Africa says, 'To Hell with Obama and his Homosexuals!' (Ghana Web, Ghana)


President Obama's frontal clash with Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday over the issue of gay rights has elicited quite a reaction in Africa. Below is a fairly representative series of comments, similar to those you can find in newspapers across the continent, posted after a news story on the Obama-Kenyatta clash from Ghana, a country President Obama visited in 2009. While there is the occasional defense of gay rights, particularly the last comment in the string, the large majority are harshly and at times violently opposed. The language is disturbing; some of it is lightly edited for clarity.


July 27, 2015


Ghana - Ghana Web - Original Article (English)

Author: Nii Addotey (

Date: 07-26-2015


We have no norms for accepting gays and neither will our children because like the rest of the world except for the West, we have no traditions for aspiring to a gay lifestyle. It's not that Africans hate gays; we just know it isn't normal and try our best to deal with it. Let Obama get that through his head. We will not change our traditions just because he believes in the White man's tradition which accepts gays as normal. Obama must leave AFRICA alone.




Author: Botifans (registered user)

Date: 07-26-2015 12:19


Well said, Mr. Mister


America is the cancer/canker to the world ... cut off this cancer and the world would be healthy again.


The Human race would be living a normal human life if the cancer which is America was removed.


Obama is a krank!!!




Daily Nation, Kenya: Politicization of Gays a Big Loser for Kenya
The Star, Kenya: Gays and Kenya: When in Rome, Obama, 'Respect the Romans'
The Star, Kenya: Kenya Hookers Recruited to Stage Nude Anti-Gay Protest for Obama
The Star, Kenya: Obama's Anxious Kenya Kin Pin Hopes on Change in Schedule

Author: NiiAddotey (

Date:   07-26-2015 12:23


They are seriously in danger of bringing down their great nation. Because if the ideals there, many used to want their children to attend American universities. Now many dread what their children could 'catch' going to school there.


Author: Mr. Mister (

Date:  07-26-2015 12:34


Yes. They will hijack the children's minds and poison them with their evil. They are after the children since they know they cannot get the grown-ups.


Author: NiiAddotey (

Date:  07-26-2015 12:50


Sad but when I was a student at Virginia Tech, the USA was not like this. What happened?


Author: Mr. Mister (

Date:   07-26-2015 12:56


Same here, but already back then they were working to take over, the feminists, the homosexuals. They gradually took over so now it's a whole different country.


Author: Kwaku Romeo Esq (registered user)

Date: 07-26-2015 12:30


Hahaha, massa there are still some good people in America.


Author: Mr. Mister (

Date:  07-26-2015 12:36


The so-called "good people" are not in power. They are strangers in their own country. And if they open their mouth they will be fired from their jobs.


Author: Kwaku Romeo Esq (registered user)

Date:  07-26-2015 12:37


That indeed is the sad truth. Many people are being coerced to join this bandwagon of insanity.


Author: Mr. Mister (

Date:  07-26-2015 12:40


Yes, and the so-called "law" forces it. If you are against you are against "the law".


One of the most uncomfortable moments of President Obama's recent trip to Africa came in Senegal, when a reporter asked...

Posted by WorldMeetsUS on Thursday, July 4, 2013

Author: NiiAddotey (


Date:   07-26-2015 12:57


It's got to stop. How does the USA expect to continue this way and function as a normal nation? What shocks me is the majority has been gagged for some strange reason


Author: Akwasi A'dam (

Date:  07-26-2015 13:06


Long before gays and lesbians began to emerge in Western media, gays and lesbians were in Africa, which is why we have words and phrases like "trumutu," "Kojo besia," "Supi" and the like.


It's fair enough if you don't believe homosexuality is a moral thing to do - but don't pretend it's an imported culture, because it's not!


Author: NiiAddotey (

Date: 07-26-2015 13:29


America is trying to import the gay culture as the norm here and you say what? Kojo besia etc, are not the norm here.


Author: Nana Osei Akoto (

Date: 07-26-2015 13:21


Sure, they are a tiny fraction of a population - something gone awry in nature. That, however, doesn't mean we should make it a norm or accept it as a lifestyle. In the African context, we leave the unnatural alone. We don't and should not promote it.


Massa, homosexuality is unnatural, something gone wrong with the chemical makeup which makes one sexually desire someone of the same sex.


Author: Nana Osei Akoto (

Date:   07-26-2015 13:07


Nii, I trust President Obama gets it. He is a politician playing to a select crowd, you know. He knows in his heart that "gayism" isn't an African thing.


Most African men have their "thang" on their neck seeking the "real deal." Shacking another person's "shit" is not on their list.


According to Daily Nation columnist Kwendo Opanga, Kenya's homosexuality-obsessed government, by throwing red meat to...

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Author: Constable Joy

Date: 2015-07-25 16:59:23

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


Will someone tell Obama to pass a vote in the USA for POLYGRAMY and cease henceforth cooking up useless issues on AFRICANS?


Author: KFF

Date: 2015-07-25 18:33:42





Author: Eliyahu

Date: 2015-07-25 17:30:59

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


Obama is a shameless puppet of the New World Order. We were foolish to elect him. ... twice!! He takes it up his ass from the White master race and eagerly sells out Africa and Africans. I know I may sound bitter but I have had it up over my head with Barack's shit. To hell with him and his homosexuals!!


Author: Muscatela

Date: 2015-07-25 18:15:36

Comment to: Obama is not for Africans


We reject gayism. No, thanks!


Author: Balderash

Date: 2015-07-25 20:03:34

Comment to: Obama is not for Africans


He does not even respect Africa or Africans. Could he ask they same of his Arab friends? Could he go to Saudi Arabia and ask that of them? The man is full of himself but some Africans think he is their guy.


Author: Mary

Date: 2015-07-25 23:07:17

Comment to:Obama is not for Africans


You are lying. Bush never pushed this on you or the American people. Get your facts straight. Obama and the black AG Eric Holder are solely responsible for this. LEAVE THE WHITE MAN OUT OF IT!!!!


Author: obi

Date: 2015-07-25 20:39:23




Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality. That is why this man came to Africa. God is too big to accept this in our land


Author: Kelvin

Date: 2015-07-25 21:43:58

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


No gays in Africa.


Author: man made.

Date: 2015-07-25 22:16:26

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


You Obama are a disgrace, when it comes to presidency


Author: Mr. man

Date: 2015-07-25 22:33:23

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


To me - this Obama wants to help them so Kenya will also legalize gay rights - which is against the Bible. Sodom and Gomorra did the same thing and God's wrath came upon them. So if Obama wants that to happen he should continue convicting African countries to help them - one way or the other. If I a pastor I would never marry this kind living being in my church.


Author: Biggs

Date: 2015-07-25 22:39:44

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


Obama is stupider than I thought ... if his father were gay, would he be a president today telling us to accept gay rights? Disappointed in ... as an African I feel ashamed


Author: DE Boss

Date: 2015-07-25 22:43:44

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


When Obama was elected we thought Africa was going to be developed. Now look at what he's doing. He only visits Africa because of his gay issues. They have forgotten what happened at Sodom and Gomorra and the results gain. This same man wants chips implanted in either the forehead or hand. Obama is against revelation. God have mercy on them and all of the victims of that satanic behavior. Even animals don’t dare do that.






Date: 2015-07-25 22:08:22

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


This guy is talking as if he were the most authoritative and sensible person on earth. He thinks human laws supersede God's laws. It is funny that he sees African nations' refusal to accept homosexual and lesbian lifestyles as discrimination. Africans see homosexual and lesbian lifestyles as morally depraved and reprehensible. In his own America, AIDS is seen as a disease of homosexuals and in the UK aids is very prevalent. It is sad that the Western world has embraced it and wants the whole world to follow their obnoxious example. May GOD forbid!!!!.


Author: kwam7


Date: 2015-07-25 23:20:39

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


In the African kitchen smoke is entering and is bringing out tears.


Obama, can u set the fire in the African kitchen?


Hmmmmmm ... this one.not not not


Author: Johnson Tunu

Date: 2015-07-25 22:49:29

Comment to: eiiiiiiiiiiiii


Why don't homophobes ever try to practice their appeals in reverse by trying to mate with a partner they're genetically disposed against? Do they realize that their 'God', all-powerful and omniscient, made gays, too? It's sad that Blacks don't see a justification and an apology for racists when we urge natural-born gays to perform Michael Jackson's Moon walk in terms of sexual orientation.


Author: Koo

Date: 2015-07-25 22:57:35

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


Hi folks, can someone enlighten him to the Sodom and Gomorra issue, it looks like he don't get it well.


Author: fresh, Agona

Date: 2015-07-26 00:42:09

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


African leaders who will tolerate this foolish beast Obama will face the wrath of God. Open up your minds Africa. No gays please


Author: wilson etor

Date: 2015-07-26 00:52:27

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


Can someone tell this madman (Obama?) to visit a psychiatrist???




Author: Kobena

Date: 2015-07-26 00:35:53

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


With all due respect Mr. President, even in your own US backyard you discriminate against gays. How can you preach something you haven't been able to implement fully yourself?


Author: Jato Rasta

Date: 2015-07-26 01:57:54

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


Bitch ass nigger trying to tell Africans how we should live. He needs to shut his fucking mouth.



Date: 2015-07-26 01:17:59

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


This house nigger is selling his master's immoral codes in AFRICA. Mr. OBAMA you have no right to enforce your abnormal lifestyles on us. TO HELL WITH YOU!!!!!!!!


Author: Agyeman.

Date: 2015-07-26 04:35:08



Well said my friend. We Africans have our social norms and mores and we don't want their sickening lifestyle imposed on us. Learn to respect Africans Barack and keep off on the gay issue.



Date: 2015-07-26 01:19:55

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


You cannot dictate to us, nigger!!


Author: Kwaku Mensah

Date: 2015-07-26 02:43:58

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


The anus is the passage for waste. Human sexual organs are the passage for Human Life. Gays are shit. Obama, give murderers the same right; that is their orientation just as the gays have the abominable act as their orientation. Homosexuality deserves a death sentence.



Date: 2015-07-26 03:15:11

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


My people, lend me your ears. I am giving you guys 6 months to 12 months before gays are approved in Africa, and Ghana will be no 1.


Matthew 24 verse 25 says, "See, I have told you ahead of time." A lot of things going on in the world have been there all along up to today. From time immemorial they have been there. The world is passing away and don't expect anything better beforehand. Just do good works and follow your heart. Stay and practice what you believe. In the case of gays, this is also the case. Please folks, no resistance. These are the end times. Expect more. They have existed since the time of creation. Open your eyes, keep quiet and pray to what you believe, amen !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Author: Chabba

Date: 2015-07-26 03:58:11

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


Yes, Barack Obama has been sent to Africa by his U.S. Satan worshippers to promote the abomination and satanic activity called homosexuality. When Obama was elected as U.S. president in 2008, many of us thought he was coming to do great things for America and the world. Alas, he has been a great disappointment as he promoted damnable and demonic homosexuality which is an affront and an insult to God. He is deliberately or ignorantly confusing human rights with moral issues which is very sad. If a rational human being against all common sense and decorum decides to use the human anus, which is for defecation and toilet, as a sex organ instead of a woman's vagina, which has been specifically made for sex, then that person is either mentally ill or possessed by demons.


Is this a human right issue? Yet that is what Obama and his faggot friends want us to believe. Homosexuality is an intrinsically evil act and an offense to God who created human beings in His own image and likeness. The homosexual mantra "we are not hurting anybody" is a big lie contrived by the father of lies, Satan. Intrinsically evil acts are not private matters as they have spiritual effects and consequences on the whole of society. Why was Adam's sin transmitted from generation to generation if sin is only a private matter? That is why everyone is enjoined to fight the perversion of Satan called homosexuality. It will ultimately have an effect on everyone. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah in the scriptures? Has anyone seen in his naked eye even animals practice homosexuality? If even animals (with no reasoning power) won't do it, why should human beings who can reason? Mr. Obama, please stop promoting this nonsense and become a true African. If people want to sow the seeds of their own destruction and damnation, why do you want to support them? Please repent and promote Godliness - not Abomination!




Author: Professor

Date: 2015-07-26 05:35:58

Comment to:Re: No African state should discriminate over sexu


The most powerful argument anyone can make about homosexuality is its effect on the human race. If homosexuality is encouraged, very soon the human race would become extinct. Research has shown that some animals do engage in homosexuality. But human beings are NOT animals. No animal has the capacity to pray. God didn't make animals "in His own image". Therefore, human beings should not actively encourage and preach homosexuality. Emperor Nero who reined in the Roman Empire and who murdered Christians and Paul the Apostle was gay. He hated the followers of Christ. So if anyone encourages homosexuality, by inference, he or she is anti-Christ. In a few years, Barack Obama's Presidency would end. Africans and true worshipers of almighty God must stand with truth and not be advocates for abominable sins; God hates sin in all its forms.


Author: Dauda Al Hussyn

Date: 2015-07-26 08:00:54

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


No wonder his is married to his colleague's man.

It's only animals like him who takes this as freedom and the right of the people. No African country should accept that his satanic and evil minded. He is a big fool.


Author: Concern citizen

Date: 2015-07-26 07:20:14

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


Why is it that Mr. Obama is travelling around the continent to promote his ideas on gays in our environment?


I can't understand this man trying to impose this on our traditional and cultural values. It seems to me that Mr. Obama has no respect for Africans. Please, Mr. Obama, stop promoting your gay values on our continent and for your information we are unique people with a rich cultural heritage that absolutely forbids anal [sex]. It is a way of life we don't need on our continent - with all due respect for your information.


We agree with ideas of good governance and the rule of law but certainly NOT gays on our continent.


Author: south Africa

Date: 2015-07-26 08:51:07

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


It's very unfortunate. The first Africa-American elected as U.S. president has also become first gay U.S. president.


Author: proud Volta man

Date: 2015-07-26 10:19:11

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


Evil Obama - I curse the day you were born. No need for a DNA test to authenticate your true origin. You are never from Africa - no African will ever be like you idiot, satanic evil man. I am waiting in Ghana for that law, and I will have to burn Parliament, the flagstaff house and the assassination of parliamentarians would follow. I promise with my soul - we want military rule now




Author: Ike - Nkoranza(Point 4)

Date: 2015-07-26 09:26:53

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


If Obama wants to be the anti-Christ, fine. He should rule over his American people and enforce gayism and lesbianism on his country - not on Africans. We are truly covered in the Blood of Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. Yes - Obama is really an Anti-christ and we are keeping an eye on him. We will never be deceived because we're covered with the Blood of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.


Author: Quame Ghana

Date: 2015-07-26 11:30:22

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


If Obama wants to propagate the gay agenda, then I think he should lead by example. He should divorce his wife Michelle and come marry Mugabi ... Lol... I think it's about time Africans unite and stand as a people and forget help from those devilish people. Jah Bless Africa.

Posted By Worldmeets.US


Author: inercycl

Date: 2015-07-26 12:44:06

Comment to: No African state should discriminate over sexuality


Of all the important issues Obama tackled in Kenya, the most incendiary according to our stupid mentality and flawed conscience is the issue of homosexuality. Why is no one talking about the issue of corruption among African leaders - that if a politician's lifestyle far exceeds their income, it doesn't benefit society as a whole? Are we so dumb and stupid that we would allow such "non-issues" to cloud our sense of responsibility, integrity and good governance? As stupid as we are, African politicians have always succeeded in swaying our minds from very critical issues to issues of "pettiness." Is it "cool" for policies, whose incomes are public knowledge, to build huge mansions and ride fancy cars on dirty "dumsor-ised" streets, along dirty back alleys of impoverished communities? Why is no one talking about this, and instead are hell bent on moral trivialities? This is why we have been a laughing stalk the world over: we can't seem to prioritize our very conscience. We have been so engulfed in religious "bafoonery" that our common sense existence to "live and let live" has been dogged by cherry-picked religious doctrines ... all to fit into the dogmas of greedy politicians and so-called men of God – but "whose God?"



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