Demonstrators in Quetta, Pakistan, burn a U.S. flag and a poster

bearing George Washington's image, March 16. Supporters from

Khilji Qaumi Ittehad International and Awami Majlis Amal Pakistan

held the demonstration against the killing of at least 16 villagers in

Afghanistan's Jalalabad Province by a U.S. soldier, and condemned

the burning of copies of the Quran at a NATO base in Afghanistan.



Kayhan, Islamic Republic of Iran

American ‘Killed Afghans to Divert Attention from Burnings of Holy Quran’


Could it be that in an effort to end protests against the inadvertent burning of two Qurans, reportedly used by prisoners to pass messages on to one another, the United States decided to massacre innocent Afghans? This ‘news item’ from Iran’s state-run Kayhan newspaper, conveniently ignoring Tehran's own ruthless crackdown on peaceful protesters, also criticizes Saudi Arabia for helping put down the ongoing uprising in Bahrain.


March 19, 2012


Islamic Republic of Iran - Home Page (English)

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, a former congressman and number cruncher at the Office of Management and Budget, confronts perhaps the greatest crisis in his career with the mess in Afghanistan.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai says U.S. 'not cooperating', Mar. 16, 00:02:280RealVideo

TEHRAN: At Friday prayers, senior cleric Ayatollah Muhammad Emami-Kashani said that the recent massacre of innocent Afghans by a U.S. soldier was a deliberate effort by Washington to divert attention from its desecration of the Holy Quran. Fully understanding its power to rule and change the world, Western powers are hostile toward Islam, Ayatollah Emami-Kashani said.


In Afghanistan's southern Kandahar Province on March 11, an American soldier went on a shooting spree, killing at least 17 innocent Afghan civilians and wounding several others.


The incident came in the wake of violent clashes over Quran burnings by U.S.-led forces, which left over 30 people dead, including six American soldiers, and about 180 others injured.


Ayatollah Emami-Kashani further pointed to Bahraini protests against their regime, saying that the movement in that country, rooted as it is in Islam, is similar to those in Egypt and Tunisia.


“Saudi Arabia says the uprising of the Bahraini people is against Islam. Which Islam do they mean? Is it the Islam that America proposes or the Islam that remains silent when Muslims are killings or Qurans are burned?”


"There is no difference between the Bahraini nation's uprising and the Tunisian, Egyptian and Libyan uprisings," he said, calling on revolutionary countries to remain vigilant about the hijacking of their revolutions by anti-Muslim hegemonic powers.


He also lashed out at Saudi Arabia for its double standards toward countries in the region.



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Bahrainis have been holding anti-government demonstrations since mid-February 2011, calling on the U.S.-backed Al Khalifa family to leave power.


On March 14, 2011, Saudi troops entered Bahrain to assist the regime in Manama in quelling peaceful protests on the Persian Gulf Island. According to local sources, scores of people have been killed and hundreds have been arrested in the Saudi-backed regime crackdown.


Military Intervention


Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hussein Amir-Abdullahian asserted that foreign military intervention in Bahrain and the continued occupation of the country by Saudi Arabia is absolutely wrong.  



Amir-Abdullahian said that these unwise military operations in Bahrain had several undesirable consequences which worsened the situation and threatened regional security. With Bahrain’s military occupation, any opportunity for a political and democratic solution was lost Bahraini sovereignty was tainted by a neighboring Arab state.


Amir-Abdullahian said the third undesirable consequence of Saudi military action was the murder and oppression of Bahrain’s citizens, whether they be Shiite or Sunni. He said the rigid military and security atmosphere governing the country over the past year had led to the systematic violation of human rights. He stressed that these policies had set Bahraini political reform back by decades.


The deputy foreign minister said that the solution to the crisis in Bahrain is political, and that success in this direction will requires serious attention to the demands of the people, confidence building, an end to the massacres and oppression and the start of effective negotiations without political hypocrisy.



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