Who is responsible for the carnage in Kenya? Edward Liminov blames

Britain and the United States for losing control of the terrorist monster

they unleashed, most recently in Libya.

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World Can 'Thank' U.S. and Britain for Nairobi Terrorist Massacre (Izvestia, Russia)


"The West, it appears, is not altogether clever, if it hoped to be able to control the spread of these armed militants throughout the planet. ... I look at what's happening in the world, what's happening with the connivance and help of European countries and the United States, with grave concern. One mustn't help the forces of evil use Islam for their own ends. You have already fed the beast, you European and American bastards. In the near future, we are all going to have it very hard."


By Edward Limonov



Translated By Rosamund Musgrave


September 27, 2013


Russia - Izvestia - Original Article (Russian)

Sherafiya Lewthwaite, aka/The White Widow: A husband of one of the terrorists responsible for the London Underground bombings, Lewthwaite is was being sought by INTERPOL for her involvement in another terrorist attack, and is thought to have been involved in this attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi - more proof of the terrorist monster unleashed by the West.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Kenya Calls arrest of British woman Samantha Lewthwaite's, Sept. 26, 00:03:37RealVideo

For days, shots and explosions were heard coming from the Westgate shopping mall in Kenya. The whole world watched events unfold on TV and the Internet. An international group of Muslim extremists managed to murder 68 visitors to this lavish mall, which was a place of shopping, strolling or entertainment for rich Kenyans and foreigners.


Kenya, once a pearl of Britain's colonies in Black Africa, had freed itself of colonialism, and over the past 50 years established perhaps the calmest and most Westernized country in Africa - until Saturday September 21st.


Last Saturday, the nephew of Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta and his nephew's fiance, Ghanaian poet Kofi Awoonor, the wife of a U.S. embassy official - and citizens of Britain, France, Canada, China, Australia and India - were in the mall.

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We know their nationalities as they were all among the 68 victims. Moreover, there is as yet no news of the 63 people reported missing. So the death toll is likely to rise to include those as yet  to be accounted for.


It has already been established that the fighters who attacked the mall are from al-Shabaab, closely linked to al-Qaeda. In the spirit of the times, the militant attackers and the attacked have all found time to write on Twitter. One wrote: “Our Sherafiya Lewthwaite, aka Samantha, is a brave lady. We are happy to have her in our ranks.” It turns out that in command of the savage Black militants is a rosy-cheeked, white-freckled British woman. It's the kind of thing one only used to read in novels, but now is all over the news.


Samantha Lewthwaite, 29, is known as the White Widow. Her husband, a Muslim from Jamaica, was among the terrorists who in 2004, perpetrated the nombings of the London Underground, killing 59 people. So in one aspect, the Widow has already outstripped her husband: in the number of corpses left behind. In 2007, she moved to Kenya with her three children. She converted to Islam at age 15 while still living in her native Britain.


What occurs on the soil of Britain's city suburbs, where crowds of young people hostile to Britain coalesce, we don’t quite understand. Nevertheless, there they meet and attract locals to their cause, particularly girls, and so we end up with the proliferation of criminal ultra-extremist Islam around the globe.


Among the dead, the media reported, in addition to the smiling, blue-eyed shrew Samantha, are citizens of the United States and United Kingdom.


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Do you recall how the Europeans, bombing Libya from the safety of the air, were the ones who supplied money and weapons to the same type of cold-blooded militants who toppled the toothless Qaddafi regime in a bloody, lawless civil war? You can see what's happening in Libya now. Inhumane chaos continues to prevail.


The United States and its satellites Turkey, the unpleasant Saudi monarchy and Gulf sultanates, with the help of France and possibly the E.U. (though we don't yet know all the details), have unleashed a civil war in Syria. The war is being carried out by the same terrorists and militants who fought in Libya and with the Taliban in Afghanistan, are now in Syria.


The West, it appears, is not altogether clever, if it hoped to be able to control the spread of these armed militants throughout the planet.


We only recently witnessed armed militants, veterans of the Libyan war, crossing the Algerian border and invading Mali, a poor and weakly-defended country in sub-Saharan Africa - and then capturing a large portion of it. This was a wakeup call for the French, who subsequently sent in the Foreign Legion. The Libyan veterans were somewhat halted, part of the country was retaken, or more precisely, the Libyan devils were confronted with the deserts on the outskirts of Northern Mali.


And so it was on to Nairobi, Kenya - a calm, Westernized country.


For four days there was all-out war - with signs of cannibalism. Why cannibalism? Because the militants have begun to chop off hands and burn faces. The media reported that this was so the corpses couldn't be recognized, but why would the militants mind if the corpses of shopping center visitors were identified? Even if this is the reason, this is extreme fanaticism.



Overly obsessed with their own domestic issues (same-sex marriage for instance, or political correctness, unemployment and the economic crisis), the West has somehow failed to show that it stands opposed to the archaic, but no less dangerous and very strong civilization: that of Islamic radicalism. The West has failed to show, having destroyed order in Libya and Iraq, and now destroying it in Syria, why the order in Mali and Kenya, and next Paris and London, won't also be destroyed


For the last several centuries, Islam had been a docile and peaceful religion. However, having been humiliated, beaten, and gradually reduced to being a religion of the poor and disenfranchised, it has finally been rejuvenated and become bolder - for the worse. In our eyes it has become extremist. The religion of the armed poor who hate the wealthy and arrogant countries.


I often refer to the Quran. I know a little of the life of the Prophet Mohammed and am fascinated by the feats he performed. At home I always have a few dozen books about Islam. I often refer to the al-Bukhari or the Prophetic Traditions. I find Islam to be a poetic and beautiful religion and I find that in Russia, Islam does not get enough attention. It should be treated as being equal to Christian Orthodoxy.


But I look at what's happening in the world, what's happening with the connivance and help of European countries and the United States, with grave concern.


One mustn't help the forces of evil use Islam for their own ends. You have already fed the beast, you European and American bastards. In the near future, we are all going to have it very hard.


*Eduard Limonov is a Russian writer and political dissident, and founder of the National Bolshevik Party. An opponent of Vladimir Putin, he is one of the leaders of The Other Russia political bloc.


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