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China Must Warn the World of Japan's Growing 'Insanity' (Global Times, China)


Is Japan building itself up through militarism and extreme nationalism, as it did before World War II? As far as Japan's immediate neighbors are concerned, the unanimous answer to that question is a resounding 'yes.' For China's state-run Global Times, this editorial calls on Beijing to sound the alarm, and glean the international benefit when the warning turns out to be correct.




August 15, 2013


People's Republic of China - Global Times - Original Article (English)

A man dressed as a member of the Japanese Imperial Army marches outside the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, on the 68th anniversary of Japan's World War II defeat, August 15. Is the type of militarism and extremism that took hold of the country before the war making a comeback?

INTERNET NEWS VIDEO, JAPAN: U.S. film director Oliver Stone is bluntly honest about Japanese militarism in speech at Hiroshima, after ceremony commemorating the dropping of the atomic bomb, Aug. 13, 00:11:32 RealVideo

Today marks the 68th anniversary of Japan's World War II surrender announcement, and Japanese media have been debating the significance of the event heatedly. Chinese media and the public in other countries should also consider the date's significance.


In Japan, a day of mourning is observed for war dead. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga expressed his hope that every Japanese would mourn for the country's war dead.


Although Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said he would not visit the Yasukuni Shrine today, he has donated personal funds toward an offering there. As prime minister, he plays these games quite stubbornly, as his cabinet attempts to break Japan's identity as both an invader and one of the defeated. 


Japan once dominated Northeast Asia, drove away Russian and Western forces, and at the beginning of the Pacific War, even caught the U.S. by surprise. To a great extent, it relied on extreme nationalism to do so.


World history has witnessed the extremism and mania of both Germany and Japan. Japan's actions today make one wonder whether it might commit the same errors again.

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The controversy over the Yasukuni Shrine is a case in point. Visits to the shrine, which is dedicated to the nation's war dead, including convicted war criminals, has devolved into an annual clash of wills between Japan and neighboring countries like China and South Korea.


As it has done in the past, by using nationalism, it is attempting to strengthen national cohesion.


Still under U.S. military influence and having been economically overtaken by China, it cannot decide whether to accept the status of being a modest Northeast Asian country, or make a comeback through confrontation with the emerging realities in the Asia-Pacific. Tokyo doesn't necessarily plan to be engulfed by extremism, but they do hope to change the prevailing state of affairs.


China and Japan have gradually settled into a confrontation. Hatred between South Koreans and Japanese has resulted in deadlock. Not long ago, the 38th parallel stood atop the pyramid of potential East Asia military flashpoints, but now the territorial clash over a number of islands is just as dangerous. In addition to visits to Yasukuni by Japanese politicians, we can sense aggressiveness on the part of the Japanese people. This may put an end to the already difficult process of integrating Northeast Asia.


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If it is based on extreme nationalism, Japan's unity is bound to provoke greater nationalism in neighboring countries, prompting hostility and confrontational sentiments. In turn, this will give Japan even more excuses to extend its extreme nationalism further, making itself the center of a political storm.


China has little leverage over Japan's behavior, but we should expose Japan's insanity to the entire world. This will not only raise the political cost for Japanese who clamor for extreme nationalism, but will make global opinion more favorable toward China. After all, the Yasukuni Shrine is only a stage. Whether he visits the shrine or not, Abe has clearly expressed himself whether he personally goes there or not.


It is the right course to remain vigilant toward Abe and his followers as they prepare further provocations.


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