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Americans Must 'Topple the Liars on Capitol Hill' (Kayhan, Islamic Republic of Iran)


Are U.S.-led sanctions against Iran, which are crippling its economy and have reduced the value of its currency by 80 percent in the past year, more harmful to the American people than they are to Iranians? That seems to be the implication of this editorial from Iran's state-run Kayhan, which calls for Americans to vote out lawmakers who lack common sense and don't have their best interests at heart.




October 11, 2012


Islamic Republic of Iran - Kayhan - Home Page (English)

In his address before world leaders, Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke of the length of time Jews have been in Israel, and the way they have 'defied the laws of history' by restoring their nation. He he used a white board to outline for world leaders how close Iran is to obtaining the fissile material needed for a nuclear weapon, warning of the danger that will come if Iran succeeds, and asserting that regimes like Iran are in league with al-Qaeda to 'seek supremacy' over all Muslims.


UNITED NATIONS VIDEO: Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu at 67th Opening of U.N. General Assembly, Sept. 27, 00:32:27RealVideo

The reckless remarks against Iran by American and Israeli warmongers have driven oil prices to skyrocket more quickly than ever - despite the crippling global downturn.


That is why, ahead of the U.S. presidential election in November and thanks to fears of inflation and tight supplies, the Obama campaign is worried about the economic downturn and the rising cost of oil.


Rarely discussed amid all the concern about supply shortages is that Iran is one of the world’s largest oil producers . While it is true that the unilateral Western sanctions have seen Iranian oil exports to Europe decline, it is equally true that Iran will always find somewhere to sell its black gold - and at a time when American and European markets need that oil.


That was of course the whole point of the sanctions, and the Obama Administration would be bragging about them during their campaign, if it weren't for the fact that the measures aren't also hurting everyone else.


The Obama Administration is free to say otherwise, but according to many Western energy analysts and experts, the impact of denying the market supplies from Iran is raising concerns about how much worse things on the global market could get, particularly in the coming months.


With the war rhetoric between Iran and Israel continuing, crude oil prices have risen to as high as $111 per barrel, and it is very likely that this trend will continue. Even if war doesn’t come (which it won’t because Israel is bluffing), existing tensions will cause prices to inch toward the $200 mark. But if Israel launches a strike against Iran’s nuclear installations, things could go from bad to worse.


Everyone hopes that if Iranian exports are affected, Saudi Arabia and other OPEC members will boost output and make up for the shortfall in supplies. But that is nothing but wishful thinking, because excess capacity has been almost exhausted. Not even Saudi Arabia will be able to produce more than an additional 1 million barrels per day - and then only for a few weeks.


Another reason that the West has reason to expect prices to rise is that Saudi Arabia relies on the Strait of Hormuz to export its oil. Unless the United States succeeds in keeping the Strait open and secure, crude oil prices will soar and the seemingly incredible price of $200 per barrel is possible.


In the words of U.S. Republican strategist David Frum, “Obama’s Iran policy is to visit crippling sanctions on Iran and to attempt to impose a financial embargo on the sale of Iranian petroleum. If you are an oil futures trader and you hear that, you might well conclude that Obama is trying to take Iranian petroleum off the market. You would be right. Guess what: less supply, assuming constant or increasing demand, equals higher prices.”




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Frum goes on to say, “Obama’s further policy is that no options are off the table, which is an implicit threat to strike Iran militarily if the oil embargo fails in changing Iranian policy of enriching uranium. If you are an oil futures trader and you hear that, you have to build the possibility of a military strike into the price six months down the road. And that would cause a big spike in gasoline prices.”


[Editorial Note: The state-run editorial is misquoting Mr. Frum. In fact, these quotes are from a blog post by analyst Juan Cole, explaining why he disagrees with Mr. Frum.]


What Frum really means is that it's time for Washington and its allies to leave their old ideas of world domination behind, because they will eventually lead to its own self-destruction, and because a changing world has brought new opportunities for peace and a more unified community of nations.


Sadly enough, ahead of the November presidential poll, the American people are once again being bombarded by fallacious propaganda against Iran. This is designed to do far worse than penetrate their brains; it is designed to hurl them and their children into an endless war against the Islamic world.

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What the American people need now is not mere skepticism, but a toppling of the liars on Capitol Hill. There, stupidity reigns. Before things get worse and before crude oil prices hit the $200 mark, Americans need to elect a leader that has respect for international law, common sense and their own welfare at heart (not Israel's)!



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