North Korean troops prepare to load missiles onto an aircraft,

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Cowering Before America is Sure Path to National Catastrophe (Rodong Sinmun, North Korea)


Is it a mistaken belief in American good intentions that most endangers 'independent, anti-imperialist' nations? In this editorial from North Korea's state-run Rodong Simnum, the regime expands on its traditional Cold War logic with a dash of psychology, in an effort to explain it maniacal conception of 'Juche' or 'self reliance.'




October 19, 2012


North Korea - Rodong Sinmun – Original Article (English)

Kids are kids: A young North Korean watches a dolphin show at Pyongyang's new amusement park, Sept. 8.


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U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq toppled local governments, and its war plots in Libya overthrew the government there.


Ensuing events made things worse by intensifying racial and religious conflict, which threw people into fear and anxiety and cost many their lives. These tragedies all stem from an illusion held by many governments and peoples about U.S. imperialism and U.S. power.


Enticed by American-advertised "peace" and "cooperation," many end up straying from the road of independence, plunging themselves into an irretrievable plight.


Without exception, such peoples harbor illusions about American use of force. They seem to believe that that U.S. tyranny has changed its aggressive nature.


The U.S. goes around the world talking a lot about human rights, freedom and peace, all the while poking its nose into the internal affairs of other nations. The wars that broke out in the last century in Korea and Vietnam showed that when an army, a people and their leadership are firmly united and fight, they can defeat America and defend their national sovereignty and dignity.

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But in countries that fail to rely on their own strength and are deceived by American propaganda and nuclear blackmail, tragedy strikes. The U.S. exerts its utmost to weaken their defense capabilities, and under the pretext of "preventing the development of weapons of mass destruction," the U.S. sends inspection teams under various names and in the case of Iraq, even ransacked the presidential palace.


It is the mistake of yielding to the U.S. that results in these tragedies.


The case of Iraq and others like it should be a lesson to independent, anti-imperialist and revolutionary countries. It is fear of the United States that leads to the worst kinds of national tragedy.



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