After a long struggle with cancer and facing a tough battle for

reelection, President Hugo Chavez prays with supporters at a

rally in Zulia State, Sept. 30. The election is Oct. 8.



Facing Reelection Fight, Hugo Chavez Plays 'Obama Card' (La Voz Mundo, Venezuela)


"I hope this doesn't damage Mr. Obama. But if I were from the United States, I would vote for him. ... Obama is a good man. I think that if he were from Barlovento or some Caracas neighborhood, he would cast his vote for Chavez."


-- President Hugo Chavez


Translated By Miguel Gutierrez


September 30, 2012


Venezuela - La Voz Mundo - Original Article (Spanish)

Governor of Miranda State Henrique Capriles rallies with supporters in Caracas, Sept. 30.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Miranda state Governor Henrique Capriles speaks to huge rally of supporters in Caracus, Venezuela, Sept. 30, 00:01:16RealVideo

In different ways and in a tense atmosphere after shooting deaths of three opposition activists, Venezuela President Hugo Chavez and his challenger, Governor Henrique Capriles began their last week of campaigning today for the election to be held next Sunday.


Chavez appeared in a TV program hosted by his former vice president, Jose Vicente Rangel, where Chavez urged Venezuelans to make no mistake, "what is at stake is the life of the nation." And later, at a campaign event on the east coast of Lake Maracaibo, in Zulia State, Chavez offered an unexpected nod to his counterpart in the United States, Barack Obama.


During the program, Chavez said in the U.S. presidential election, he supports Obama. And Chavez said that if Obama lived in Venezuela, he would "undoubtedly" vote for him.


"I hope this doesn't damage Mr. Obama. But if I were from the United States, I would vote for him," Chavez said.


"Obama is a good man. I think that if he were from Barlovento or some Caracas neighborhood, he would cast his vote for Chavez."




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For his part, Capriles, at a packed rally in downtown Caracas, called on Venezuelans to "make a balance sheet" of the nearly 14 year-reign of the Chavez Government, and promised "a week from now" to start the "building a Venezuela of progress."


"I ask you: do you really want your fatherland, your sons and your daughters, your grandchildren and your grandchildren, to belong to us," the president asked, and saying, "Then vote for Chavez, because Chavez is not only me; we all are. Vote for the fatherland, don't make a mistake."


"We must win, because what is at stake is the life of the country. Yes, let us not fall into a [complacent] triumphalism. We must win with a comfortable majority of votes, because that is the most powerful antidote to the destabilizing plan walking over there," he said in the televised interview, which lasted an hour and a half.


The president criticized opposition groups that, in his opinion, "have had to disguise themselves by claiming to be on the left" to win votes, and he wondered aloud, "who is it that has helped the ruling bourgeois in favor of the majority?" the state news agency AVN him.

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Capriles' criticism, and his eventual victory, "suits the owners of large private enterprises - the big bourgeoisie" Chavez explained. "But the upper middle class should vote for Chavez, because we guarantee familial tranquility."




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Later, he described himself as "a loving rebel, a positive rebel," because, he said he is building a "new constitutional order, a new political order, a new social order, a new economic order."


Meanwhile, Capriles asked on a crowd overflowing Bolivar Avenue in Caracus to, "make its balance sheet," because "they know that things aren't going well," and he said that "on October 8 (the day after the election) there will be no defeated people in Venezuela" because, there is no room for division" and that, "the losers will be a violent group. "




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