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Russian Fans of Michael Jackson Still Devastated


"This is so difficult! I'm hurt, very hurt! … For us, this is a very great loss. To us, he became a symbol of the spiritual world. It's hard to convey how great a loss this is."


-- A Michael Jackson fan at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow


Translated By Yekaterina Blinova


June 28, 2009


Russia - Novosti - Original Article (Russian)

Moscow: Fans of the deceased "King of Pop" Michael Jackson, who has died on the night of June 26 (Moscow time) at the age of 50, continue to bring flowers that are arranged alongside a makeshift “memorial wall” at the U.S. Embassy in Russia, RIA Novosti reports.


Dozens of grieving fans, hundreds of candles and thousands of flowers of every description - from roses and carnations to peonies and lilies - can be observed in front of the Embassy. Almost all the fans are young people under the age of 30.


“I don’t believe it! NOOOO!” is outlined in black marker on a white sheet, which was affixed to the “wall” by one of Jackson's fans.


Amid the melted and still-burning candles which are placed in shot glasses and plastic cups, are words of mourning written in colored chalk: “Michael Jackson, We Will Love You Forever!”, “Rest in Peace, the King.”


Melted wax from the candles dribbles right onto the concrete, on top of a giant letter “M,” which is superimposed over the lyrics to Jackson’s songs.


Fans have already affixed over 100 posters of Jackson to the wall, and portraits of “The King,” wrapped in black ribbon, are strewn across the sidewalk.


Female fans (who outnumber the male ones) holding balloons in the shape of hearts with the words “I Love You Michael,” tie them to the wall.


“Michael is alive and will live forever” says one poster, and next to the “signature” has been placed a sequined glove, that fans have pinned to the wall.


Hanging nearby are the black moccasins and white socks - invariably elements of Jackson’s stage costume.


Drawings by children depicting “The King” are glued to the fence in front of the Embassy, alongside stuffed animals that female fans carefully fasten to the bars of the fence.


A young man, who still doesn't believe Jackson is dead, gets up from his knees - after the trace of moisture in his palms quickly evaporated on the scorching asphalt.


“This is so difficult! I'm hurt, very hurt!” says the young man, turning away from photographers.


“For us, this is a very great loss. To us, he became a symbol of the spiritual world. It's hard to convey how great a loss this is,” says a fan sharing his pain, dressed in a hat, dark sunglasses and “diamond” glove. 



Young men and women, some frowning and barely holding back tears, attach images of Jackson to lamp posts and flowerbeds in front of the U.S. Embassy. But among the frowning boys and tearful girls there are some happy people - they are listening to Jackson’s songs and discussing his fate.


“We believe he's at peace. He is in heaven now …” says a girl named Liza, glancing at images of Christ and the Virgin Mary, which are also attached to “Jackson’s wall.” But her words are drowned by the song Thriller, blasting from the open doors of a car parked nearby.



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The cars of fans continue to be parked near the Embassy.


“Michael, you became immortal” screams a girl from a car that just arrived.


The autopsy revealed no signs of a violent death. U.S. media sources speculate that Jackson may have died from a heart attack. Earlier, the singer insisted that his promoter hire a personal physician-cardiologist for him. The press also doesn't exclude the possibility that the singer’s death occurred as a result of a powerful injection of painkillers prescribed by a doctor.



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