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Why Russia, China, and Others, Love 'Poking America in the Eye' (Gazeta, Russia)


"Needless to say, in Russia and China, both the population and the authorities happily enjoy the wide range of 'hateful” achievements of American culture, from Hollywood blockbusters to McDonald's. One can only imagine how Russia would have reacted had an FSB agent, who had dealt a similar blow to the Russian secret service, arrived in the United States. ... This attitude toward the United States reveals the objective power of that country. Only the truly strong are so widely hated. Only those who really amount to something warrant such annoyance."




Translated By Anastassia Tapsieva


June 26, 2013


Gazeta - Russia - Original Article (Russian)

Implacable: Russian President Vladimir Putin will not play ball on Edward Snowden, pointedly refusing to hinder his voyage to a third country. Snowden is spending his second day in Moscow's international airport.

BBC NEWS VIDEO, U.K.: Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro says 'someone' should stand up for Edward Snowden; says Venezuela would consider asylum request, June 26, 00:01:12RealVideo

The story of the world travels of fugitive CIA contractor Edward Snowden shows how strong the dislike for the planet's central power is. Moreover, this dislike is demonstrated not only by outcast rogue states, but by those which claim roles as players on an international scale.


On Sunday, June 23rd, fugitive CIA contractor Edward Snowden, the hero of the global news over the past few days who leaked classified information, arrived in Moscow from Hong Kong. According to unofficial information, while still aboard the plane approaching Moscow, he supposedly booked a seat on a Moscow-Havana flight and received a boarding pass.


Later, it was reported that the fugitive may be welcomed by Ecuador, as it had already provided safe haven to Julian Assange, founder of the notorious portal WikiLeaks. It was with the assistance of WikiLeaks that Snowden was able to find refuge in Hong Kong, which, in turn, could not have happened without the assistance of Chinese and Hong Kong authorities. Assange has publicly vowed to help Snowden find refuge in a “genuinely democratic” country, naming the aforementioned Ecuador and Venezuela as possible candidates. Duma Communist Party deputy Leonid Kalashnikov stated outright, that Belarus - not without Russia’s help, would shelter Snowden. So far, however, Snowden has yet to leave for Havana, and by all appearances remains in the transit zone at Sheremetyevo International Airport.


In any case, Russia has found itself in the company of countries that have clearly decided to stir up trouble for America on this particular occasion, unafraid of serving as a political offshore zone for the fugitive American secret service contractor.


This group of countries does not only include political dwarf Ecuador or that world center of vulgar socialism - thanks to Hugo Chavez - Venezuela (which doesn't prevent it from regularly receiving American aid), but also China, which has every opportunity to carry out a truly independent foreign policy. Russian authorities at first claimed, via presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, that they knew nothing of Snowden’s whereabouts in Moscow, and have since stopped commenting on the situation. In any case, judging by the nature of the Russian-American relations, it is hard to imagine Russian authorities extraditing Snowden to the U.S. - although they might try to exchange him.


Snowden organized a leak of information about American intelligence activities, specifically in regard to their surveillance of all mobile communications on the Verizon network, as well as its secret e-mail tracking program. On June 14th, Snowden was charged with crimes that carry the threat of a multi-year prison sentence. One can only imagine how Russia would have reacted had an FSB agent, who had dealt a similar blow to the Russian secret service, arrived in the United States.

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The attitude of Russia (as well as China, Ecuador, Venezuela, and dozens of other countries) toward the U.S. was quite accurately expressed by New York Senator Chuck Schumer in a CNN interview, “The bottom line is very simple: allies are supposed to treat each other in decent ways and Putin always seems almost eager to put a finger in the eye of the United States, whether it is Syria, Iran and now of course with Snowden.”


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This  purely emotional impulse to “put a finger in the eye of the United States,” exhibited by many countries, including Russia, coexists with respectable political discussions within the "Big 8" or "Big 20." Needless to say, in Russia and China, both the population and the authorities happily enjoy the wide range of “hateful” achievements of American culture, from Hollywood blockbusters to McDonald's. Russia, to the constant refrain of anti-American rhetoric, even borrows the techniques and formats of American politics - from primaries, conducted by United Russia, to Putin’s use of the quintessential American political image of a “average Joe” when interacting with the public.


This attitude toward the United States reveals the objective power of that country. Only the truly strong are so widely hated. Only those who really amount to something warrant such annoyance. To that point, Russia under Putin actively and consciously seeks to provoke fear and hatred through its domestic and foreign policies. What would be the use of doing something to annoy Ecuador? No one would ever notice ...


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