Vice President Joe Biden and China President Xi Jinping at the Great Hall

of the People in Beijing: How much pressure can Biden bring to bear after

a week of tension over China's newly-asserted Air Defense Identification

Zone - which Tokyo says encroaches on its territory?



Biden Should 'Show Kindness' Toward China (Global Times, China)


Is China a mild-mannered country peacefully emerging to its rightful place as a great power - alongside the United States? That seems to be the message of this mild editorial warning from the state run Global Times to Vice President Joe Biden, now visiting the country in an effort to 'calm the waters' of the South China Sea, after tensions rose over China's new Air Defense Identification Zone over islets claimed by both Beijing and Tokyo.




December 4, 2013


People's Republic of China - Global Times - Original Article (Chinese)

Vice President Joe Biden and outgoing U.S. Ambassador to Beijing, Gary Locke, appear to listen carefully to Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People, Dec. 4.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Biden in China amid air zone tensions, seeks to make Washington's point, Dec. 4, 00:2:46RealVideo

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden left Japan and began his visit to China on Wednesday. During his stay in Japan, the key talks mostly related to China's Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) in the East China Sea. In China, however, this is only one of a wide variety of issues that will be discussed.


The new form of great power relations emerging between China and the United States is based on long-term peace and stability in the Asia Pacific. The strategic significance of Sino-U.S. cooperation will not be overshadowed by a discrepancy over one particular issue. Current tensions in the East China Sea have been stirred up by Japan simply to win Tokyo sympathy.


China has no intention of provoking Japan or the U.S.-Japan military alliance. This crisis has been deliberately stirred up by Japan to create a sense of alarm and get Washington involved, hoping America-China ties would devolve into confrontation. Although the U.S. has been clear in opposing China's establishment of the ADIZ, we believe the two countries can overcome the discrepancy.


China, the U.S., the Asia Pacific, and even the entire world, are asking China and the United States to become partners. It would be a nightmare if the two openly and actively confronted one another. Japan-U.S. relations are not a decisive factor for Sino-U.S. ties. The significance of the U.S. and China to one another will not be influenced by Japan's meddling.


While Biden was in Japan, Tokyo's dispute with China would not have taken up very much time. U.S.-Japan leaders likely also discussed economic and political issues such as Iran and North Korea. So it is extremely unlikely Biden has shown up in China to be an opponent. If so, however, China won't hold back.


The key issue for the two is to communicate better so as to reduce their mutual strategic suspicion. Washington should also be aware that it is now also important to show kindness toward Chinese society.


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China's public has been concerned that the United States might seek to contain China by exploiting its territorial disputes with neighboring countries - and there has been concern that America's "Asia pivot" is targeted at China.

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China's foreign policy takes public sentiment into account. If the United States genuinely has no intention of containing China, it should not initiate the creation of conflict in areas of concern to China's core interests. Washington always talks about the balance of power in East Asia and its role as a moderator. However, it is worth noting that China's rise is a natural process of its development rather than a strategy to challenge the order of East Asia. The balance of power the U.S. talks about should tolerate reasonable strategic demands by China, which is why the U.S. should avoid taking stands on China's territorial disputes with neighboring countries.


From Biden's visit, China's people may have sensed America's logic. Discussing American freedom with Chinese students at the U.S. Embassy is just a "routine event" involving senior officials whenever they visit China. Americans will find that Chinese society doesn't ask much of their country, and should not hold China's so-called nationalism against them. They might in fact consider adjusting their own behavior, when a country as mild and undemanding as China begins to cultivate nationalism toward their country.


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