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The West is Forming an 'Axis of Evil Ideology'


Are politicians in the West - some for electoral advantage - in effect brainwashing the general public to oppose the People's Republic of China? According to this editorial from the state-controlled Global Times, Western leaders are only shooting themselves in the foot by trying to force a peace loving China to adopt a Western style government or allow the value of the yuan to appreciate.




October 27, 2010


People's Republic of China - Global Times - Original Article (English)

As regional and global leadership summits approach, a wolf pack of anti-China radicals appear to have joined hands to attack China's exchange rate policy, its political system and its regional strategy. Such attacks are bringing uncertainty and tension to the global economy, politics and security.


But what such people are describing isn't the real China. It's simply impossible for China to let the exchange rate of the yuan soar as the U.S. demands.


For decades, China has insisted on common growth and peaceful coexistence. Within the international arena, it is cooperative and low-key.  



Perhaps the only way such people can take solace is from psychological aids. But scapegoating China because of the incompetent way the West has fought the financial crisis is not creative. By blaming China, some politicians seek to evade their own responsibilities.


Such people are nationalists venting their anger through media to win votes. Their public anti-China alliance is gradually becoming an "axis of evil ideology" eroding world peace.


This "axis of evil ideology" advocates antagonism between the powers and a new Cold War. They urge not negotiation and dialogue, but bullying and suppression of rivals. History has shown that policies like theirs lead mankind only into an abyss. Like a double-edged sword, excessive anti-China attacks hurt not only China, but the West itself.




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China will not prosper by merely copying a Western political model. Nevertheless, anti-China elements mislead the public, convincing it to believe that with its model, the West can reshape China.


They think on the one hand, they can command China's economy with their financial tools, and on the other, isolate China by corralling a handful of allies. In fact, Western animosity toward China often puzzles Chinese, because China has never provoked anyone.


Some Westerners believe that China should always adore Western power and never threaten the West's existing interests, but at the same time, should share more responsibility. They think China should neither challenge nor compete with the Western order.


Anti-China ideology poisons the minds of people in the West by claiming superiority as global aristocrats and rulers.


Excessive anti-China sentiment can only lead to increasing misjudgments about China by Western society.


China will never act first to stir up trouble. But by provoking China, Western actors will prompt a reaction from China that will trigger further uncertainty.


Provoking a loss of stability is likely what this "axis of evil ideology" wants.


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