According to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei's Web site, these

are people in East Azarbaijan Province who came to hear him speak

on Saturday.



Supreme Leader Khamenei says America Has 'Nothing to Worry About' (Islamic Republic News Agency, Iran)


When it comes to Iran, is the United States making a mountain out of less than a molehill? According to this news item from Iran's government-run Islamic Republic News Agency, Supreme Leader Khamenei says the direct Iran-U.S. talks cannot happen when America talks about human rights and breaks them, advocates for democracy then undermines it, and attacks Iran for building nuclear weapons that Tehran doesn't want.


February 18, 2013


Islamic Republic of Iran - Islamic Republic News Agency - Original Article (English)

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei adresses people who same to hear hims speak in East Azarbaijan Province. He explained why Tehran is now against direct talks with the U.S.


PRESS TV VIDEO, IRAN [STATE-RUN]: Iranian Majlis members shrug off Western offers to lessen sanctions ahead of nuclear talks, Feb. 17, 00:03:18RealVideo

Tehran: Supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, has challenged American logic in its conduct toward other nations. He was referring to the way Washington fabricates accusations against Iran, ushers in global sanctions to pressure Iran, and then calls for direct talks.


The supreme leader made these remarks at a meeting with people from the northwestern city of Tabriz in East Azarbaijan Province, on the anniversary of the 1977 uprising of the Azari people against the shah's regime.


The supreme leader said that the pious and faithful Iranian nation has successfully overcome the economic pressure exerted by the global power, and that while they claim to have imposed crippling economic sanctions on Iran in order to disappoint the Iranian nation, the nation has issued a decisive reply during rallies on Feb. 10 marking the 34th victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.


According to the supreme leader, Iranian people from all walks of life demonstrated their vigor when it comes to this historical event, and proved they are determined to support the path of the Islamic Revolution: ''Every year like a great avalanche, the February 10 rallies strike a heavy blow to the enemies.''


Ayatollah Khamenei said that in their dealings with the pious, firm and brave Iranian nation, the enemies are desperate and losing ground, and as a result, taking actions against it that are illogical.


Referring to the lack of harmony among U.S. officials, the supreme leader called them "irrational people" whose words and action are contradictory, and an attempt to attain their goals with a bullying spirit.


With their irrational words and bullying policies, the Americans expect others to give in, but the Iranian nation have proven different from those who have surrendered to them, because as the supreme leader said, the Iranian people are rational and more than capable to tackling their difficulties.


While the Americans claim to be committed to the principles of human rights, and a flag bearer of human rights around the world, their actions have issued the heaviest of all possible blows to human rights through its own human rights violations at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib, and the mass killing by drones of innocent people in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


The supreme leader said that one of their illogical claims is in regard to nuclear weapons. While they invaded Iraq some 11 years ago under the pretext of weapons of mass destruction, they admitted to their lie only after ruining the country. And at the same time, U.S. officials back the Zionist regime, which is in fact equipped with nuclear weapons and poses a threat to others, the supreme leader said.


So while the Americans say they promote democracy around the globe, the claim is without foundation, Ayatollah Khamenei said.


''The Americans claim to advocate democracy around the world, but in the meantime, they are creating conflict with Iran, which is carrying out one of the most hopeful and transparent democracies in the region. ... They claim to be advocates of democracy in the world, but they support regimes that show no sign of democratic governance, which have populations that have not once experienced going to the polls."


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Ayatollah Khamenei went on. ''The Islamic Republic of Iran does not want to see a proliferation of nuclear weapons. In fact, there is nothing for the U.S. to worry about, because the Islamic Republic of Iran considers the possession or use of nuclear weapons to be a crime against humanity, and calls for the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction.''


As far as Iran's nuclear program, the supreme leader said that the issue has nothing to do with nuclear weapons, In fact, the enemies seek to prevent Iran from asserting its legitimate right to the enrichment of uranium and civilian use of nuclear energy enshrined in the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.


The supreme leader said that this trampling of the legitimate rights of the Iranian nation clearly reflects U.S. irrationality, and that direct talks with a party that its illogical and bullying will do nothing to resolve the problem.


Referring to talks between Iran and the United States, Ayatollah Khamenei said that that the Americans rely on a media network under the influence of Zionists, which seeks to deceive global, regional and local public opinion.


The Supreme Leader underlined five key facts that must be taken into account which demonstrate Washington's true goals in such talks. The illogical and contradictory words and actions of U.S. officials amount to an effort to force Iran to submit.


When it comes to whether America is prepared to lift sanctions, the leader said that they are lying when they say a resumption of direct talks would lead to a lifting of sanctions.


The goal of the U.S. offer of direct talks is nothing more than media hype. The leader said that Washington's goal is to show the world's Muslims that a nation as steadfast as Iran has finally came to the negotiating table to compromise.

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By pushing Iran to the negotiating table, the global arrogance wants to dispirit Muslim nations, and it is now pursuing the same goal with media hype. But the supreme leader said that the Islamic Republic understands their goals and will give a proper response.


The supreme leader also pointed out that after encountering the rationality of Iran's position, the Americans have interrupted talks on several occasions.


"Over the past 15 years, they have called for mutual talks two or three times, but after an exchange of views, they interrupt them, as tolerating Iran's rational words is too much for them. So they pretended it was Iran that walked out.''


"Does anyone think it necessary to again taste U.S. irrationality?" asked the leader.


U.S. officials, the leader said, assume that due to economic sanctions, Iranians have given up and will rush to the negotiating table.


The supreme leader said that the aim of the sanctions is to bring the Iranian nation to its knees and separate it from the Islamic government, and that sanctions will not be ended if talks are held between the two sides.


He said Iranians do not want wish to seek lofty blessings with humiliation, will attain economic prosperity through wisdom, firm resolve and courage, and by relying on its young people.


''There is no doubt that the Iranian nation will choose the path of reliance on Almighty God, and will transform sanctions into a golden opportunity.''


People from the poorer strata of society fully understand these problems, and would never allow sanctions to separate them from path of the Islamic revolution. Ayatollah Khamenei said that this is because of their conviction that Islam helps them resolve all problems.


In the meantime, the supreme leader called on the U.S. to demonstrate its goodwill when it comes to direct talks by ending its bullying, respecting the rights of the Iranian nation, through non-interference in Iran's domestic affairs, and halting its warmongering in the region.


If they prove their sincerity in action, and demonstrate logic, they will find the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iranian nation adopting a new, more cooperative approach toward them, the Ayatollah Khamenei said.


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