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Prepare for 'Tea Time' in America


They are White, they are male and female and they're conservative. They are mostly populist and constitute a bizarre blend of Christians, right-wing anarchists, and disappointed Republicans. Their idol is the fanatic presenter Glenn Beck of the horrid Fox TV network, and their heroine is the hysterical former Republican nominee for vice president, Sarah Palin.


By Danile Fonck


Translated By Philippe Guittard


October 31, 2010


Luxembourg - Tageblatt - Original Article (French)

A Tea Party supporter in Wilmington, Delaware: What does the Tea Party portend?


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Preview of British documentary on the U.S. Tea Party, Nov. 1, 00:02:04RealVideo

They detest Democrats and loathe President Obama, accusing him of all evils of the world, consider Republicans to be traitors, but before that, had failed to criticize George Bush Jr.


Convinced that the panacea is to turn back the clock by centuries, they dream of the America of the Mayflower, Sir Walter Raleigh (who gave his name to the capital of North Carolina), thrive on open-air events with pom-pom girls where they can feel the red, white and blue, and are convinced that the original sin - treason - was committed in 1912 by a one Woodrow Wilson ...


They are members of the Tea Party and non-Tea Parties, which are, in short, highly tuned to the Internet and prepared to fight for the victories of a maximum of their candidates in the midterm elections - in other words, two years before the presidential election, so as to tip the balance and take the majority on Capitol Hill (Congress and Senate).


Noxious and dangerous


That they are battling for a return of freedom and against things they disagree with, we can readily understand and even endorse. But the understanding stops there.


The Tea Party dreams of "saving America" by constraining the administration and the Federal Reserve, cutting taxes, abolishing the Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency, and promoting free enterprise without any constraints or controls. The seek to abolish unemployment insurance, even if seeking to preserve (at first) public health insurance for seniors - would otherwise would cost too many votes. Finished, too, would be the "socialist" policies of Obama, the left-wing press, indeed, the left in general, and the oppression of the White minority.


As amazing as it sounds: The Tea Party has considerable campaign funding and has used it against the "Kenyan crypto-Muslim," read Barack Obama.



The most comic part of all this, is that they are at risk of losing votes to the very Republican Party from which their troops are from.



The fact is that the Democrats could lose the November elections and with them, their majority - which tells us nothing about the outcome of the next election for the White House. For more than one president (Democratic and Republican) has confronted cohabitation before being re-elected.


Could the Tea Party threaten the traditional bipartisan balance in the United States? Up to now, the parties have always triumphed over the passing fancies of a segment of the electorate. Meanwhile the Republicans, instead of condemning the phenomenon, have come to terms with the new extreme right, which calls them "soft."




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