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America's 'Pathetic' Joy Over bin Laden's Death


"It is the language of a bloodthirsty empire to speak of killing another the way one would speak of killing a poisonous insect. Obama says without hesitation that the world will be a better place without Osama bin Laden - but an intensification of the war with al-Qaeda awaits us all."


By Jos Blanco


Translated by Jason Ross


May 10, 2011


Mexico - La Jornada - Original Article (Spanish)

Americans in Times Square, New York, burst into spontaneous joy upon hearing of the death of Osama bin Laden, May 2. Was this outpouring in bad taste for a superpower? Many people around the world think it was.

EXPRESS TRIBUNE VIDEO [PAKISTAN]: Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says Pakistan's military is 'incompetent', May 12, 00:02:33.RealVideo

It cuts straight to the bone to hear U.S. government leaders talking like gangsters - of killing and torture as if they were talking of champagne and canaps. They conjugate the verb "kill" as naturally as they "speak" or "sleep." Especially when applied to the "enemy alien," the alien, the cultural "other," the non-gringo. It is the language of a bloodthirsty empire to speak of killing another the way one would speak of killing a poisonous insect.


And this inconsistency also sounds petulant and glib. Obama says without hesitation that the world will be a better place without Osama bin Laden - but an intensification of the war with al-Qaeda awaits us all.


It has become increasingly clear that Osama bin Laden wasn't the active head of al-Qaeda ("the base", in Arabic), but merely its founder. Although of course, the whole of Yankee society must be persuaded that he was in effect a super-brain capable of controlling thousands of Islamists operating under the direct command of the great leader from his hovel in Abbottabad, Pakistan. A hole, as thousands of images have now shown, with bare walls that were falling apart and which has been dubbed "bin Laden's millionaire mansion."


"The base" is comprised of groups of Islamic fundamentalists who act on their own and carry out terrorist operations in a great many countries. Osama was nothing more than a symbolic personification - a product of the idiosyncrasies of an extremely heterogeneous and fractured society, for which the strongest and most unifying bond has always been to have a "clearly identified" external enemy. So this symbol, which no longer has value as an effective threat, has been murdered in cold blood, and the nation celebrates: pathetic.


Of course, the U.S. government and the imperialist political forces of that country are already seeking new and "extremely dangerous" enemies of "freedom." has editorialized: "Although this is a great achievement, one cannot say it signifies the end of terrorism, since according to the experts, followers of al-Qaeda are much worse, as bin Laden's son asserted in an interview with ABC News some months ago." Well if that is so, it doesn't say much about the victory of bin Laden's death.


The empire and a good part of the Atlantic Alliance has at all times and with raised voice called for democracy and respect for human rights in all corners of the planet; but, in timely fashion, when circumstances and the moment has arrived and the "other" is not worthy of the word human by decision of the empire and hence has no human rights of any description, he is considered a poisonous lice that must be killed with a single swat.


CNN has adopted a discourse that is the very quintessence of imperial "thought": "In the decade since 9/11, many senior leaders and operatives of al-Qaeda have been killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and other places. However, these countries remain at best fragile, and at worst, collapsing.



"For the killing of Osama bin Laden to be a turning point rather than a Pyrrhic victory, the narrative of the event should avoid rhetorical tones about a 'war of ideas' or a 'fight for the soul of Islam' in favor of a more neutral and universal call for a global rule of law." What is this?


"That U.S. counter-terror officials were the ones to conduct his killing on the sovereign soil of another country is a very important signal. Many see the killing as a criminal violation of sovereignty and even "acting like God," - which is a prerogative no nation can claim for itself. This is false. It is a powerful symbol of our collective evolution that individual perpetrators are pursued for their crimes rather punishing entire societies in wars.


"In the past decade, international law has evolved so as to justify this type of direct intervention, if we were only able to act more quickly through the swamp of protocols and deliberations that we've invented. The doctrine of the Responsibility to Protect, ratified in 2005 by the U.N. General Assembly initiated a process to determine if the international community [read United States and its imperial allies] is obliged to intervene to prevent crimes against humanity. The central principle behind these institutions and agreements is that sovereignty is a responsibility, not a privilege."[translated quotes].


This is what the imperialists want now - to completely remove sovereignty from decisions made regarding a nation's own territory, and to enter, leave, kill, torture, and do what they please anywhere on earth that isn't recognized as "civilized" by the empire itself.


North Africa and the Middle East are becoming even more complex and contentious. With great difficulty, from Morocco to Syria, a profound social undercurrent with democratic characteristics and of far-reaching power and scope is making itself felt - and in the end, it will be this that brings down al-Qaeda, not the sophisticated weapons of the empire.


With luck, by "the end," the tyrants and their armies will have left the scene. Then will remain, on the one hand, societies stammering with budding democracies, and on the other, a rapacious empire and its allies seeking petroleum.



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