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With Romney in the White House, 'War is More Likely to Happen' (Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland)


"George W. Bush was no hawk, and he had no definite views on Iraq. Following the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington, the void in his brain was filled by 'chicken hawks' ... Americans or Israelis will bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities, but this won’t finish it. Iran would inevitably fire rockets at Israel and ask its friends from Lebanese Hezbullah to do the same. What comes next is anyone's guess."


By Mariusz Zawadzki



Translated By Agnieszka Gosiewska


October 6, 2012


Poland - Gazeta Wyborcza - Original Article (Polish)

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, left, and chief foreign policy advisor Dan Senor: when the first global crisis hits a Romney presidency, Senor - and member of the neocon brain trust that pursued the Iraq invasion, with be on hand.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Election silence over Trayvon Martin and America's guns, Oct. 9, 00:03:09RealVideo

Since the first presidential debate in the United States, the question has inevitably been raised: What would happen to America, to the world, to me - If Mitt Romney wins the election?


The answer is difficult and highly speculative. Because despite hundreds of rallies, thousands of voters and a copious number of statements to reporters, Mr. Romney remains an enigma. His numerous, astonishing about-faces have become an inexhaustible source of jokes for American comedians.


For example, at a 1994 debate on the subject of abortion, Mr. Romney declared: "I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country. A woman's right to choose should not become a campaign issue." He later declared: "I am pro-life and believe that abortion should be limited to instances of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother." In 2012, he announced that, as a president, he would nominate judges to the Supreme Court who would prohibit abortion outright.


Most likely, Romney is a technocrat who in many cases has no views. He always tries to say what he thinks people want to hear. In 1994, when he fought for the Senate seat of Democrat Ted Kennedy in the liberal state of Massachusetts, Romney supported abortion. But after four years of Barack Obama’s government, the Republican Party has radicalized and moved to the right. Romney, as a supporter of abortion, would have had no chance at the nomination. So he became a staunch defender of the unborn.


A president without any definitive views has his advantages and disadvantages. He would be devoid of prejudices, listening to conflicting opinions and hopefully, the void in his worldview void would be filled with the views (whatever that means).

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But things may happen to trigger a different result. George W. Bush was no hawk, and he had no definite views on Iraq or the Arab world in general. Following the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington, the void in his brain was filled by "chicken hawks": meaning people who never fought with weapons themselves - but are very eager to send others to war (Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld). America lost nearly 5,000 soldiers and spent at least $1 trillion.




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Therefore, the kind of people that surround Mitt Romney surrounds himself with is important - the so-called "potential information or ideological void fillers." Dan Senor, who was a senior official in the George W. Bush Administration, is Mr. Romney’s principal foreign policy adviser. It would be unfair to call him a "chicken hawk" because he smells slightly of gunpowder: he worked as a spokesman for the U.S. provisional government in Baghdad. But he is widely regarded as a hawk. This summer, during Romney’s visit to Israel, Mr. Senor told reporters "Mitt believes that Israel has the right to attack Iran."


Such honeyed words bring joy to the heart of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who since his youth has been a good friend of Romney - in the 1980s both worked at Boston Consulting Group.


Therefore, if Romney moves into the White House, a war is more likely to happen. Americans or Israelis will bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities, but this won’t finish it. Iran would inevitably fire rockets at Israel and ask its friends from Lebanese Hezbullah to do the same (Iran has sponsored Hezbullah for years). What comes next is anyone's guess.



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If there is an issue that Romney may have well-established views, it would be on the economy. For a quarter century, before moving into politics, he had a brilliant career in business. His pre-election comments suggest moderate view, in which case there would be no revolution.


During the debate with Mr. Obama, the Republican candidate announced that he wouldn't cut taxes on the wealthiest Americans (he wants to lower all rates, but end deductions). And he recently spoke of keeping some provisions of Obama's health care reform - hated by Republicans - that protect people from unfair or immoral practices on the part of insurance companies. He supposedly plans to cut some government departments, but surely not enough to satisfy radical conservatives, who almost dream of the state's self-destruction.


And in Polish-American relations we shouldn't expect big changes. Admittedly, Romney was in Poland this past summer, but the main reason for his visit was to accuse Mr. Obama of neglecting America's allies. The Republican candidate’s biography indicates he has the same sentiment on Poland as Obama - which means none. We shouldn't count on evidence of love from across the ocean - at least until another war happens in which we could demonstrate ourselves as strong allies of America.


But this is not the most important thing. Most importantly, it is that Romney's America will remain the guarantor of our security.



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