Female North Korean troops congratulate dictator Kim Jong-un

on a successful satellite launch last December.



U.N. Security Council Must Apologize for Being 'American Marionette' (Korea Central News Agency, North Korea)


Is the U.N. Security Council, which includes China and Russia, a plaything of Washington? This news item from Korea's rigidly state-run Korea Central News Agency quotes that nation's Foreign Ministry, which called for an apology from the Security Council for its latest condemnation of the North's missile program, asserts that Pyongyang will continue to launch rockets for 'peaceful' purposes, and insists that talks to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula are at an end.


January 24, 2013


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North Korean despot Kim Jong-un issues advice to a soldier during an inspection tour.


KOREA CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY VIDEO [STATE-RUN]: U.N. sanctions to bring more nuclear armament, Jan. 23, 00:01:40RealVideo

Pyongyang: The Foreign Ministry issued the following statement on Wednesday:


The successful launch of a Kwangmyongsong-3 satellite by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea last December fully demonstrated its space science technology and overall national power. This stark fact was welcomed by the world and recognized by even hostile forces like those in the United States.


As part of the desperate efforts by the United States and its followers to block the victorious advance of the DPRK and in wanton violation of its inviolable sovereignty, a U.N. Security Council "resolution" was cooked up on Tuesday.


This U.S.-sponsored "resolution" is riddled with hostile steps aimed at banning peaceful DPRK satellite launches and tightening "sanctions" against it in an effort to block its economic development and hamstring its efforts to bolster its defense capabilities.


The above-said countries insist that the DPRK's satellite launch is problematic, asserting that "it makes use of ballistic missile technology," even if they know better than anyone else that ballistic missile technology is the only means for launching a satellite, and even though they launch more satellites than anyone else. This is not only a self-deception, but the greatest of double-standards.


At the heart of this matter is the brigandish logic of the United States, which is that a peaceful satellite launch by a country antagonistic toward America should not be permitted. And why not? Because any carrier rocket can be converted into a long-range ballistic missile that threatens the United States. From this it is clear that the U.N. Security Council is an American marionette.


The "resolutions" of the U.N. Security Council, adopted in reaction to satellite launches of the DPRK, are products of a blind pursuance of America's hostile policy of seeking the disarmament and collapse of the DPRK's system, which is a violation of universally accepted international law.


This repeating wrongdoing and lack of courage or responsibility to rectify it are the despicable behavior of cowards who not only deceive others, but deceive themselves. This has put the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and the region at greater peril.



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The current situation proves clearly that the DPRK must counter America's hostile policy with strength, not words, and that the road of independence and Songun chosen by the DPRK is entirely just.


To cope with the prevailing situation, the Foreign Ministry declares as follows:


First, the DPRK flatly rejects the unjust acts of the U.N. Security Council, which are aimed at wantonly violating the sovereignty of the DPRK and depriving it of the right to launch satellites for peaceful purposes.

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If they think they can bring down the DPRK with sanctions and pressure, the hostile forces are seriously mistaken, and such attempts will inevitably bring them a disgraceful defeat.


The U.N. Security Council should apologize for its crime of encroaching on the independence of a sovereign state and for following America's policy of hostility toward the DPRK. This is in utter disregard of universally-recognized international law. All such unreasonable "resolutions" must be repealed at once.


Second, the DPRK will continue to exercise its independent and legitimate right to launch satellites for peaceful purposes, while abiding by universally-recognized international law on the peaceful use of space.


DPRK Scientists and technicians will continue to develop and launch many more satellites, including those for communications, and it will continue to build more powerful carrier rockets so essential for building an economic giant in the same spirit and mettle that were displayed by the successfully Kwangmyongsong-3 satellite launch.


The DPRK will continue its peaceful satellite launches in order to conquer space and become a world-level space power.


Third, the DPRK has come to the final conclusion that denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula will be impossible without the realization of global denuclearization, as it has become clear that America's policy of hostility toward the DPRK remains unchanged.


The joint statement at the six-party talks adopted on September 19 on the principle of respect for sovereignty and equality is now defunct, and prospects for denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula are gloomier, because America's hostile policy toward the DPRK has become ever-more pronounced.


While there may be talks on peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and region in the future, there will be none about denuclearizing the peninsula.



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Fourth, the DPRK will take steps to physically bolster its military self-defense capabilities. This will include qualitatively and quantitatively strengthening its nuclear deterrence to cope with America's increasingly open attempts to apply sanctions and pressure on the DPRK.


With the might of Songun, the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK will defend the security and sovereignty of the country and safeguard regional peace and stability. The nation's steadfast troops are filled with the will to boldly root out the sources of provocation imposed by forces hostile to the DPRK.


Thanks to Songun politics, no force on earth can block our great people, who are so powerful and proud of independence, and who advance in unity, convinced of truth.


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