A protester outside ABC studios in New York makes clear what she

thinks of a recent segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live, in which a child

suggested 'killing everyone in China.'  



'Racist' Jimmy Kimmel Skit Damages America and Hurts Chinese (People's Daily, China)


Chinese around the United States and across the world are expressing consternation over a recent Jimmy Kimmel Live segment, during which in answering a question from the host about what should be done about America's massive debt to China, one of the youngsters suggested ' kill everyone in China.' This People's Daily editorial takes ABC Entertainment to task, and says the United States harms not only Chinese people, but its own efforts to strength America as a multiracial society.




November 11, 2013


People's Republic of China - People's Daily - Original Article (Chinese)

A young woman in San Francisco attends a rally calling on ABC to fire Jimmy Kimmel after an infammatory skit on his nightly program Jimmy Kimmel Live.


CCTV, CHINA [STATE-TUN]: Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang asks U.S. broadcaster ABC to avoid mistakes like the infalammtory segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Aug. 20, 00:05:53RealVideo

BEIJING: Nearly a month after airing a racist talk show skit which has enraged Chinese people in America and around the world, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) has issued a formal apology on its Web site [Actually, there is no sign whatsoever on ABC Web site. It appears that an actual letter being quoted, sent by Lisa Berger, ABC Entertainment’s executive vice president, who oversees the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, to the 80-20 Political Action Committee, a pan-Asian-American political organization founded by Delaware Lieutenant Governor Shien Biau Woo]:


 "We offer our sincere apology. We would never purposefully broadcast anything to upset the Chinese community, Asian community, anyone of Chinese descent or any community at large. Our objective is to entertain. We took swift action to minimize the distribution of the skit by removing it from all public platforms available to us and editing it out of any future airings of the show. We hope our actions and our apology effectively address your concerns. Thank you for bringing this to our attention."


On ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live, one child suggested that a solution to the U.S. sovereign debt crisis would be to "kill everyone in China," and another suggested putting up a huge wall around China [watch below].


As the broadcaster promises, a senseless and foolish episode like this would and should never happen again. Offensive words like these not only hurt the feelings of all Chinese people, but damage the interests of America itself. As a multi-racial nation comprised of a melting pot of immigrants from around the world, such remarks do no good for the country's own social cohesiveness.



If racist comments are allowed to put on a public display the way the ABC program did, there is a risk of a resurgence of racism. Any minority like Chinese Americans could be targeted by various forms of discrimination.


If mainstream U.S. media outlets are serious about the future of their country, they will avoid a repeat of ABC's error.


Through hard work over many generations, Chinese Americans now have higher education and income level than average Americans, but their tiny share of the overall population makes them easy targets for racism.


On the other hand, some observers suggest that racism against Chinese has to do with the lack of self-confidence among certain Americans who see China's rapid social and economic progress as a threat.


To dispel such misunderstandings, media outlets in both nations should promote good will and trust between the two peoples, especially among the younger generation.


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Demonizing the other side or fanning racism is the least desirable thing to do. It not only poisons one of the world's most important bilateral relationships on which much of the world's prosperity depends, but it hinders the process of building a new form of great power relationship between the world's two largest economies


ABC's Apology Fails to Appease Chinese Americans


After the apology, the 80-20 Political Action Committee expressed its dissatisfaction with ABC's apology over the inappropriate handling of remarks by children on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Hong Kong's Sing Tao Daily reports.


80-20 Founder and Delaware Lieutenant Governor Shien Biau Woo advised Chinese Americans to learn from the Jews about preserving their rights. Woo called on U.S.-based Chinese to donate to a fund, in order to help the group uphold their rights.

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Tim McNeal, Vice President of Talent Development & Diversity at the Disney ABC Television Group, intended to have Jimmy Kimmel Live's producer apologize to Woo in person, but Woo reportedly insisted on a written apology, according to Sing Tao.


Woo noted that the issue could be resolved if Chinese Americans agreed that the apology letter is sincere. If not, Woo thinks ABC should make further apologies through other TV networks and the Internet.



Carl Chan, member of Asian Americans for Political Advancement, said that ABC's apology through its own TV network alone was an obvious sign of insincerity. Chan urged ABC to apologize to Chinese by other means. He added the program host Jimmy Kimmel should also apologize in person.


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