By Saad Al-Ramla

A women protests the sentence of death-by-stoning

of an Iranian woman charged with adultery: Are clerics

involved in politics destroying the image of Muslims?



Sotal Iraq, Iraq

Muslim Clerics Must 'Render Unto Caesar What is Caesar's'


"I say to the clerics now in control of Iraq and anywhere else in the world: leave politics to politicians, because since you have gotten involved things have severely deteriorated and people have suffered shortages, conflict, strife, poverty and destitution. ... Return to your mosque/barracks and render unto Caesar what is Caesar's."


By Saad Al-Ramla


Translated By James Jacobson


August 28, 2010


Iraq - Sotal Iraq - Original Article (Arabic)

Is it time for Islam to set aside punishements like stoning and amputation? Above, a women demonstrates against the sentence of death-by-stoning of Iranian woman Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, near the Eiffel Tower, Paris, Aug. 28.

BBC NEWS VIDEO: French rally in solidarity for Iranian woman sentenced to stoning, Sept. 12, 00:01:27RealVideo

There seems to be an acceleration of news that features clerics and their abuses, their rulings and their terrorism. This distorts the shining face of Islam in the West and the world. Now in America, Europe or Australia, you can't say you're a Muslim, because the image that precedes you is terrifying and brings to mind bombings, suicide bombers, their victims, body parts, blood and senseless killing. Is this the Islam that you aspire to? Is this the message that you would like to convey to the world?!!!


Islam has become tied to the victims of September 11, those in Bali, London, Paris, Iraq, train stations in Madrid and everywhere else that blood is shed in vain. This suggests a brutality unprecedented for any religion in the world. Not even the Mongol Genges Khan was so terrifying.


This is the image seen by Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders [video below], who mocked Islam and wrote a book about it and cannot be criticized for his perceptions. Because he has seen nothing but blood, suicide bombers and groups of poor people killed in bloody assassinations and bombings. We reprimand him and tell him You're wrong. Islam is tolerant and good. But as former Dutch lawmaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali said during the crisis over the [Prophet Mohammad] cartoons in the Danish press: Dont give in to the demands of Arabs and Muslims. Tell them: "you Muslims believe in abusing children and believe in a Prophet who raped children" referring to the lying clerics who say that the Prophet married Aisha when she was six years old. Do you reprimand them and tell them that there's a flaw in the biography of the Prophet, since it has been shown that he married Aisha when she was 16 or more? Do we stand up and assert that claims about child rape were made by tyrannical caliphs? Our clerics excel in falsifying the Prophet's biography and smearing him with charges that he married a girl of such an age.




[Editor's Note: The caliphs, who were the men that led Muslims after Muhammad's death, were mostly relatives of Muhammad. According to the Quran and other sources, they claimed that he married Aisha when she was a young girl of between six and ten. While this is a debate that has raged over the past hundred years or so, most historians acknowledge that marriages between older men and young girls were customary among Bedouins of the time, so Muhammad's marriage would not have been considered out of the ordinary].


I read yesterday about an Iranian woman [Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani] who has been sentenced to stoning for the crime of adultery. This prompted Venezuela, France, Sweden and many European countries to offer asylum to the woman. I say that in the age we live in, women should not be exposed to stoning, which is such a terrible and painful way to die. Is she to blame? Let's look into the causes of her sins. Perhaps there were compelling reasons for what she did. Maybe her husband was impotent - or disgusting. Maybe she was forced to marry him or was frightened by his behavior or violence. Her flaw could have been dealt with by divorce and freeing her so that she need not commit such a sin. But resorting to such brutal methods blackens the image of Muslims in the mind of the West, which knows little of Islam other than its readiness to kill others in vain, shed blood in preparation for dinner with the Prophet, and sleep with underage girls.


Furthermore, the Quran never commanded death by stoning - only by whipping. Again - it's the clerics who came up with stoning, you see!! Let us offer modern solutions to the peoples problems, which are commensurate with our age and its rate of change. What was fit for previous eras doesn't fit this one, which is a period of human and even animal rights.

Is it reasonable for us to continue cutting off the hands of thieves? Perhaps they were in need, or poor, or motivated to commit their regrettable deeds by hunger. Isn't it possible that Muslims are mistaken for butchering people in front of satellite TV cameras and the world? Isn't it the fault of those who use swords, knives and daggers to apply tyrannical sentences under the pretext of applying Sharia Law that others look at Muslims with suspicion when they travel?


The Saudi government executioner of Mecca, Abdallah Al-Bishi,

discusses his calling, LBC TV, Lebanon, Nov. 4, 2006, 00:11:29



I say to the clerics now in control of Iraq and anywhere else in the world: leave politics to politicians, because since you have gotten involved, things have severely deteriorated and people have suffered shortages, conflict, strife, poverty and destitution. Focus on educating the soul and instilling the values of tolerance, humanity, love, peaceful coexistence and good. Return to your mosque/barracks and render to Caesar what is Caesar's.



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