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Le Quotidien dOran, Algeria

Goldman Sachs and 'Human Sacrifice' to the Money God


"The global financial crisis proves it: when profit is deified, scam artists become prophets. Gloss over secularism and the extreme modernity of liberal deregulation as we might, its high priests are the theologians of injustice and famine."


By K. Selim


Translated By Mary Kenney


November 17, 2011


Algeria - Le Quotidien dOran - Original Article (French)

With a coordinated national crackdown on the Occupy Wall Street movement underway, a New York member holds up a sign during a 'day of action,' Nov. 17.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: 'Occupy Cardiff' members explain their activism, Nov. 20, 00:01:32RealVideo

The crisis in Europe is a moment of "glory" for Goldman Sachs. The first two weak links, Greece and Italy, will now be led by men who spent part of their careers in this temple of unlimited speculation and dubious financial maneuvering. Thanks to the storm of public debt devastating European Union economies, an open transformation of policy structures is underway. The omnipotence of multinationals and the financial markets has been consecrated. By market decision, maneuvering over speculative bonds issued by the weakest links in the E.U., Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Italy, has resulted in changes to governance and the introduction of austerity policies issued to ensure the repayment of loans made at usurious rates by the very people that the states have saved from the sub-prime shipwreck.


The ever-more-stringent credit conditions imposed on the weak links has dragged them into the trap of debt a situation that we in Algeria experienced at other times for other reasons. Bled dry, the countries, placed under the de-facto authority of representatives of the creditors, the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission, have had to change policy direction amid the storm. And those taking the reins come from Goldman Sachs or the ECB. The management of the latter are accountable to no one, the deliberations of which (the board of governors) are secret. The structures of Western democracy have been shaken to their foundations. And yet, we hear few voices denouncing this hegemonic power grab by non-elected decision makers who are beyond all popular oversight.


The definition and management of economic policy is made by co-opted bureaucrats who respond only to the markets. Largely internalized by a public opinion subjugated by media controlled by the power of money, this fact is contested only by alternative expressions which have found refuge on the Web.




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The movement of the "indignant" driven from public places on all fronts by the world's police forces is constantly minimized or ridiculed by TV news. They [members of the Occupy movement] are depicted merely as furtive shadows on the stage of infotainment and propaganda. This "modern-day" discourse, with all of the harsh and violently antisocial actions that it conveys, is relayed in every way possible. The banks and multinational corporations benefiting from social despair have their advocates - vicars of the Profit God and missionaries of the market. This insatiable god is celebrated by theologians of the oldest faith in the world: every man for himself and the law of the jungle. We are no longer dealing with ideology, but with religion. It is that famed, unsurpassed dogma of the absolute supremacy of the market. It's the myth of that miraculous regulator, the invisible hand. The miracle is a costly one: millions left behind and rampant poverty.



The global financial crisis proves it: when profit is deified, scam artists become prophets. Gloss over secularism and the extreme modernity of liberal deregulation as we might, its high priests are the theologians of injustice and famine. The vocation of Goldman Sachs is one of human sacrifice to the greater glory of the Money God.



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