it lacks the support of the Arab people - the same Arab people who have lost confidence in their Arab League after the spineless stances it has adopted against Syria?


How can such a “summit” reach its height in the absence of Syria - one of the Arab League's founding countries, one of the builders of its summits, one of the financiers of its conferences, and one of the actors behind its achievements and its success?


How can an Arab summit be held and be successful in its work in the absence of Syria, which represents the head of Arab nationalist efforts, and is the standard-bearer of the defense of Arab issues? In these times, so turbulent for Arabs, how can an Arab summit achieve nationalist goals when it has been hijacked by the oil Bedouins? When it takes its orders from outside the Arab world? When it is led by Bedouin emirs who sell Arab covenants on dollar- and euro-denominated stock exchanges and oil markets before depositing the proceeds in dark political corners - from the White House to the Elysée Palace and Israeli Knesset? What kind of Arab summit is run by people so willing to trade and broker in Arab issues that it can be considered a platform for empty rhetoric and flattery? There was nothing new in this summit other than crying over the ruins of the Arab world, espousing empty hopes and making empty guarantees that have evaporated with its close and its supercilious message.


Since Syria is the beating heart of Arab nationalism, how can the body of the Arab world meet at any summit without it? How can it function without the vital pulse of its heart? How can the limbs of the Arab body move while suffering from weakness and humiliation, and after having lost the blood of the original Arab nationalism supplied to them by the arteries of this heart? It is this heart which bequeathed to them a strong immune system, which was earned by countering the slippery slope toward the loss of nationalist identity and belonging.


How can the muffled sound of this Arab summit be heard without Syria's voice, which has always resounded in its expression of the conscience of the Arab nation? How can this voice be replaced by malicious, hateful crowing that discriminates between the children of the Arab nation and its states, and which impedes any attempt to unify the word of this nation, promote its interests and preserve its dignity and sovereignty?


As they sat on their plush seats, they allowed the illegitimate child of Qatar and the CIA to sit amongst them. [Reference to Syrian National Coalition leader Moaz al-Khatib]. They called him the representative of the Syrian people, who have not recognized him, so that they could make him a puppet they can tell anything they like to. And this, instead of allowing the legitimate father of the Syrian people, who built this seat according to Arab nationalist specifications and contributed to establishing the "Arab House" to do what is best for the children of the house - and not sow seeds of temptation and evil among them. That is what is being done by the group of Bedouins who, due to the power of oil and the dollar to which the weaker, more spineless members of the organization have submitted, have been made vulnerable to the loss of their Arab identity and role, and who have taken control of the Arab League.


Their meeting was a demonstration of hateful, repugnant speeches which incited ire and disgust. There was nothing new about them in their content or the effort which was put into reading them. They began by exchanging pleasantries before competing to see who could provide the most tragic description of the situation in the Arab world, even though they, because of their weakness, spinelessness and conspiring against one another, are the ones who have caused things to reach such a low. They had the insolence to shed crocodile tears for the Syrian people and blame the “regime” for the Syrian crisis and its continuation. They preached the very worst parts of their malicious statements against Syria, about how they will give Syria’s seats in organizations like the Arab League to gangs from the “coalition of damage,” arm the opposition and encourage the Jihadi terrorism they have recognized, including the use of volunteers from Arab countries and abroad. They are pouring fuel on the fire, sitting back and watching, as Syria is engulfed in flames.


They agreed to stray from the correct path. They brought out the violins for the Syrian crisis and danced to their melodies. They drank a toast with the blood of the innocent martyred Syrians and of those who, while their sinister meeting was taking place, were martyred in the schools, universities and mosques of Damascus, and in the suburbs of Rukn Eddin, Baramkeh and Bab Sharqi. They were unashamed for what they have done to Syria, the majestic Arab civilization and to history through the criminal terrorists that the “League of Bedouin States” has recruited to ruin Syria and spill Syrian blood.


Meanwhile, the blowers of mercenary trumpets claim to be acting in Syria’s interest and are working to find a political solution to the crisis it is experiencing. What kind of lies and deceit are they inventing? How can there be a political solution while acts of terrorism continue; and while criminals are being supplied with hi-tech weapons to use against the Syrian state and its people? Shouldn't this malignant, paradoxical stance evoke ridicule from those empty voices at the Summit and their allegations against the Syrian people?!

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If they genuinely wanted the best for Syria (which they do not), they would have apologized for their stances and resolutions, which they have used to harm Syria - both state and people - and allow it to return to its rightful place in the Arab League. And if they want to stop the violence, as they demand, they should abandon their henchmen in the extremist opposition conspiracy, and stop supporting the armed terrorist gangs that are affiliated with them. They should openly condemn the abhorrent, inflammatory fatwas that justify the spilling of innocent Syrian blood, and to which thousands of innocent Syrians have fallen victim, the last of whom was martyred Muslim scholar Mohamed Said Ramadan al-Bouti, who was assassinated in a house of God at the hands of one of their criminal mercenaries [see video below]. They should encourage all Syrian factions to seek a peaceful solution within the national dialogue that the Syrian authorities are inviting them to participate in.


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Whatever the nature of the representation, the holders of the “summit” have no right to listen to illegitimate people talking on behalf of Syria and conspiring against it. Neither do the summit Bedouins have the right to pass resolutions about Syria, when it is they who have refused to allow its legitimate representatives attend. As a result, it is only natural that Syria should refuse to recognize their statements and resolutions, and any initiative they invent to supposedly help Syria, because this constitutes a blatant intervention in its internal affairs by a league that has deviated from its Arab charter and become a group of sedition and fragmentation, led by parties with openly-malicious stances and links to the implementation of foreign agendas hostile to Syria and all Arabs.


Finally, we do not deny the efforts made by Iraq, Algeria and Lebanon, which have adopted honest stances on the Syrian crisis and confirm its rightful place in the Arab League. We appreciate these efforts, made to return the Arab nation of Syria to its rightful place. Nonetheless, the Bedouin emirs, who are climbing the rungs of the Arab League and its (Qatari) leadership, wanted to cut Syria out of this arena of serious, responsible work on Arab issues, weaken it, and by conspiring against it, constrict its role as an Arab nation. But they failed to achieve the goals of their blatant conspiracy before the Arab peoples - their hopes damaging Syria - both its leaders and its people - dashed.


Syria will remain Syria - as a nation and as part of the Arab nation. Should there be efforts to boycott it or block it from exercising its role in the Arab League, the expansive territory of the great Arab nation will open wide its doors to Syria, the throbbing heart of the Arab nation and the bearer of its hopes and pain. The Arab people know this very well.



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