In spite of major advances in life and the appearance of dozens of children oriented cable channels, the traditional and class

Shiites in Baghdad who favor the de-Baathification process and the

removal of suspect Sunni politicians wear signs that say, 'We swear

by the blood of the martyrs, you will not return.'



Sotal Iraq, Iraq

De-Baathification is No Business of the Americans!


"If the U.S. ambassador thinks the Saddamites represent Iraqis, that means he is rescinding Iraqi citizenship from the majority of Iraqi people, who for the first time see in the Accountability and Justice Commission something that can stop the flow of Saddamites into the government and National Assembly."


By Fa'ez Al Tamimi


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


February 3, 2010


Iraq - Sotal Iraq - Original Article (Arabic)


Ahmed Chalabi (above) is one of Iraq's most divisive figures, who is said to have been the source of the faulty information the Bush Administration used to invade in 2003. He was later cut off by the Bush White House for 'unauthorized contacts with Iran.' He now heads Iraq's Accountability and Justice Commission, which is charged with disqualifying former members of Saddam's Baathiist Party from standing in Iraq's national elections in March.


BBC NEWS AUDIO: Saddam's shadow hangs over Iraqi election, Feb. 12, 00:02:46RealVideo

Once again we hear the same news: The American ambassador [Christopher Hill] says that the Accountability and Justice Commission has become a "problem" and has raised the concerns of Iraqis.


Who are those Iraqis worried about the Accountability and Justice Commission?!! If he thinks that Saleh Al Motlaq [head of the Iraq Accord Front] and the Saddamites represent Iraqis, that means he is rescinding citizenship from the majority of Iraqis, who for the first time see in this commission something that can stop the flow of Saddamites into the government and National Assembly. What worries Iraqis isn't this respected commission, but statements by American civilian and military leaders regarding the de-Baathification process.


[Editor's Note: U.S. Ambassador Christopher Hill, backing up an earlier comment by General Ray Ordierno to the effect that Iran is manipulating Chalabi and the Accountability and Justice Commission, is quoted by Foreign Policy Magazine's The Cable: "I absolutely agree with General Odierno on this. And absolutely, these gentlemen are certainly under the influence of Iran. These were people, or in the case of Chalabi, he was named by CPA administrator Bremer, back in '03, as the head of the de-Baathification Committee. It was a committee that went out of existence two years ago, replaced by the Accountability and Justice Committee. Everyone else [on the committee] understood that their terms expired with the expiration of the committee, except for Mr. Chalabi, who assumed by himself the role of maintaining his position in a new committee to which he was never named ... and I don't need to relate to you or anyone else here the fact that this is a gentleman who has been challenged ... as a straightforward individual."]


Let us put it bluntly: After the tribunal showed its film showing the crimes of Saddam's Fedayeen, de-Baathification stopped being just a decision of the Accountability and Justice Commission and became the only choice of the large majority of Iraqi people. It's enough to say that voters who support the Iraqi National Alliance and State of Law Coalition, which comprise the largest segment of the population, are without exception in favor of de-Baathification. The insolence of the Saddamites was obvious when Hadi [could not identify], the Iraqi intelligence officer accused of assassinating the late Sheikh Al Suhail [former Iraqi tribal leader], was caught carrying a huge number of forged identification cards with different names and professions in the Baghdad area!!





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What is clear is that the ambassador of Uncle Sam is so concerned about the exclusion of Al Muttlaq and Zafer Al Aany [head of the Iraqi Front for National Dialogue] that he has decided to publicly stand by them!! We never once saw him so passionately stand with the oppressed, and as the saying goes, "birds of a feather flock together."


[Editor's Note: The head of Iraq's Accountability and Justice Commission, Ahmad Al Chalabi, declared Saleh Al Motlaq and Zafer Al Aany, both current members of the Iraqi National Assembly, banned from the upcoming national elections.]


We must be extremely worried about the plots of the Sadddamites: We pray to Allah to protect us from the evil of the followers of Saddam and Aflaq!!


[Editor's note: Michel Aflaq (Arabic: ميشيل عفلق Mīīl Aflaq) was the ideological founder of the Ba'athism that was practiced in Iraq under Saddam, and that which is still practiced in Syria. Interestingly, Aflaq was a Christian].



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