The verdict of the Zimmerman trial has touched nerves a long

way from Florida. Above, media-savvy members of the Syrian

opposition show their colors.

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American Vigilante Justice: When Amateurs Play Sheriff (Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Germany)


"Many Americans feel safe only when they are permitted to carry a loaded weapon. ... The Zimmerman case shows where this can lead: Amateurs with wild suspicions can patrol neighborhoods, overestimate every threat, and ultimately propagate the very insecurity they set out to contain."


By Nicolas Richter



Translated By Jonathan Lobsien


July 16, 2013


Germany - Sueddeutsche Zeitung - Original Article (German)

Former neighborhood watch person George Zimmerman after being found not guilty in the shooting death of unarmed, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, July 13..


AL-JAZEERA NEWS VIDEO: Anger lingers in America over Zimmerman verdict, July 15, 00:02:15 RealVideo

The jury acquitted George Zimmerman, but that doesn't mean he is without fault. He pursued a stranger at night, simply because he was a Black kid wearing a hooded sweatshirt.


Instead of listening to police and keeping his distance, Zimmerman took matters into his own hands. When it came to blows, the control freak lost control of his opponent - and perhaps also of himself - and he shot Trayvon Martin dead.


America has argued vociferously over how much of a factor skin color played in this case, but there is another theme that has most often went unnoticed: the dangers and excesses of vigilante justice. Many Americans feel safe only when they are permitted to carry a loaded weapon.

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The Zimmerman case shows where this can lead: Amateurs with wild suspicions can patrol neighborhoods, overestimate every threat, and ultimately propagate the very insecurity they set out to contain.


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The acquittal was consistent with the proceedings: In the end, it couldn't be ruled out that recreational sheriff Zimmerman acted in self-defense. It is an understandable legal outcome, even if painful for supporters of the deceased Trayvon Martin.


To their great credit, they remained overwhelmingly peaceful the night after the verdict, having heeded the central lesson of this case: more vigilante justice will only brings further chaos.


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