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Financial Times Deutschland, Germany

Why Obama Shouldn't Listen to the Tea Party


"The initial spark for the Tea Party movement was provided by an angry outburst from a TV stock market correspondent who complained during a live broadcast about the aid program for homeowners. In the correspondent's opinion, the assistance program just rewarded 'losers' for their bad decisions. … Republicans must now decide to what extent they will listen to such simplistic considerations."


By David Böcking


Translated By Stephanie Martin


November 3, 2010


Germany - Financial Times Deutschland - Original Article (German)

A somewhat contrite President Obama takes questions the day after a devestating blow to Democrats.


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There are two hot button issues at work in any U.S. election campaign. One is the demand for more jobs - a demand encapsulated by former President Clinton with the slogan “It’s the economy, stupid!” The other is the warning against “big government” - a bloated state apparatus that virtually throws money out the window.


This time, both issues worked particularly well for Republicans. After all, President Barack Obama and his Democrats put in place economic stimulus packages worth billions of dollars to stimulate the faltering economy. They even went so far as to nationalize former flagship companies like General Motors. And yet, almost one in ten Americans is unemployed. Thanks to the anger generated by this mess, Republicans have won back the House of Representatives. The future speaker of the House, John Boehner, has already informed Obama that more jobs and less public spending are the top priorities of his constituents. However, meeting both demands at once will be impossible.



The U.S. suffers from a persistent weakness in domestic consumption. This was exacerbated by the fact that government assistance to the unemployed and homeowners threatened with foreclosure hasn't been further extended.


This corresponds precisely with the beliefs of the conservative Tea Party, which has established itself with this election as a new wing of the Republican Party. The initial spark for the protest movement was provided by an angry outburst on the part of a TV stock market correspondent who complained vociferously during a live broadcast about the aid program for homeowners. In the correspondent’s opinion, the assistance program just rewarded “losers” for their bad decisions.


The Republicans must now decide to what extent they will listen to such simplistic considerations. If they opt for a total blockade, they may soon be in the hot seat themselves … as the cause of the next downturn.


But there might be another way, since after this defeat Obama can no longer avoid compromise. One might be to stimulate the U.S. economy with more infrastructure spending. Such expenditures would directly benefit businesses, and for Republicans, this would be less ideologically suspect than social spending.  



During the election, it became apparent how full of mines this terrain really is. Since Chinese industries also benefit from renewable energy subsidies, many Democrats were actually criticized in televised campaign ads by Republicans for representing Chinese interests. Meanwhile, Democrats attempted to denigrate Republicans by criticizing them for accepting campaign funds from foreign companies - which is a perfectly normal practice in the U.S. system.


It is to be hoped, not only for the United States but for its trading partners that the protectionist tone as well as extreme opposition to government intervention will diminish after the election. The fact that the most radical of the Tea Party candidates lost might encourage Republicans and Democrats to move in this direction.



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