Deputy Chairman of the Duma Defense Committee Franz Klintsevich:

In this interview with Izvestia, he discusses the need for a Russian arms

buildup to counter American plans to get at Russia's 'soft underbelly.'



Deputy Chair of Duma Defense Committee: 'America Needs War in New Russia' (Izvestia, Russia)


"The West will not give Ukraine money for its economy, agriculture or social needs. It will only give money for war - because today it needs a war. NATO needs Novorossiya [New Russia] as a springboard to reach Russia's 'soft underbelly. … Everything connected with Novorossiya is very important to America. … It is needed as a staging area for high precision weapons capable of bringing Russia to her knees. They don't say this aloud, in fact they deny it, but that is why today there is a clearing of the local population – they don’t want them there."


-- Deputy Chairman of the Duma Defense Committee Franz Klintsevich


Translated By Rosamund Musgrave


October 19, 2014


Russia - Izvestia - Original Article (Russian)

[Editor's Note: Mr. Klintsevich repeatedly refers to Novorossiya, which means "New Russia." This refers to The Union of People's Republics, which is a confederation of the Donetsk People's Republic and Lugansk People's Republic. While unrecognized, it claims the territory of Donetsk Oblast and Luhansk Oblast in east Ukraine, which share a border with Russia. It was declared May 22, 2014].


Franz Klintsevich, deputy chairman of the Duma Defense Committee, is certain that our country is ready to repel any attack on the part of Ukraine, the West and NATO. However, the mass "cleansing" of the pro-independence population in southeast Ukraine gives us reason to forecast that in the future, weapons will appear that pose a serious threat to Russia.


IZVESTIA: Franz Alamovich, the Ukrainian authorities and its supporters are busy circulating information about upcoming military reforms in the country. Much has been said about the transformation of the Ukrainian military to the "Swiss" model. In Switzerland, almost the entire male population is responsible for territorial defense. Each man has a uniform, equipment and weapon at hand in the home. In case of a military emergency, reservists meet at pre-determined points where artillery and armored personal carriers are distributed before they go off to battle. How realistic a prospect is this in Ukraine?


CHAIRMAN KLINTSEVICH: From a point of view of common sense and efficiency, the Swiss model isn't bad. It works not only in Switzerland, but in Israel and some areas of the United States. In some places weapons are kept at home, in others in specially designated areas. But one must understand that weapons and ammunition require proper storage, for example a safe or cabinet. In this case, everything needs to be registered and checked by commanders. Ukraine won't be able to implement this, as it lacks both the money and the time. Moreover, given the mentality of people in Ukraine [the fact that there is a civil war and they are killing one another], we shouldn't forget that simply put - this would be dangerous, as the safe would be located near the reserve forces, and the whole point of the system would be lost.


IZVESTIA: Why is Ukraine trying so boost its combat potential?


CHAIRMAN KLINTSEVICH: According to the Ukrainian leadership, they are preparing to resist Russian aggression. They're not in on the biggest secret of all: Russia will not, has no plan, and is not preparing to carry out military aggression against Ukraine. But we must also put out a warning that if there were a threat to the citizens or territories of the Russian Federation, we would issue a serious blow in response.


IZVESTIA: Is that the only possible reason?


CHAIRMAN KLINTSEVICH: The West will not give Ukraine money for its economy, agriculture or social needs. It will only give money for war - because today it needs a war. NATO needs Novorossiya [New Russia] as a springboard to reach Russia's "soft underbelly." Under the doctrine of network-centric warfare, a massive attack with precision weapons would nullify all the advantages of our nuclear capability. Of course, the Americans don't have an anti-ballistic missile system like we do. Even so, there are other weapons that could be used just as effectively.


IZVESTIA: How big a threat does this pose to Russia?


CHAIRMAN KLINTSEVICH: It is a serious threat to Russia. In addition, new bases are being built in the Baltic States and Poland where Soviet airfields were located. Amateurs skeptically say that only 600 people [U.S. soldiers] have been stationed there. But one cannot ignore the fact that these are people that make possible the delivery of modern aircraft, are skilled in modern techniques, and know how to operate airfields.


But it's nothing to worry about. We are capable of ensuring the security of our country. I want to say that I am absolutely certain that there will not be a nuclear standoff – we have achieved parity.


IZVESTIA: We still haven’t come to a resolution of the conflict in southeast Ukraine


CHAIRMAN KLINTSEVICH: The war in the southeast isn't over. The West is trying to pin the blame on us, saying that we can "put pressure" the militiamen. But ask yourself if anyone can "pressure" a man who has spent months defending his home and his elderly mother and father. Exactly a week after he lays down his weapon, he is taken away, his parents are killed - that's cleansing for you. Everyone who lives in Novorossiya understands that. Nobody can "pressure" them.


Today they [the West] have one goal - to draw Russia into the Ukraine conflict. This way they could continue their policies and we would be injured or dead.


IZVESTIA: How do you judge the development of events in Novorossiya?


CHAIRMAN KLINTSEVICH: Everything connected with Novorossiya is very important to America. Novorossiya is needed as a staging area for high precision weapons capable of bringing Russia to her knees. They don't say this aloud, in fact they deny it, but that is why today there is a clearing of the local population – they don’t want them there.

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Everything corresponds to NATO's plans - the destabilization of conditions and the economy - and the huge number of refugees on Russian territory will soon reach between 7-10 million, which will lead to domestic tensions. In Ukraine there is another problem: the number killed there is not 3,463, which is the official number, but over 31,000. Many of the dead were left abandoned – in Ukraine they say they fled. This problem has yet to be felt - it will manifest over time through relatives and friends. People still believe that their relatives will return and that they just cannot phone them.


IZVESTIA: You've spoken about the clearing of the population in Novorossiya – what purpose does it serve?


CHAIRMAN KLINTSEVICH: There is is another reason for the clearing out of the population in southeast Ukraine: there are significant deposits of shale gas in Lugansk and Donetsk - ten times the size of our reserves in Siberia. An environmentally safe process for removing it hasn't been developed. To develop the process, a small number of people and troops will be brought in from the West. These obstacles are being created precisely so no one will be there when these operations begin.


This territory is being cleared so it can act as a platform for extracting shale gas and to create a buffer zone. Hitler once said, "We spit on the Soviet Union, our main goal is Donbass." And by the way, back then nobody knew anything about shale gas.




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