President Bush and Benin President Yayi Boni:

Bush's visit to the obscure West African nation

has had a huge impact there.



Fraternite, Benin

Bush's Visit is Like a 'Performance

Enhancing Drug' for President Yayi


"An accurate accounting of the American Number One's praise is capable of raising the Boni Yayi regime to a well-deserved pedestal … It was Bush who decreed the axis of evil and who 'divinely' proclaims the nations of virtue." 


By Sulpice O. Gbaguidi


By James Jacobson


February 18, 2008


Benin - Fraternite - Original Article (French)

Bush's African Itinerary

With legitimate pride, [President] Boni managed the visit of the White House chief to Cotonou. And with reciprocating virtue, George Bush is “proud to be the first American President in Benin.” The United States came to buck up Benin's chief of state in his management of change. When Bush communes with Yayi, and Laura bridges the gap with Chantal, Uncle Sam gladly sings, “The Dawn of a New Day” [Benin’s national anthem ]. Long live America, long live Benin. But the American dream has taken the form of a challenge as well.


This visit was seasoned with a healthy dose of statements by President Bush, which were event-driven and of increasing sophistication. An accurate accounting of the American Number One's praise is capable of raising the Boni Yayi regime to a well-deserved pedestal. Judge for yourselves!


“It’s not by chance that I started with Benin,” George Bush commented, adding: “I am visiting serious governments.” Thus, the White House statement raised the Beninese government to the rank of a great student of democracy. For Boni Yayi, this testimonial of praise from the American chief executive constitutes moral leverage of great magnitude. It was Bush who decreed the axis of evil and who “divinely” proclaims the nations of virtue. "You earned this visit.” This presidential comment summarized the convictions of Bush, who is renowned for his attachment to democratic values: Benin has responded to America's demands.    WORLDMEETS


Invigorated by American support for his fight against bad governance, Boni Yayi can turn to his task. The remarks by the world's most powerful man have had the effect of a performance-enhancing drug for the tenant of Marina, who is already known for his overwhelming energy and sense of sacrifice in the fight against the republic's pimps and corrupted ones, who are strengthened by impunity. The nation's underworld is now in the Head of State's sights. The impact of Bush's visit is likely to set in motion a hunt for those responsible for gangs, theft, embezzlement and corruption.


But to effectively shake up the poisoned nests of the enemies of morality, Boni Yayi must draw on all of his resources to stamp out the remnants of the former [Marxist] regime and confront a terrifying reality. The scissors used in this crusade against evil must completely carve out the gang of Mafiosi who single-mindedly plunder our national heritage.              WORLDMEETS.US


Bush’s benediction, to be productive, must also generate and nourish a "Yayiste" inspiration along the Potomac [In other words, enthusiasm for President Yayi in Congress]. American culture doesn’t endorse such a state of affairs [doesn’t endorse corruption]. Involved in the Watergate scandal, President Nixon was forced to resign after the impeachment process was launched. This earthquake at the top of American power is the very symbol of the force of law in Uncle Sam’s democracy. The satisfaction of the White House puts Yayi on course for the relentless destruction of the Mafia and its corrupt satellites, because American confidence is invaluable. Admittedly, Bush is at the end of his mandate. But whether Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain or Mike Huckabee follow him, the next President of the United States will not violate the principles of democracy.


Bush Junior’s visit therefore contains the seeds of a challenge for [President] Boni's team. It's now a matter of justifying America's friendship. This necessitates an added dimension in the war against corruption. Without action, these announcements will have no effect and will prove nothing but a fantasy. The ball is in Boni Yayi's court. 




Fraternite, Benin

'God Bless America':
George W. Bush Will
'Walk on Benin's Soil'
































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The West African Nation of Benin: The onset of President Bush's visit, the first by a U.S. head of state, has sparked tremendous excitement in the country.

Population: 8.4 million

43,483 square miles

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