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America's 'Arab-Zionist' Pawns (Thawra Al-Wada, Syria)


By opposing the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, are Egyptian, Qatari, Tunisian, Saudi and many other Arab governments acting against the interests of their peoples at the behest of 'international Zionism'? According to this column from Syria's government-run Thawra Al-Wada, countries like Egypt and Qatar, which are working to topple al-Assad on behalf of Syrian civilians, are traitors to the Arab cause.


By Nasser Munther


Translated By Casey Patrick Reilly


October 8, 2012


Syria - Thawra Al-Wada - Original Article (Arabic)

Syria's Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Walid Al-Moualem accuses the U.N. Security Council and much of the world of using terrorism against Syria in an effort to topple the Assad government, Oct. 1.


UNITED NATIONS VIDEO: Syria's Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Walid Al-Moualem addresses the 67th opening of the U.N. General Assembly, Oct. 1, 00:25:09 RealVideo

It seems that Arab regimes which have set out to complete the conspiratorial project against Syria are no longer ashamed about disclosing the nature of their work on behalf of international Zionism. This can be seen in their clear and explicit calls for the destruction and sabotage of Syria, their begging for foreign military intervention, the deployment of Arab troops, or their demands for the issuance of more decisions hostile to the Syrian people. This, if anything, reflects the political and moral bankruptcy of their systems, which have been forcibly stripped of their Arab robes and have thrown themselves into the arms of the West. Such regimes are categorically focused on how to please it.


With his suspicious call to send Arab troops, the ruler of the sheikhdom of Qatar [Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani] raced to demonstrate his loyalty and obedience to the rulers of the Zionist entity, as if in a competition with counterpart Arab regimes that are also involved, through premeditated murder, with the shedding of Syrian blood. In this way, he seeks to confirm that he is acting through war, as an agent for America and Israel, and in conjunction with the rest of the Arabized choir, to destroy Syria and send her into a spiral of violence and chaos. They are therefore attempting to twist her arm and excise Syria from the axis of resistance [to Israel], of which she constitutes the top of the pyramid. This is a result that the colonial powers have sought for decades, but failure continues to accompany them and haunt them in their beds - and will do so indefinitely.


By contrast, we find Egypt's new president [Morsi] lusting for the reduction and neutering of his nation's Arab role for a handful of dollars, not to mention Gulf and Turkish money. He styles himself as the standard-bearer of the Syrian people and full-throatedly asserts that "his mind" will not rest until Syria's fall and destruction, while it bombards the Gaza tunnels to assist the Zionist entity as it clamps down on the Palestinian people and stands aside at the scene of Bahrainis murdered at the hands of al-Saud. This is perhaps because for the most part, he aspires to being a loyal pawn on America's chessboard, or the faithful satrap of a province in the new Ottoman Empire, under which he will return Egypt to an era of ignorance.

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And going against history, the Tunisian president and Gulf rulers are no different. They believe the illusion that Syria will fall, are working hard for that result, and now await its demise in order to win meager gains at the expense of the lives of Syria's ancient people. It would have been better for them to utilize their potential in support of the Arab resistance in confronting the Zionist entity.


If these reactionary regimes did for the Palestinian people half of what they’ve done against the Syrian people, Palestine would already have been returned to the Arab fold, and the obnoxious Zionist occupation would have been defeated. Such an outcome will be impossible as long as the rulers of Arab systems insist that their willpower remain stolen and their decisions be within U.S. and Zionist circles. But their time will soon end and the will of their peoples will ultimately triumph.



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