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Le Quotidien d’Oran, Algeria

In 2012, World Will Turn on Democratic Elections


"Who can say whether Obama in the U.S. and Sarkozy in France, potentially outgoing incumbents who have had to confront the worst economic crises that their nations have ever known, will retain their posts? Who can say whether Putin will return to his headquarters in the Kremlin, given that the Russian elections are just a few months away and the country is experiencing unprecedented political protests?"


By Kharroubi Habib


Translated By Emanuela Giangregorio


December 30, 2011


Algeria - Le Quotidien d’Oran - Original Article (French)

President Barack Obama: What will the future hold for the rest of the world if he is defeated in 2012?

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Numerous countries in 2012 have national agendas that include presidential or parliamentary elections. For some of them and for a number of reasons, this electoral appointment is expected to be a highlight of the coming year.


This is the case, for example, for the presidential elections that will occur in the United States, France and Russia. These are three major powers in the international arena, so what happens in these nations electorally will necessarily have positive or negative impact internationally. The interest generated by these three presidential elections will be even greater than usual, due to the delicate situation that each is experiencing and which will undoubtedly have an impact on the outcome of the voting, but it is risky to predict a result.


Indeed, who can say whether Barack Obama in the U.S. and Nicolas Sarkozy in France, two potentially outgoing incumbents that have had to confront the worst financial and economic crises that their nations have ever known, will retain their posts? Who can say whether Putin will return to his headquarters in the Kremlin, given that the Russian elections are just a few months away and the country is experiencing unprecedented political protests? These may be sources of surprise - with unpredictable consequences on the international stage.


Countries with less respective weight than the trio mentioned above will also hold elections. And what emerges there will be no less scrutinized, as they are also experiencing situations that will have repercussions beyond their respective borders. This is true of African and Arab states in which the winds are blowing with demands for democracy and respect for the will of the people. The results of the polling in these countries will show whether the wind of freedom blowing in the Arab world and Africa were strong enough to put an end to the anachronism of rigged elections and automatic reelections guaranteed in advance.




Algeria is one such country. Parliamentary elections will be held in the first half of 2012. It is an appointment that will certainly prove decisive in the wake of political reforms that are said to meet the conditions for holding democratic and transparent elections. Organized under such conditions, the election will inevitably lead to a restructuring of the national political landscape, which was previously determined by an arbitrary policy of quotas. These are reforms that will hopefully result in a genuine political plurality as reflected by Algerian society. However, if this appointment gives rise to the same practices as those that affected previous elections, then the country should fear the inevitable excesses that accompany a distorted transition and dashed hopes.


It is the same situation that applies to all Arab countries, where we already see the "spring" that hatched in Arab states being suffocated by the return of demons that were thought to have been cast out.




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