Iran spy chief Heidar Moslehi: Is he wrong to be paranoid?



Fars News Agency, Islamic Republic of Iran

Intelligence Minister Moslehi Warns of Enemy Plots in 'Almost Every Field'


According to this news item from Iran's state-run Fars News Agency, the nation's top intelligence official is warning Iranians to be on the lookout for enemy plots, particularly ahead of Majlis elections. According to him, the 'enemies' plan to "use the elections to try and counter the ideals of the Islamic establishment."


February 16, 2012


Islamic Republic of Iran - Fars News Agency - Original Article (English)

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: He and his administration insist that while Iran is being attacked on all sides, 'enemy plots' have 'opened new opportunities.


PRESS TV, IRAN [STATE-RUN]: 'Iran pressures EU not to side with US', Feb. 16, 2009, 00:03:28RealVideo

TEHRAN: Iran Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi is warning of enemy plots to weaken the Islamic Republic, but underlined the full preparedness of his ministry to confront their conspiracies.


"Based on precise information, Iran is now in a 'heavy, soft-war" situation. The enemy has hatched plots against the Islamic Republic in almost every field," Moslehi said on Thursday.


He added that as the nation's leading intelligence body, the Intelligence Ministry has up to now countered the countless plots of the enemy. Moslehi noted that while such plots have created threats to the country, they have also created opportunities.


Moslehi emphasized that the Islamic establishment has been able to overcome many challenges and has achieved victory, thanks to the prudence of Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei. Moslehi also stressed the importance of crafting new strategies to confront any new threats or threats that have changed.


Earlier this month, the minister warned that the plots of Iran's enemies are designed to stir tension before [March 2] elections for the Majlis [parliament], and called for Iranians to be vigilant against their schemes.   



"Based on reliable information, the enemies wish to create tension during the pre-election period; this makes it more important than ever for Iranian officials and the nation to address outstanding security issues," Moslehi said last week.


He also emphasized that mass participation in the elections would defeat the enemies and reinforce unity and convergence in Iran.




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According to Moslehi, the sworn enemies of Islam and the Islamic Revolution have united to use the elections to try and counter the ideals of the Islamic establishment.


"We should remain vigilant to thwart enemy plots," Moslehi reiterated.




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