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Addiction to Growth is China's 'Berlin Wall'


Can President Obama persuade China not to be so dependent on growth, particularly trade-dependent growth? Likening Beijing's obsession with growth to a Chinese version of the 'Berlin Wall,' Feng Mengyun of China's state-run Global Geographic Times expresses his wish, when he writes in part, 'I hope while visiting China, Obama declares: 'Mr. Hu Jintao, tear down this wall!'


By Feng Mengyun [冯梦云]


Translated by Jimmy Chow


November 16, 2009


People's Republic of China - Global Geographic Times - Original Article (China)

Chinese hair stylist Huang Xin works on his latest creation, a sculpture of U.S. President Barack Obama made from human hair, at his Beijing barbershop, Nov. 14.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Trade talks in China bring Obama's 'non-stop charm offensive' to an end, Nov. 18, 00:02:43RealVideo

U.S. President Barack Obama, “Ambassador of Peace,” has finally set foot in Beijing. Ahead of his visit, North Korea fired missiles, there was a sea battle between North and South Korea, and Somali pirates took 28 Chinese sailors hostage. These events tell Chinese who their enemies and friends are!


The trip comes after German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and other political leaders walked hand-in-hand through the former sentry post at the Berlin Wall [Checkpoint Charlie]. Twenty years ago, there were those willing to risk their lives to bring down the Wall and to allow West Berlin, West Germany and the rest of the world see the atrocities of the East. We could see the courage of those trapped people stubbornly seeking freedom and democracy. Every drop of blood stirred world feeling. It was precisely each and every one of those people, who were unwilling to live in shackles, that prompted U.S. President John F. Kennedy to say while standing at the wall: “Freedom has many difficulties and democracy is not perfect, but we have never had to put a wall up to keep our people in …” All of those who lost their lives prompted U.S. President Ronald Reagan to announce: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”



Can Obama repeat Reagan’s message to Chinese President Hu Jintao? Can he persuade Hu Jintao and Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou to join hands across the Taiwan Strait? Chinese and Western culture aren’t always at odds, but whether they always agree isn’t that important. What's important is how to enhance the happiness-index of the Chinese people.


Prior to thirty years ago, the old Chinese model caused tremendous suffering. But an even graver sin would have been to stick with the system that caused such suffering.


President Barack Obama visits China's Great Wall, Nov. 18.




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Jin Canrong, (a renowned expert on U.S. issues and associate dean at the School of International Studies Renmin University), said: “China has greatly benefited [from opening up in the 1970s]. Trade has multiplied 128 times from $20 billion in 1979 to $2.56 trillion in 2008, of which $1.7 trillion comes from exports, so China and the U.S. are in a win-win situation, which also explains why the U.S. as sole superpower and China’s meteoric rise are not contradictory, even if conventional Western theories of international relations find it hard to reconcile that the rise of China was essential.”  



But while [Chinese] exports stand at $1.7 trillion, domestic sales are only $860 billion. China's trade deficit with the U.S. is $300 billion. This seems like a huge trade surplus, not to mention a contradiction. More difficult to fathom is how much foreign exports are responsible for China’s rise. Today, even with 20 percent of the world’s doors closed to trade [with China], China unceasingly opposes trade protection and domestic unemployment is rising by the million. Is China capable of dealing with this?


The unpredictable issue is China itself. Because rising growth has become China's "Berlin Wall."


Obama’s “mutually beneficial” thinking has already received widespread support in liberal countries, which is why the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize went to the first Black U.S. president. Since he arranged to visit China before going to Norway to collect his Prize, I hope while visiting China, Obama declares: “Mr. Hu Jintao, tear down this wall!”














































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