The nuclear aircraft USS George Washington with accompanying aircraft

in the East Sea off the Korean coast. The U.S. and South Korea are

holding exercises dubbed 'Invincible Spirit.' China has expressed

indignation since they were announced.



Global Times, People's Republic of China

China Must Draw a Red Line Against American 'Encirclement'


Is it time for China to make clear to the United States that it will no longer put up with American 'provocations'? According to this article by author Dai Xu for China's state-controlled Global Times, if China is to stand shoulder to shoulder with American power, it must tell Washington in no uncertain terms to halt it's attempt to create an 'Asian NATO' to encircle the People's Republic of China.


By Dai Xu [戴旭]


Translated By Mark Klingman


August 2, 2010


People's Republic of China - Global Times - Original Article (Chinese)

General Min Goo Han, chairman of South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff, with Captain Daniel Grieco, executive officer of the USS George Washington, in the East Sea, July 26.  

BBC NEWS VIDEO: America and South Korea begin naval exercises, despite China's stromg objections, July 27, 00:01:37RealVideo

To understand U.S. strategic provocations in the Yellow and South China Seas, one must have a basic understanding of the country's essential nature and global strategy. This was clearly set out in a 2010 U.S. Defense Department report: America is primarily a country at war.


Looking at American history, it's clear that the United States has been continually engaged in war, and looking for enemies is the norm in terms of its social development. In the absence of war, there's no way to stimulate the U.S. economy; without a rival, it's impossible to concentrate the country's attention. The United States has embarked on the road of war beyond the point of no return.


The U.S. is conducting its tenth consecutive military exercise in the Yellow Sea, and has announced its willingness to intervene in the affairs of the South China Sea. On the face of it, through such exercises, the U.S. seems to be targeting Chinese dominance of the air and sea and directly threatening it. Moreover, the U.S. is trying to persuade Japan, Korea, Australia, India, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) into forming a kind of "Asian NATO." Thus, the United States will have two NATOs - one in the east and one in the west. Of course, the purpose of these two NATOs is to create a global empire, and China will be the first to be threatened, because this undercover Asian NATO will be distributed along China's soft underbelly similar to the “encirclement” seen during the Cold War, and which scholars have called the "first and second island chain."


Hot Spot: The Yellow Sea is straddled by

China and the two Koreas.




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China is becoming a global financial center, and if we focus on current strategies, we will enjoy ever-greater dividends from China's economic development. In terms of military power, China is relatively backward and development is still the top priority. Objectively speaking, China doesn't have the power to challenge America's global hegemony. When confronting America's strategic advantage, China doesn't usually take a confrontational approach - but again, objectively speaking, the United States ought to be taking far fewer risks on the global political stage than it is now taking.    



However, China is destined to stand shoulder to shoulder with the U.S. on the world stage, and cannot always put up with American provocations. If China is to stop the advance of the United States, then it must draw a clear red line against American attempts to surround it; China should not allow endless American coercion through “carrot and stick” plots concerning Chinese sovereignty over land and sea, national unity, territorial harmony, etc.; nor should it allow the United States to harm China's interests with its operations in neighboring countries.


The U.S. must respect China's concerns on security issues. China has never relied on America's adversaries to threaten U.S. security; consequently, the U.S. has no right to repeatedly engage in unscrupulous activities that threaten China's security. For groups who dare threaten China's state power, that power will warn them and strike back. For China to be a responsible world power, it must first of all maintain its own dignity.



Of course, the drawing of a red line need not be through a distinct declaration, but could also be implied by actions. In the past, China without hesitation supported the anti-U.S. war of a neighboring country [Korea or Vietnam] to let the United States know where the bottom line of China's tolerance was, thereby avoiding a Cold War showdown.


If the United States is adjusting the focus of its global strategy, China also needs to re-examine the United States. China is a peace-loving country, but must also safeguard its national interests with determined resolve. The velvet glove of diplomacy should conceal an iron fist. This approach may seem most likely to lead directly to a confrontation, but in fact it is the simplest way of avoiding conflict. Because this is the type of opponent that the U.S. respects.


*Dai Xu writer is a strategic analyst at the China Energy Fund Board and author of the book 'C-shaped Encirclement')



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