Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei meets with unnamed

family members of Iranian nuclear scientists that have been slain

under suspicious circumstances over recent years.



Kayhan, Islamic Republic of Iran

Supreme Leader Thanks Families of Assassinated Nuclear Scientists


Are the American CIA and Israeli Mossad behind a series of assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists? Furthermore, are these two agencies using intelligence gleaned from the International Atomic Energy Agency to carry out these attacks? According to this news item from Iran's state-run Kayhan, the murders show U.S. and Israeli desperation in the face of Iranian scientific progress.


January 24, 2012


Islamic Republic of Iran - Home Page (English)

The supreme leader comforts a young boy, who is a family member of one of Iran's growing number of slain nuclear scientists.


PRESS TV [IRAN]: America is already waging war against Iran with oil embargo, Jan. 18, 00:01:24RealVideo

TEHRAN: The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, has visited the families of two assassinated nuclear scientists. In a meeting to offer his condolences on Thursday evening, Ayatollah Khamenei met the families of Darioush Rezaeinejad and Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan.


The Leader praised the efforts made by the nation's nuclear scientists, and reminded people that the enemy, in its bid to block the unswerving progress of the Iranian nation, seeks to eliminate young Iranian academics.


Ayatollah Khamenei said these young and elite martyrs are a source of honor for the country. Their martyrdom on the path toward God will pave the way for the progress of Islam.


The Leader said, "These dear martyrs are worthy of honor for two reasons: First, because of their research activities and their competence in handling sensitive information vital to the nation's interests; and second, because of the divine and spiritual nature of the young. That is why they are martyrs."


Discussing history, the Leader remarked that with the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the enemies immediately began leveling great accusations against it, claiming that the way toward scientific progress is blocked here, but that Iranian youth had, through their endeavors, proved the opposite.


On July 23, 2011, unidentified gunmen martyred Darioush Rezaeinejad, an Iranian nuclear scientist, outside of his home.


Rezaeinejad and his wife were on their way to their child's kindergarten class when they were approached by two men on a motorcycle. The gunmen called him by name and when he turned around, shot Rezaeinejad, 35, in the neck.


Similarly, another scientist, Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, was martyred on January 11, after an unidentified motorcyclist attached a magnetic bomb to his car near a building of Allameh Tabatabaei University in Tehran.


Ahmadi-Roshan was a graduate student in chemical engineering from the prominent Sharif University of Technology, and served as deputy director of marketing at the Natanz nuclear facility.


This latest terrorist attack came as Iran had reached an agreement with the P5+1 (Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States, plus Germany), to hold talks in Turkey. But on Thursday, Deputy U.N. Ambassador Eshaq Al-e-Habib asserted that the terrorists who had assassinated Ahmadi-Roshan may have obtained intelligence leaked from U.N. agencies.


“There is great suspicion that … terrorist circles used intelligence obtained from U.N. bodies, including the U.N. Security Council sanctions list and interviews conducted by the IAEA with our nuclear scientists, to identify and carry out their malicious acts,” Ambassador Al-e-Habib told a U.N. meeting.


Al-e-Habib said that Ahmadi Roshan had recently met with IAEA inspectors, a fact that indicates, “these U.N. agencies may have played a role in leaking information on Iran's nuclear facilities and scientists.”


Meanwhile, the leader of Friday prayers in Tehran, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, says that the assassination of scientists and young elites by the CIA and Mossad show the desperation of arrogant powers in the face of Iranian progress and the dead end they have reached.



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“Those who now claim to fight terrorism are themselves leaders of terrorists and foster-terrorists,” said Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati. He added that the enemies have been brought to their knees in such a way that they have no option but to resort to assassination and acts of terror.


“This is while they claim to have occupied Iraq and Afghanistan to fight terrorism,” Ayatollah Jannati added. The senior cleric stressed that the perpetrators of the assassination of Iran's scientists must be brought to justice.  



“This assassination was planned and carried out with the help of the CIA and Mossad, and shows that the Global Arrogance, led by the United States and the Zionist regime, has reached a dead end when it comes to the pious, determined and progressive Iranian nation,” Jannati added.


He closed by saying that Ayatollah Jannati emphasized that the assassination of Iranian scientists will not achieve the result that the enemy desires, since more young scientists will follow in Ahmadi Roshan's footsteps.




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