President Evo Morales at a press conference

during the Fifth Summit of the Americas.

By responding to Morales' call for the U.S. to

condemn an apparent attempt on his life,

President Obama diffused a potential scene

with the Bolivian leader.



La Razon, Bolivia

President Morales Suspects U.S. Behind Attempt on His Life


"I'm asking President Obama to condemn this, and that he not remain silent if he says nothing, then I can think the conspiracy was organized by the United States Embassy. I come seeking a dialogue of cooperation, not relations of conspiracy; I want to build trust and don't want meddling."


Translated By Liz Essary


April 19, 2009


Bolivia - La Razon - Original; Article (Spanish)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Summit of the Americas in Port of Spain. According to Bolivian reports, Clinton and Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca held a 'positive' meeting.


AL-JAZEERA NEWS VIDEO: Fifth Summit of the Americas gives chance for a new beginning for U.S. relations with Latin America, Apr. 20, 00:02:34RealVideo

Although Chancellor David Choquehuanca maintained that he had a "positive" meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President Evo Morales demanded that his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama speak out publicly about the alleged assassination attempt against the Bolivian head of state.


Within the framework of the Fifth Summit of the Americas being held in Trinidad and Tobago, the Bolivian head of diplomacy [Choquehuanca] had an encounter with the U.S. Secretary of State. In a brief telephone conversation with La Razn, the Bolivian Ambassador to the United Nations, Pablo Soln, deemed the meeting "positive."


Soln, who is a member of the Bolivian delegation participating at the Summit, avoided further comment with respect to Choquehuanca's encounter with Clinton. Although the Chancellor was expected to hold a press conference on the matter yesterday, there was no news of it by the close of this edition.


While the Bolivian Minister of Foreign Affairs attempted to rebuild Bolivia-U.S. relations, President Morales yesterday asked Barack Obama "not remain silent" like his predecessors, and that at in the Summit of the Americas, he publicly "condemn" the alleged assassination attempt that was to be perpetrated in Bolivia.


Flanked by Venezuela President Hugo Chavez and Cuba leader

Raul Castro, President Evo Morales tells of the plot against his

life, Apr. 17, 00:01:47. [click here or click photo to watch].


"In this meeting - I'm asking President Obama to condemn this, and that he not remain silent if he says nothing, then I can think the conspiracy was organized by the (United States) Embassy," Morales maintained, according to the EFE [the Spanish News Agency].


According to dispatch by the international news agency, the Bolivian President added that Obama should make this gesture, after many countries and the Organization of American States repudiated the attempt on his life.


According to the state-run Bolivian Information Agency [ABI], Morales spoke for 55 minutes in front of a hundred journalists covering the Summit, and lamented the fact that the government in Washington, "hasn't spoken out against the assassination attempt" in Bolivia.


Friday, Bolivian law enforcement ordered the protective detention of Bolivian Tadic Astorga and Hungarian Elod Toazo, who are accused by the government of attempting to assassinate President Morales. They were first detained in Santa Cruz.


During the operation, two alleged foreign mercenaries died. They were identified as Magyarosi Arpak of Romania and Dwayer Michael Martin of Ireland, as well as Eduardo Rosza Flores of Bolivia, from whom, it was explained, advanced weaponry was confiscated.


According to the EFE, Evo Morales explained that he had attended the Summit of the Americas with the hope of seeking cooperation and dialogue and he demanded that the United States leave aside its meddling in the affairs of other countries. He maintained that during the George W. Bush Administration this was business as usual.



"I come seeking a dialogue of cooperation, not relations of conspiracy; I want to build trust and don't want meddling," insisted the president of Bolivian, with regard to his objectives for the Fifth Summit of the Americas, according to EFE.




According to AFP international [Agence French Presse], Morales believes that improving relations with the U.S. depends solely on that country. "It's in the hands of the government of the United States to improve relations" with Bolivia and the other countries of the region, the president said, who later claimed to have proof that the hands of U.S. diplomats were behind a conspiracy against his government.


"If (Barack Obama) says nothing, then I think that this conspiracy was organized by the (United States) Embassy," President Morales is quoted as saying.


[Editor's Note: President Obama subsequently said, "I just want to make absolutely clear that I am opposed and condemn any efforts at violent overthrows of democratically elected governments, wherever it happens in the hemisphere. That is not the policy of our government. That is not how the American people expect their government to conduct themselves.]
































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