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Samidoon, Palestinian Territories

If Washington Makes War on Iran, it will be America's Last


"Experience teaches that all embargos imposed by America end in a destructive war. That was the case in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, and we doubt that the stifling embargo on Iran, which is growing stricter by the month, will be an exception. ... We hate war because it only results in destruction, orphans and widows - and because its victims are often brothers of the same faith. But if Washington launches a fourth war, it will be its last."


By Abd Al Bari Atwan


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


January 5, 2012


Palestinian Territories - Samidoon - Original Article (Arabic)

President Obama lays down the law with Iran's central bank: Does the United States actually want a war with Iran, to fuel its flagging economy? In the Arab world, this is not at all a far-fetched suggestion.

IRANIAN NATIONALISM VIDEO: Iran border guards ambush Taliban drug smugglers, Dec. 2, 00:07:36RealVideo

There is an Arabic proverb: "A criminal always hovers near the scene of the crime." It is a saying that applies, in one way or another, to America's current moves - both political and military - in the Arab Gulf region.


There are those who argue that the Obama Administration, at the door of a ferocious electoral battle with rival Republicans and facing a debilitating economic crisis, cannot risk a new conflagration after burning its fingers and pockets losing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. But wouldnt it also be rational to conclude that because of these - the economic crisis and the presidential election - the administration might want a war?


To further explain, backing Israel and meeting its demands to destroy Iran's nuclear ambitions are a common denominator in every electoral campaign of both major U.S. political parties. To gain the goodwill of Israel and the powerful Jewish lobby, one Republican candidate has even threatened to send aircraft and missiles against Iran to protect Israel.


President Obama cut his New Year vacation short and took less than two days back on the job to sign a law imposing a ban on any transaction with Iran's central bank. He also issued a statement in which he strongly supported a preliminary European agreement to impose severe sanctions on Iranian oil exports. It was as if he wanted to rush the sanctions into force so badly that he couldn't tolerate waiting until the end of the month for the agreement to be signed.


America and its Western allies cannot survive without waging wars in the Middle East, so they invent pretexts and prepare the way for such pretexts to explode. In the past ten years they have waged three major wars, in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Now it seems like the countdown has begun to a fourth war against Iran in the coming weeks or months.


There are three key indicators common to each of these previous wars - and that another is close to being waged:


First was the imposition of Palestinian-Israeli negotiations by force, to give the impression that America is committed to resolving this issue. That is what George H.W. Bush did when he convened the 1991 Madrid Peace Conference in order to justify his Desert Storm against Iraq. That is what George W. Bush did when he launched negotiations and spoke twice of establishing a Palestinian state; first when he launched his "war on terror" in Afghanistan; and then before the occupation of Iraq.


And now at America's behest and under a Jordanian initiative, without cause and without executing even the least Palestinian demand of halting settlement activity, the Palestinian Authority is again being forced into open-ended talks with the Israelis amid unprecedented expansion of Israeli settlements. And why? These are preparations for a war against Iran and perhaps Syria, Hamas and Hezbullah.


The second has to do with deals to purchase modern weapons systems by the Gulf countries. This amounts to upwards of $130 billion in the form of aircraft and missiles - far more than the capacity of these countries to absorb them. The intention here is to give a boost to the U.S. military industry, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs for America's unemployed, i.e.: to indirectly recycle oil profits.


Third: The continuous siege of sanctions here and embargoes there to economically choke Iran and its allies and starve Iran's population. Experience teaches that all embargos imposed by America end in destructive war. That was the case in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, and we doubt that the stifling embargo on Iran, which is growing stricter by the month, will be an exception.


We are now witnessing a very heated war of words centered on the waters of the Arab Gulf. Iran is conducting naval exercises and testing new weapons systems that include medium- and long-range missiles. Washington has responded by warning Iran of serious consequences if it follows through on its promise to close the Strait of Hormuz, and considers Tehran's threat to close the Strait as a sign of weakness - as if the U.S. is inciting Iran to do so.


The U.S. administration, which is said to have drawn up plans to wage this war with the cooperation of its ally Great Britain, is looking for the "trigger." Whether it plans to wage an actual war or a psychological one, the U.S. is the big winner. One way or another, it has succeeded in its effort to escalate fear in the tiny Gulf states, whose pockets and vaults are filled with billions of dollars for purchasing weapons to support the fast-collapsing American and European economies, while neither the U.S. nor Britain have offered even crumbs to Arab countries in crisis or those emerging from revolution like Egypt and Tunisia.


Mrs. Hillary Clinton, engineer of U.S. foreign policy and its latest wars in the region, says she won't allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons so as to prevent a nuclear weapons race in the region among countries like Egypt, Turkey and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But one can reply to this justification by asking why a nuclear arms race didn't occur when Israel, which is more dangerous to the Arab nation than Iran and continues to occupy Arab lands and holy sites, acquired such weapons?


We actually want to see a nuclear arms race in the region, since that would cost a tenth of the amount needed to buy American weapons. In addition, it would constitute a shield and deterrent for the Arab people in the face of both Iranian and Israeli threats.



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If there really were patriotic Arab leaders, they would encourage Iran to acquire nuclear weapons in order to justify following the same path for themselves.


America has lost every war it ever waged in this region. It lost its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now retreating from its past policy of putting the Taliban on its terrorist watch list, denying that it ever put out a reward for the killing or capture of Mullah Mohammad Omar. Furthermore, it has blessed the Taliban for opening an embassy in Qatar to be a hub of communication with Washington.


Looking at all this, we can conclude that in terms of a future war, Iran will not be an exception. Not because Iran would be the largest and most militarily equipped target yet, but because America is short of breath and cannot in any other way maintain the gains it has won thanks to a highly developed capacity to destroy - and because the final results were detrimental to the ambitions and goals for which it fought these wars.


We hate war because it only results in destruction, orphans and widows - and because its victims are often brothers of the same faith. But if Washington launches a fourth war it will be its last. The same could be said of Israel, because good doesn't come from the bosom of evil - meaning American and Israeli.




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