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A Dire Midterm Result for the U.S. and the World


"What happened yesterday in the United States is the triumphal return of political and social conservatism, vanquished in 2008 in such an overwhelming fashion that it seemed to have been a rout of lasting consequences. This will have negative consequences for the U.S., and unfortunately, for the rest of the world."




Translated By Halszka Czarnocka


October 3, 2010


Mexico - La Jornada - Original Article (Spanish)

A somewhat contrite President Obama takes questions the day after a devestating blow to Democrats.


BBC NEWSNIGHT: British journalists and academics discuss the U.S. midterm results, Nov. 3, 00:06:58RealVideo

Yesterday's midterm elections in the United States brought devastating results for the party of President Barack Obama. Although the worst case scenario failed to materialize - the loss of a Democratic majority in both houses of the Congress - the Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives and took over several governorships. This means, in fact, the end of the political momentum that the current President rode two years ago, and the beginning of a period of fading expectations for change he incited during his presidential campaign. 


Beyond strictly partisan boundaries, what happened yesterday in the United States is the triumphal return of political and social conservatism, vanquished in 2008 in such an overwhelming fashion that it seemed to have been a rout of lasting consequences. The inevitable conclusion is that the vacillations and inconsistencies of Obama himself over the first two years of his term, as well as the stubborn resistance organized against him on the ground by the so-called Tea Party, culminated in a severe failure of the progressive movement, proponents of the welfare state, the secular sector, women, ethnic and sexual minorities, migrants, workers and in general, groups that are less favored economically and socially.


Indeed, if the first African-American president hasn't managed to carry out a substantial part of his program of change while the House of Representatives was dominated by his fellow Democrats, it seems impossible that in the second half of his term, and with the House under Republican control, he might make significant strides on the tortuous road that so many aspects of U.S. society demand. 



A bleak but unavoidable prospect is that for the next two years, with a president trapped in foreign policy by his own ideological inertia, with corporate powers that have obstructed his agenda for change and predominantly Republican lower house, the broad informal coalition that brought Obama to power in 2008 will dissolve in discouragement.


Another equally significant result of yesterday's elections in terms of measuring the mood of U.S. citizens was the sound defeat in California of an initiative to legalize marijuana, which had been submitted to a referendum. According to the polls, it was rejected by 57 percent of voters. Thus a door was closed to the possibility of exploring a way to combat addiction and drug trafficking that would be different from the current ban and police persecution - methods that have already shown their complete ineffectiveness. 


To sum up, a majority of U.S. society expressed its rejection of these changes and left the country without a way to deal with the evil, misery and distortions that inflict it economically, politically and socially. The triumph of conservatism and the failure of Obama will have negative consequences for the United States, and unfortunately, for the rest of the world.




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