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How Political Correctness Led to Pastor Jones


"It’s no coincidence that since political correctness began, politics have become more extreme. When problems are dogmatically ignored, two things occur. For one, small problems develop into big ones and for another, political fringe groups capitalize on the situation and gain power."


By Patrik Etschmayer



Translated By Stephanie Martin


September 10, 2010


Switzerland - News - Original Article (German)

Protesters outside the U.S. Embassy in London set a U.S. flag and a picture of Pastor Terry Jones on fire, Sept. 11. Did political correctness contribute to leading us to this?

BBC NEWS VIDEO: Pastor Terry Jones announces 'God is telling us to stop' and that he will never burn Qurans, Sept. 11, 00:00:32RealVideo

At the top of this week’s idiot hit parade is probably Quran-burning (or not) Pastor Terry Jones, whose announcement that he intends to oxidize (sounds much less objectionable than “burn”) 200 copies of the Muslim holy scripture generated a massive media response and sparked worldwide outrage.


Here, one might well ask what all the fuss is about, especially in light of the fact that God - if there’s any truth to the claim that there is a God and that he's all-powerful - has just apparently allowed tens of thousands of copies of the Quran to be lost in the floods of Pakistan.


But these are rational objections that no one listens to, just as little as Jones himself probably understands that he could set fire to a whole warehouse of Qurans without pushing back even one millimeter against militant Islamism.



Now, the fact is that a lack of rational thought is a fundamental evil of almost every religion. Unchecked emotion sweeps away the truth just as a tsunami washes away a beach chair. And you don’t even have to go as far as Florida or Afghanistan. For another recent example, we need look no further than Berlin. 


The very recent departure of Thilo Sarrazin from the Bundesbank board of directors followed an incredible campaign of outrage - a smear campaign, in fact - that had already been launched before the Mr. Sarrazin's book was published.


[Editor's Note: Thilo Sarrazin's book called Germany Does Itself In [Bild am Sonntag] is about integration and Muslim immigration. According to media accounts, Sarrazin writes that Germany is being made "more stupid" by poorly-educated and unproductive Muslim immigrants and their many offspring, and that Turkish and Kurdish “clans” have a “long tradition of inbreeding,” leading to higher rates of birth defects, and he ponders whether this might be a reason for immigrants’ poor school performance. According to AFP, he writes, "If I want to hear the muezzin's call to prayer, then I'll go to the Orient," saying that allowing in millions of "guest workers" in the 1960s and 1970s was a "gigantic error."]


Any mention of “heretical ideas," or “intolerable ideas," should instantly perk up our ears. Was he inciting anyone to genocide? No. All of his theories, whether you like them or not, are within the scope of civilized debate. The public is definitely aware of the problems that he’s addressing. Perhaps we could talk about them, argue over them, seek the facts and then through open debate, find solutions.  



But we cannot allow that, because in the meantime, we're not guided by Sharia, but rather “political correctness,” or “PC” for short. Religions are not required to have to do with God, gods, angels and demons. It's enough to establish a belief system that glorifies certain ideals and condemns others. It began sometime in the 1980s with laudable efforts to ban from everyday use, certain expressions that were used in a discriminatory way.


So every time a particular word was used in a negative way, it was banned. At some point it went beyond banning language itself to banning entire discussions, in the hopes that the problems associated with such discussions would also be banished from the world.


The world's populists express their heartfelt gratitude. For it’s no coincidence that, since this phenomenon began, politics have become more extreme. When problems are dogmatically ignored, two things occur. For one, small problems develop into big ones and for another, political fringe groups capitalize on the situation and gain power.


In fact, “PC” is just as devastating as radical Islam or the crude religiosity of the American right. Under the pretext of tolerance, people like Hani Ramadan, who continues to defend stoning, are provided with a work permit and a forum in the media. Meanwhile over the years, Germany missed the opportunity to tackle immigration issues which are absolutely real.





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“PC” represents a danger to democracy precisely because it pretends to protect it by suppressing awkward debates, all the while threatening those that it pretends to protect. When problems involving minority groups, welfare fraud and similar hot button issues are excluded from public debate, then these dormant problems and their causes aren't addressed, which provides populists with even more ammunition.


We must - and this also concerns the press - learn to argue in our democracy, instead of just pointing at pre-defined boogiemen and pretending that everything is fine. Particularly because many voters have long since had it “up to here” with ever-celebrated pretend-harmony.


Against this backdrop, the announced Quran burning is actually an absurdity in a class by itself, especially when you consider that even in Western media, more attention is being paid to the 200 books than to Sakineh Ashtiani, who is still in danger of being stoned [by Iranian authorities] for murder and adultery.



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