Protesters outside the U.S. Embassy in Cairo register discontent over

a film about the Prophet Mohammad made by a shadowy figure in the

United States, Sept. 12.



America is 'Disrespectful' of Other Cultures (Global Times, People's Republic of China)


Is Middle East unrest targeting U.S. diplomatic compounds proof that America is insensitive to other cultures - and is Beijing in any position to lecture others about the issue? This editorial from China's state-run Global Times advises Washington that because of their 'relatively disadvantageous position in the world', Muslims are hypersensitive, so extra precautions must be taken not to offend them.




September 13, 2012


People’s Republic of China – Global Times – Original Article (English)

Incensed: Protesters carry a flag that reads 'No God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet,' and chant anti-American. slogans, during a protest in front of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. Anger has spread across the Muslim world over a film ridiculing the Prophet Muhammad.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Egypt President Morsi condemns attacks on U.S. Embassies, Sept. 13, 00:01:07RealVideo

Two American combat ships are steaming toward Libya intent on avenging the death of the U.S. ambassador to that country. But the target of the vengeance is not a country or any group we know of. With the attackers having long since disappeared, it will be challenging to find precisely who or where to attack.


The swift deployment of combat ships demonstrates American military power. But if military means could resolve everything, Washington would likely be free of difficulty.


In reality, military means are no panacea. Against a wave of anti-American sentiment in the Arab world, U.S. warships are more like window dressing than a solution.

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Libyans are greatly offended by a film made in the United States that is regarded as insulting to the Prophet Mohammed. And Arabs demand that the United States respect their culture. Cannon-laden warships will not serve that purpose. Even if Washington catches and punishes the assailants, the culture clashes still remain. Warships will do nothing but generate more hatred from the Islamic world.


The United States has the most advanced civilization in the world, and Americans hold a deep sense of cultural superiority. They see many other cultures as being marginal or with ancillary exotic value. And when other cultures stand against the West, they are labeled bizarre and harmful.


Due to its relatively disadvantageous position in the world, Islamic culture is hypersensitive. So the world should take care to respect their sentiments.





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This is far from being recognized by the West, where provocations against the Islamic faith have occurred repeatedly.


Western public opinion is quite lenient when it comes to such provocations, and even defends them by citing freedom of speech.


Many Muslim countries are struggling with poverty, and anti-Western sentiment can be easily sparked. If movies that insult the Prophet Mohammed and incidents that desecrate the Quran continue to occur and Western governments continue to insist that they cannot take action, more hatred will result.


Americans must sincerely learn about other cultures and be able to appreciate their values, some of which have made it possible for them to rapidly develop. One can only prevent the desecration of other religions by treating them and the feelings of others as you do your own.


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We hope the American warships and Marines think twice before shooting. Revenge killing is not necessarily a positive for the United States.


There are already many people in the world restraining their discontent toward the United States. Washington needs to exercise restraint to better communicate with other parts of the world.



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