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Western Criticism of Pakistan is Wrongheaded and Unfair


Is the Western media making matters worse by criticizing Pakistan's intelligence service and military for failing to identify the location of Osama bin Laden? According to this editorial from China's state-run Global Times, to foster a successful and peaceful Pakistan, the United States and the West should do as China does.




May 7, 2011


People's Republic of China - Global Times - Original Article (English)

Since the death of Osama bin Laden, the U.S. media has been asking how the world's most wanted man could have lived for years in a hideout in Pakistan. Friction between the United States and Pakistan has focused on the role of the latter's intelligence sector, triggering a backlash from Islamabad, which has described the raid that killed Bin Laden as a violation of its sovereignty by the United States. Some in the Indian media went a step further, calling for attacks on anti-India terrorists in Pakistan.


Such critiques are not only unfair, but dangerous.


Standing at the beachhead of the war on terror, the Pakistan government in recent years has taken risks beyond the imagination of the West. Pakistan has suffered huge losses from the war, making it a victim of social disruption and violent incidents as well as the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, who was one of that nation's most outstanding leaders.


U.S. media criticism indicates that it doesn't see Pakistan as a genuine ally that deserves respect, but a performer of the American interest. In the eyes of many Americans, Pakistan is nothing but a country that has been bought and maneuvered by U.S. dollars.


As to the reaction in India, media seems to lack any restraint. Indian society's geopolitical observations about the region are worrisome. Extremism in India may stunt its efforts to become a more responsible power in South Asia.



In the era of the Internet, Western arrogance toward third world nations creates uneasiness in the political forum. Without any restraint, the Western media has exaggerated the situation and set a bad example for India, which boasts of being a fully open society in terms of media coverage. Hard-won compromises between India and other governments are often distorted.


Pakistan is one of the most complex countries in the Muslim world, with a mix of modern democracy and tribal-based autonomy. Being a populous country with nuclear weapons, Pakistan's stability is vital for the entire region. It would be ridiculous and wrong to force Pakistan to bend to external pressure. Respect rather than oppression from the West is what would help that nation realize true modernization.


China, a heart-felt friend of Pakistan, has also suffered from terrorism in recent years. Its frontier provinces are occasionally disturbed by extremists from within Pakistan. But this hasn't caused deterioration in bilateral ties. The mutual respect between China and Pakistan is something else that surpasses the imagination of some Western countries.


In this way, China has set an example for the West on how to treat Pakistan as a sincere and cooperative partner.


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