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All Koreans Share the Same 'Resistance to External Influence'


By sticking by its military alliance with the United States, is South Korea missing the obvious? According to this editorial from China's state-run Global Times, South Korea should reconsider its position and remember that the "South and North are one people" that share many of the same characteristics - one of those being a reluctance to "succumb to external influence" - including Beijing's.


November 30, 2010


People's Republic of China - Global Times - Original Article (English)

South Korea has rejected China's proposal to restart Six-Party Talks. Radical emotions are leading South Koreans astray. While it's true that Six-Party Talks could ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula, it seems as if South Korea first needs to vent its anger.


South Koreans are demonstrating almost unanimous toughness, which isn't normal for that country. But the South Korean ministries of foreign affairs and trade should have the wisdom and insight which is clearly absent among Netizens.


With an overall national strength much stronger than the North's and defense assistance from the United States, South Korea shouldn't be as concerned about security issues as the North. The probability of a massive invasion from the North is almost zero.


While China cannot help South Koreans vent their anger, it sincerely wants to assist in easing tensions on the Peninsula and wishes to find ways of defusing the crisis. By not agreeing to talks, the South Korean government showed its reluctance to support China. Seoul decision makers probably believe that in the short term, opposing a pragmatic solution entails much smaller political risk.


Since the United States declared its return to Asia, the frequency of clashes on the Peninsula has risen. Instead of reflecting on this, South Korea has become even more obsessed with its military alliance with the U.S., which has proven faulty at best. Seoul and Washington want to pull Beijing to their side and think that once China gets tough, North Korea will behave. But such logic is quite ludicrous.  






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People from the South and North are one people. South Koreans clearly share the Korean temperament of sticking to independent choices and being reluctant to succumb to external influence.


Isn't Pyongyang's decisiveness in the face of demands by external powers also part of the South Korean character? Does South Korea really believe the North would submit to pressure? The illusion of forcing North Korea to yield has plagued Northeast Asia for years and inhibits the region from taking advantage opportunities to solve the Korean deadlock.


There is no simple solution to the complex Korean issue. Saying that China should blockade North Korea to make it succumb is not only self-deceiving, it is a humiliation to the entire Korean people.


As long as the people in this region don't want blood-and-iron policies to reshape the Peninsula and engage in another war, the only pragmatic solution remains to sit down and compromise together for a lasting peace.


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