Video games and violence: Does the action in shooting games leak

into real life?



Newtown and Video Games: There is NO Connection! (Fokgames, The Netherlands)


"It used to be Rock 'n' Roll that caused people to became 'psychotic,' and in recent years, the reason has become gaming. One moment of thought and self reflection would come in handy here: Doesn't this boy live in a good neighborhood - and are gun laws really necessary? Nah, of course not! Let's all stay nice and stupid and blame those pixels on a screen!"


By Wesley Oudijk


Translated By Marion Pini


December 17, 2012


The Netherlands - Fokgames - Original Article (Dutch)

The video game Mass Effect: Can the tragedy in Newtown be blamed on gaming? Many people seem to think so.

PRISON PLANET VIDEO: Newtown Massacre - the cause: Video games, divorce, anti-depressants, Dec. 17, 00:01:49RealVideo

One didn't expect it, but within hours of the tragedy at an elementary school in Newtown, the finger of blame had already been pointed. And this time, the blame doesn't lie with upbringing, moronic laws on legally-owning multiple weapons or a foolish child. No. It lies with video games, of course!


To give a painfully sad example: when they were still blaming the wrong culprit for this tragedy, an immediate witch hunt began against him on the Internet. Were it not for the fact that his Facebook account is digital, it would have been completely looted. People looked at what the "evil doer" Liked, and suddenly all of it was blamed for this tragedy.


Anyway, one of the things this "wrong doer" Liked was the game Mass Effect, which features shooting aliens to save the world from destruction. With over ten million copies sold, the game is pretty casual, and even the most retarded can see there is no direct link between the game and this drama. But then, you don't yet know the real American housewives.


They have in fact been bombarding Mass Effect's Facebook page with spam. With messages like: "You have blood on your hands," they say that makers of the game have been taken over by Satan. It's the same old song: people blame the unknown simply because they don't have any other outlet for your emotions, which lie with a young man who was completely out of control and most likely couldn't think straight.


Although one can point to ignorant American housewives, there is always someone worse. Namely, Jack Thompson. When this man was still relevant, he began a smear campaign against videogame journalism - and especially against the video game series Grand Theft Auto. He called it violent, and hence, children would go out and kill in real life. This man, who is loathed by one and all, hasn't been heard from in years. But yesterday, when they were still counting bodies of little children, Thompson decided to send an e-mail to a good number of gaming sites with only the text: "Blood is on YOUR hands." Nauseating.




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Although Jack Thompson deserves less attention than my little toe, it is painful that during a tragedy like this, morons like this continue to campaign against gaming. You are, if you do, as we say in Old Dutch, just a narrow minded asshole. It seems that after every drama, we hear the same old song. Someone starts shooting, and gaming gets the blame.

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It is, of course, easy to point a finger at gaming. Research shows that 97 percent of boys between the ages of 15 and 30 play them. It is almost impossible to find someone who doesn't. As shooters are the most popular genre, one quickly realizes that boys play these games. Are they all potential killers? No. It is simply time for the media and the less unsophisticated masses to be a little more introspective.


Pointing at something because you can't deal with your emotions is no longer acceptable. It used to be Rock 'n' Roll that caused people to became "psychotic," and in recent years, the reason has become gaming. One moment of thought and self reflection would come in handy here: Doesn't this boy live in a good neighborhood - and are gun laws really necessary? Nah, of course not! Let's all stay nice and stupid and blame those pixels on a screen!



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