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Romney is the Better Choice for Poland (Rceczpospolita, Poland)


"If as president, Mr. Romney acts on even of a sliver of his declarations, we would stand to benefit. And if he ended up overwhelmed by reality and was unable to do so, we would lose nothing. With Mr. Obama, we know exactly where we stand. It is doubtful that during a second term he would make a U-turn. So there is one choice for Poland: Romney. It is a pity that we so little influence on him."


By Waldemar Kompala



Translated By Agnieszka Gosiewska


September 20, 2012


Poland – Rzeczpospolita – Original Article (Polish)

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney: There is a reason it is unwise for outsiders to pick favorites in U.S. presidential elections. After Romney committed one of the biggest unforced errors in U.S. political history, Poles who support Romney may be thinking they backed the wrong horse.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Can the U.S. learn something from Canada about presidential elections?, Sept. 19, 00:03:02RealVideo

The U.S. presidential candidates and their acolytes have outlined two models.


The first moves toward a state that protects the citizen and for this purpose might raise public spending and manipulate the money supply. In foreign policy terms, this model focuses on cooperation with other powers - those in old Europe and the emerging nations of India, Brazil, and Russia. It also seeks a conflict-free coexistence with China.


The second model revolves around the independent citizen: to assist the citizen, the state cuts taxes and thus reduces public spending, providing a sound basis for a strong dollar and a balanced budget, it would not intervene in defense of the "too big to fail." Abroad, America would return to its role as regulator of the world order, would deal robustly in political confrontations with China and Russia, strengthens its alliance with Europe and perpetuate the Western sphere of influence.


When it comes to Polish interests, what is most important is that Washington guarantee our security. That includes maintaining U.S. troops in Europe, missile defense, taking its NATO obligations seriously, transfers of military technology, and investments in energy (shale gas).


Such security guarantees will be only effective when America returns to the international arena as a hegemon - not merely one of several players. The current economic crisis provides an opportunity for doing so. Despite the slowdown, the U.S. still has the wherewithal to fill the role of engine to the global economy. It has a young, growing population; its remains at the forefront of innovation; and its current economic stagnation is not justified by the hard parameters of development. It remains a country of the future.

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A hegemon does not yield to other powers rashly. If it serves the interests of itself and its allies, it builds a missile defense shield; it deploys troops where they are needed for military reasons (the Pacific) but also political ones (Europe). It does not blur the structure of the world and make it difficult to recognize friends and enemies. It stands firmly behind friends, helping them against their enemies. And it does not pretend that the basic categories of political "friend or foe" are no longer valid, because it needs no pretenses.


Such an America would be a shield behind which Poland could develop over the next decade. Unfortunately, this is not today's America, and Poland is not a place of strategic importance to it. However, that may change.




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Based on statements made at both conventions and before, what Romney wants for America would also be beneficial to us. But as usual, the devil is in the details - the most serious of which is harsh reality. You can howl against Russia while a presidential candidate; however, once you win the election, you need to pursue Realpolitic. Current interests, such as the maintenance of supply routes across Russia and Central Asia for troops in Afghanistan - may make moving in the right direction difficult. Moscow will remain above Poland on America’s priority list.


We do not know what Mr. Romney’s policy would be; we only hear his declarations. But we know what is and what are likely to be Mr. Obama's. He is not as naïve as some commentators with Republican sympathies portray. Despite his mild words, he can act ruthlessly. During his term, the Americans have killed more actual and suspected members of al-Qaeda in covert attacks than they did under Bush. But we know Mr. Obama’s priorities - and they do not promise the best for Poland.


Therefore, if as president, Mr. Romney acts on even of a sliver of his declarations, we would stand to benefit. And if he ended up overwhelmed by reality and was unable to do so, we would lose nothing. With Mr. Obama, we know exactly where we stand. It is doubtful that during a second term he would make a U-turn. So there is one choice for Poland: Romney. It is a pity that we so little influence on him.



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