America to Oust the Black Sea Fleet

Danger Zone: Americans mustn't underestimate the importance

to Russia of Crimea, and particularly the port in Sevastopol. This

is where Russia's Black Sea Fleet is stationed. The above painting

is of the Black Sea Fleet on parade in 1849, by Ivan Aivazovsky.



Moskovskii Komsomolets, Russia

Report: U.S. to Help 'Oust' Black Sea Fleet from Crimea


"U.S.  Defense Secretary Gates informed his Ukrainian colleague that the Pentagon intends to transfer American Naval vessels to 'independent' Ukraine. … A division of the Russian Marine Corps. at the lighthouse on Cape Sarych has begun to stock their trenches and strengthen their ground fortifications in order to defend Russia's military base there."


By Yekaterina Petukhova and Oleg Bazak


Translated By Yekaterina Blinova


October 11, 2008


Russia - Moskovskii Komsomolets -Original Article (Russian)

Insignia for the 300th Security Guard Battalion of the Headquarters of Russia's Black Sea Fleet: The Russians are now on hightened alert, anticipating a Ukrainian attempt to oust them from Crimea - with the help of the United States.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: A look around the harbor of Sevastopol - and why it's so vital to Russia, Oct. 6, 00:01:56 RealVideo

News of the dissolution of the Tsentralna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) was met by the Black Sea Fleet with enhanced security measures .


According to information received from Sevastopol [the headquarters of Russia's Black Sea Fleet], Ukrainian plainclothes police units are now said to be posted near Russia's military bases to surveil Black Sea Fleet Marines. Rumors have been circulating for the past month that Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko might use the "option of force” to seize extraordinary power and provoke rioting in Crimea. Moskovskii Komsomolets has attempted to investigate the situation surrounding the Black Sea Fleet.


On one of our online forums, the brother of a Black Sea Fleet officer posted the following comment: “ … It was just announced in Crimea: increased duty for the Black Sea Fleet has been put into effect, officers have been told to return to their barracks, units of reinforcement are being mustered … In [the city of] Sevastopol, it is now forbidden to appear in uniform …”


Ukranian Web sites are publishing disturbing news: a division of the Marine Corps. at the lighthouse on Cape Sarych has begun to stock their trenches and strengthen their ground fortifications in order to defend Russia's military base there. The same process is occurring at many other navigation and hydrographical sites utilized by the Black Sea Fleet along the peninsula.


We have contacted competent sources within the ranks of the Black Sea Fleet, seeking comments on these reports. One source reports:


The players, left to right: Ukraine President Viktor

Yushchenko; Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ogrizko

and Defense Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov. Moscow

seems to believe that with American assistance,

these officials are planning to provoke a crisis in

Crimea to impose emergency powers as a pretext

to ejecting Russia's Black Sea Fleet.


"In response to recent events like the emergence of a 'Sevastopol Student Brotherhood' [a Russian ultra-nationalist youth group] and a statement by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ogrizko regarding the beefing-up of Ukrainian control over the Black Sea Fleet, the Fleet has been holding operation “Anti-terror” for the past week. Direct orders from fleet commanders regarding the dress code have not been issued, but we all know what we need to do. That is why everyone is trying to dress in “civilian” clothes when on duty. As for navigational and hydrographical objects, I can say that the Marines are keeping them heavily guarded at all times - because they are the most vulnerable to provocation. I wouldn't be surprised if they have equipped their trenches. Overall, the situation isn't very good. Over the last month and a half, a large number of journalists have visited here, more than they have since the mid-1990s. Informed people suggest that this is no coincidence, and that something may happen soon."


Russian Navy ships on parade for the 225 anniversary of the Black

Sea fleet on May 11, 2008, in Sevastopol.


Meanwhile, the Ukrainian president's American friends are ready to contribute to the withdrawal of the Black Sea Fleet from Crimea - even if the price is the transfer of U.S. naval vessels. During a meeting with Ukrainian Defense Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov, U.S. Defense Secretary Gates informed his colleague that the Pentagon intends to transfer American Naval vessels to “independent” Ukraine. But before this happens, the U.S. Congress has to approve this initiative. When all is said and done, there is little doubt they will. The vessells of course, are not new, and have already been turned down by India. But what an effect! This will be an additional reason for a possible conflict. For instance, in the opinion of Andrei Senchenko, a member of the Crimean Rada (Crimean Parliament), “the president clearly needs American ships to carry out provocations around the country, which would then enable him to introduce martial law or a state of emergency."


Yesterday, meanwhile, President Yushchenko returned from Italy where he participated in a very successful round of talks. President Giorgio Napolitano unequivocally promised to support Ukraine's request to join NATO Membership Action Plan at the Alliance's December meeting of Foreign Ministers. According to Napolitano, his compatriots “watch Ukraine with great sympathy. It is a great nation with great historical traditions.”  



Napolitano said Italy completely shares Ukraine’s position of condemning the “Russian aggression in Georgia.” (It seems as though Mr. Giorgio is unaware of the disagreements on the Georgia situation within the top ranks of Ukraine. - Author).




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