El Watan, Algeria

El Watan, Algeria

De-Baathification: Kiss Iraq Goodbye


"Tehran, which has set itself up as a sort of Vatican of Shiism, is fanning the flames of division, while a number of Gulf monarchies want to consolidate Sunni extremism by arming radical elements."


Translated By Mary Kinney


By Tayeb Belghiche


February 13, 2010


Algeria - El Watan - Original Article (French)


Ahmed Chalabi (above) is one of Iraq's most divisive figures, who is said to have been the source of the faulty information the Bush Administration used to invade in 2003. He now heads Iraq's Accountability and Justice Commission, which has disqualified hundreds of exclusively Sunni candidates.


BBC NEWS AUDIO: Saddam's shadow hangs over Iraqi election, Feb. 12, 00:02:46RealVideo

Due to the fault of the Americans, Iraq, that cradle of human civilization, may disappear from the map. Decided by George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and that head of radical Zionism, Richard Perle, the invasion of the country, in order to seize Iraq's oil wells, has exposed the latent antagonisms that the bloody dictatorship of Saddam Hussein had suppressed for decades. Today, all of the ingredients have combined for the break up of the old Abbasid reign that has contributed so much to the development of world science and culture. Indeed, as a legislative election campaign got underway yesterday, in the background one caught a whiff of the score-settling among communities that is so prejudicial to the future progress of the country.



A commission for Accountability and Justice, established in 2008 for the “de-Baathification” of Iraq, but which has no legal foundation, is in the process of pouring gasoline onto the fire. Directed by Ahmed Chalabi, a sulfurous character who is a former CIA agent known for being a bank swindler, this body has eliminated around 500 candidates, some who are celebrities, under the pretext that they've had ties with the Baath Party. One peculiarity is this: the banished ones are Sunni and the banishers are Shiite. It's true that Saddam Hussein favored the Sunni community and victimized Shiites to the point of, for example, forbidding their religious processions. After an attack against him, Saddam even gassed the Kurdish city of Halabjah,  killing at least 5,000 women and children. He left a legacy an insurmountable hatred among the three main communities in the country [Suuni, Shiite and Kurd]. 




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Iraqi Kurdistan already has one foot in secession. It happens that the countries that neighbor Iraq are doing everything they can to accentuate the climate of discord. Tehran, which has set itself up as a sort of Vatican of Shiism, is fanning the flames of division, while a number of Gulf monarchies want to consolidate Sunni extremism by arming radical elements. In a sense, a war over influence has broken out between Sunnis and Shiites and between regional powers who interpose their own Iraqis. We mustn't forget that the leader of Iraq's Shiites is Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani … an Iranian. Israel had always dreamed of the Balkanization of the Near- and Middle East in for the purpose of establishing its hegemony in the region. Its dream is coming true.   



A plan for the dismemberment of Iraq into three states - Shiite, Sunni and Kurd - has existed since the 1980s. Apparently, working its way toward Syria, Saudi Arabia and others, this plan is being executed. The Arab world is unfortunately paralyzed in the face of this danger. The most retrograde regimes, such as the Saudi Wahhabites, are instead concerned with concentrating on stifling the democratic whims of the Arab people. The League of the same name [the Arab League], designed to at least ring the alarm, is more preoccupied with perpetuating the Mubarak dynasty than anything else.



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