A drawing by artist Lin Guo-wu in which President Ma Ying-jeou

is depicted having sexual intercourse with Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton.



Global Geographic Times, People's Republic of China

'Obscene Postcard' Emerges of Taiwan's President and Hillary Clinton


"In the picture, Ma's upper body is nude as he stands on two stone pillars; below him is Clinton. The picture is quite indecent and is signed with the words 'Lin Guo-wu,' and the date '2009.'"


By Fan Ling-Zhi (范凌志)


Translated by Jimmy Chow


November 4, 2009


People's Republic of China - Global Geographic Times - Original Article (Chinese)

Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou: Apparently, some of his constituents aren't pleased about the importation of U.S. beef.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Adressing the nation on the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic, Chinese President Hu Jintau said China would seek 'peaceful' ties with Taiwan, Oct. 1, 00:01:49RealVideo

Yesterday, Taipei County “councilor” King Chieh-shou received a postcard from “Lin Guo-wu,” depicting [Taiwan President] Ma Ying-jeou and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in an indecent image. The "councilor" suspected that the postcard could be a reaction against the importation of U.S. beef. But police have discovered that Lin Guo-wu is a real artist, and will investigate into whether he sent the postcard. 



[Editor's Note: Since China doesn't recognize the authority of Taiwan's president or government, considering the island one of its provinces, this article puts quotation marks around the word councilor, and omits Ma Ying-jeou's title of president.]


According to Taiwan's TVBS4, the postcard made "councilor" King Chieh-shou shout, “This is too much!” In the picture, Ma's upper body is nude as he stands on two stone pillars; below him is Clinton. The picture is quite indecent and is signed with the words “Lin Guo-wu,” and the date “2009.” Because it contains depictions of Ma and Clinton, the councilor said he suspected that it has something to do with U.S. beef.


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"Councilor" King said, “This insult of the president of the Republic of China and the U.S. secretary of state is likely because recently, the U.S. government forced Taiwan to import its beef.”


Nowadays, well-known figures in Taiwan and U.S. political circles have become targets of time-wasters. Several postcards have been mailed out, and it's still not clear who has received them. But police believe that the crimes of disseminating obscene material and libel have been committed. To identify the sender, they have traced the postcard using the postmark stamp to the Beimen post office, from where it was sent on Oct. 30.


It is now understood that Lin is a 47–year-old artist who has a degree in fine art from the Chinese Culture University in 1988, specializing in oil painting, sculpture and ink and wash painting. Much of his work is commentary on global affairs. This is in keeping with the style of the postcard. And according to a description of him in the National Cultural Directory, the words on the postcard and his use of slogans like “Chinese Imperialism” are similar. But whether the artist is the one who sent the postcards is what Taipei County police will be trying to discover when they interview him.





































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