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The Real Nuclear Challenge: Getting Western Media to Care! (Kayhan, Islamic Republic of Iran)


Why is it that with the world flooded with actual nuclear weapons, Western media and government officials concern themselves with nothing but Iran’s nascent 'civilian' nuclear program? According to this editorial from Iran’s state-run Kayhan newspaper, Western media must either be doing the bidding of their respective governments, or they are ‘incompetent.’




July 17, 2012


Islamic Republic of Iran - Home Page (English)

Based on the latest official reports from the West, planet earth remains weighed down with potentially world-ending nuclear weaponry.


Almost 67 years have passed since the United States dropped nuclear bombs on Japan, killing hundreds of thousands of people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Unfortunately today, the only nukes American and British officials discuss is one that doesn’t exist: Iran’s.


New reports suggest that the United States, Russia, France, Britain, China, the Zionist regime of Israel, Pakistan, India, and North Korea posses a combined total of 20,000 “declared” nuclear bombs. Yet news as terrible as this is barely mentioned in what passes for press coverage, particularly in the West.


The collapse of the Soviet Union and end of the superpower rivalry wiped nuclear weapons of Western news pages. Since then, the only nuclear issue Western media seem to discuss (as we all know) is Iran’s civilian nuclear program.



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When was the last time we read anything about what should be the ultimate goal - getting rid of the over 20,000 “declared” nuclear weapons found on almost every continent?


In the eyes of the warmongers in Washington and Europe, it might seem acceptable to pressure Iran into giving up its civilian nuclear program because one state, without any basis for doing so, claims that another state may one day decide to build a nuclear weapon.

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But what about the bombs they and their rivals already possess? What about the actual arsenals of nuclear states? What about the criminal regime of Israel, which possesses up to 200 nuclear warheads, refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and continues to get a free pass from the West? What about France and the United Kingdom, which have 300 and 225 nuclear warheads, respectively?


Iranian President Ahmadinejad speaks to the 64th U.N. General Assembly, Sept. 23, 2009, just after being publicly challenged about the existence of a second uranium enrichment facility on his nation's territory.


U.N. TV: Iran President Ahmadinejad criticizes capitalism, the hypocricy of the West, calls for 'justice and freedom,' and a new global economic system, in his speech to the 64th U.N. General Assembly, Sept. 23, 2009, 00:34:23RealVideo

And how is progress since the signing of the New START treaty and U.S.-Russian arms reduction talks? Given that they haven’t as yet destroyed even one nuclear bomb, is the treaty worth the paper it was written on?


While many experts and even officials in the West are far more concerned about these issues than paranoia over Iran’s nuclear program, they receive only a tiny fraction of the attention Iran’s nuclear program receives - a program that has been repeatedly declared civilian by the IAEA and Western spy agencies in several official reports. 


Under the circumstances, one shouldn’t be surprised at Russian concern about the installation of U.S. missile systems in Europe, which Washington claims will defend against future Iranian nuclear weapons. Moscow knows - and we all know - that this is just an excuse to preserve them for use against Russia.


The grim reality is that as long as the world remains stocked with such a massive number of nuclear weapons, a nuclear attack on a non-nuclear state will always be possible. No nation – certainly not Iran - trusts any other state with The Bomb. Given their power to destroy life on a biblical scale, all nuclear weapons must be destroyed as quickly as possible.


Regrettably, this daunting challenge continues to be absent from Western news and the agendas of the nuclear states. Iranian officials have been talking about it for years at international fora and at every opportunity. Tehran believes that this is a goal that must be achieved soon and it must begin on all continents, particularly in the West, which claims to be so terrified by Iran’s “non-existent” bomb!


Terrified of Iran’s Non-Existent Bomb


Facts worth noting:


1) The U.S. deficit now exceeds $1 trillion.


2) Financial crisis has engulfed: Greece; Italy; and Spain


3) France and Britain will soon face similar crisis.


4) United States, Russia, Britain, China, the Zionist regime of Israel, Pakistan, India and North Korea posses more than 20,000 “declared” nuclear bombs.


5) According to official IAEA statements as well as reports from Western Intelligence Agencies, including the CIA, no nuclear bomb exists in Iran, nor will one be produced in the near future.


6) Sanctions against Iran to force it to foreswear the production of nuclear weapons are not only ineffective, but certainly to the disadvantage of the West given the prevailing economic situation.


Noting these facts, it is amazing the way Western media reflects the views of Western officials rather than the fact that Iran possesses no nuclear bombs nor does it plan to produce any.


The logical question is then: Is Western media under the thumb of Western governments, or is it just being run by incompetents?


What do you think?


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