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Let Us Boycott and 'Put on Trial' Those Who Mock Muhammad (Gomhuria, Egypt)


"Come, let us hold a global public trial of the West to prosecute them for crimes against humanity and against the peoples of our region, such as looting our resources and the worst kind of exploitation of our people. Let us try them for the injustice, treachery and vileness of how they have dealt with us through the ages. The second step is to boycott them, provided that such a boycott is effective, decisive and true. ... We will not die for failing to deal with the West. We will not go hungry if we spend some time ignoring their products."


By Galaa Gaballah



Translated By Casey Patrick Reilly


September 14, 2012


Egypt - Gomhuria - Original Article (Arabic)

President Barack Obama, at the opening of the 67th session of the U.N. General Assembly, explains to world leaders why America defends free expression - even when many disagree with that expression.


UNITED NATIONS VIDEO: President Obama Addresses Opening of U.N. General Assembly, Sept. 25, 00:30:56RealVideo

I know that the call by Western extremists to put our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) on trial, has provoked the emotions of our entire society. Al-Azhar University condemned and deplored this, along with all the other religious bodies in the East. But after the denunciation and condemnation … what happens now?


Do we continue to deplore and condemn, as they put on this farcical trial of the overseer of God’s creation? Do we remain still except for the shouting - particularly when such shouts from out throats are the functional equivalent of silence? They are useless and won’t feed hungry mouths or much of anything else.


Already, a radical pastor has threatened to burn the Quran - and we denounced, condemned and deplored him … and what was the result? This moron carried out his threat and even found his call echoed by copycats and other extremists like himself. And this is a recurring theme: there are events and discussions in some Western countries that are insulting of the Prophet of Islam. In both East and West, extremist newspapers [i.e.: Charlie Hebdo] find an easy path to fame by insulting Islam!


Leave them in their sin and let us mock this group of extremists seeking fame by insulting the overseer of God’s creation, peace and prayers be upon him. A trial by extremists or the ignorant can never disturb his status, peace and prayers be upon him. He long ago dealt with the ignorance of infidels. They made allegations and spread rumors, but he filled the world with light and love and peace for all … even though the Muslims were weak, the humiliation that unbelievers tried to heap on him became their own humiliation!


Leave them in their transgressions. Condemnation and denunciation will do nothing. Let us call on all Islamic countries to hold "an international day for the prosecution of the West." We have evidence with which we can try them and even convict them, contrary to the false claims they have made about our noble Prophet, prayers and peace be upon him.



Muhammad (PBUH), is not in need of someone to defend him. Because God the Almighty alone has taken care to defend him and call him, prayers and peace be upon him. This message did not stem from him personally, but it is a divine message created wholly from the divine call. And the messages revealed by the Almighty to all the Prophets, from Adam to Christ, the Son of Mary (PBUH), were completed with the message of Muhammad, (PBUH). We do not want to defend our noble Prophet, for they have no evidence that can stand up to heaven's message. It is a message revealed to the heart of Mohammed in the noble Quran, which will stand as a symbol of awe until the Day of Resurrection, and in the teachings of the divine, the provisions of law, and the transactions and worship of humanity. It governs the entire universe justly, with love and charity and complete dignity for each human being.


Leave them in their sin and oppression. Come and let us begin a global call for a trial of the West - a fair trial for the injustice and tyranny of attacks and looting of our homelands.


The West didn't stop with the colonization of land, the plunder of the peoples' resources and the exploitation all men in the worst possible way. It went on to manipulate humanity and inflict injustice on the entire universe.


This West, which colonized our land and plundered our resources and is even now, loots our economies and exploits our resources by all despicable means possible, is the one who should be tried now - not the best of humanity (PBUH).


So this despicable call has come to try the best of God's creation (PBUH), which is all part of an integrated plot. Here is a movie, while a cartoon abusive to our gracious Prophet already has been published in the Netherlands. And there are some Christians in the Diaspora [a Coptic Christian is thought to have produced The Innocence of Muslims] - while Christianity itself is innocent of this. They are preparing to produce a movie abusive to our noble Prophet [PBUH]. Don’t all of these separate strands assure us that there is a genuine conspiracy standing behind them and trying to drag us into a maze of disputes and abuses to offset other abuses, and to draw us into a downward spiral we will never escape!


Don’t these abuses to our noble Prophet look like a tightly-wound and contagious scenario, particularly after the arrival of representatives of the Islamic current in positions of power in Egypt and other Arab countries? And doesn’t this behoove us to think about and be aware of what is going on around us and what is intended for us?


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We should not pay attention to such as these, because they are idiots whose outpourings will fail to benefit them. But we must prepare ourselves and respond strongly to this slap, and the second slap, and the third and fourth slaps. The first response must be to try the West. Come, let us hold a global public trial of the West to prosecute them for crimes against humanity and against the peoples of our region, such as looting our resources and the worst kind of exploitation of our people. Let us try them for the injustice, treachery and vileness of how they have dealt with us through the ages. And let us try them for an Israel, planted in Palestine, and their great support for it - and its double standards. The second step is to boycott them, provided that such a boycott is effective, decisive and true.

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We will not die for failing to deal with the West. We will not go hungry if we spend some time ignoring their products.


If a Dutch cartoon is abusive, we must boycott all Dutch products. A popular boycott backed by official and semi-official bodies, both of the West and all of its products and all public officials who offend Islam, has become a necessity.


As I write these words, I am on a plane above the clouds returning from Munich, which was the last stop of an official trip to the start of the school year in Munich. There I found thousands of Arab families shopping and filling the streets. They spend 35 billion [$45 billion] a year shopping in Munich. Do you know what I mean about turning these funds toward other markets, especially if they are Muslim markets? Let us try, even for just a year, to boycott them to find out how special our influence can be. And this is not a weapon we have only just found.




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We visited the Mercedes Museum in Munich, which tells the story of the car's role in the context of the most important events. We saw a huge photo of empty streets in Munich, free of cars and people. The commentary says: This was the scene in Munich on October 16, 1973, when the Arabs decided not to export oil to Europe. Life in the cities ground to a halt and they began to think about new energy sources!!


This photo shows the impact of the first real Arab boycott - and the first real Arab reaction toward the West. What are we waiting for?


Don’t our Arab rulers feel any protectiveness of our religion and our noble Prophet? And don’t our Arab and Islamic people have a sense of wanting to defend our religion and our prophet?


This should be required of all non-official bodies and private charities with a religious mission, and all organizations that defend human rights. Freedom of belief and opinion requires that all of us take a stand that is critical, just and firm. Come, let us determine to try the West, not just in response to these abuses, but as a declaration of strength of our people that we will not allow the West to control us and remain abusive toward our symbols, our religion and our lives as we cower in fear, silence and sleep.


Wake up, God bless you!!




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