Glenn Beck: Is he part of a movement with Nazi roots?



El Mercurio, Spain

The 'Neo-Nazi' Campaign Against President Obama


"The goal is for the U.S. right and ultra-right to win the upcoming legislative elections and reach a majority in Congress to prevent the passage of laws that affect the interests of large corporations. At the same time, all of this continues to generate movements and state laws that target minorities and migrants."


By Frida Modak



Translated By Halszka Czarnocka


September 7, 2010


Spain - El Mercurio - Original Article (Spanish)

Glenn Beck rallies his faithful at the Lincoln Memorial: Can he credibly be called a neo-Nazi?


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Glenn Beck rally draws comments on faith and government, August 29, 00:03:23 RealVideo

The campaign in the United States unleashed against President Barack Obama is far from being just part of an electoral contest. It reflects the advance of the neo-Nazi movement, which has always been latent in the country to the North and has acquired new vigor since 2000 - coincidentally the year of George W. Bush's arrival at the White House. The defeat of Germany in the Second World War and the physical passing of Hitler didn't mean the demise of Nazism. Rather, Nazi ideology was disseminated at by former officials from various levels of that regime, who found refuge in other countries. Leading figures received passports with new identities, which were issued to them by respectable institutions and governments.


Thus, those known for their scientific research or expertise in the matter of armaments were taken in by the West's most developed countries and the Soviet Union. Others, who were prosecuted as war criminals, used less developed countries and bought high-level protection.


They were joined by groups who adhered to these former Nazi officials and who arrived as colonists, reproducing their own models of organization in places they settled. They became very effective collaborators with Latin American dictatorships and were supported by national political figures and groups sympathetic to Nazism.


Racism in the United States surfaced with the colonization of its territory. Its victims were not only Native Americans, but Blacks who were purchased or kidnapped in Africa and taken to the American continent as slaves. The U.S. group most equivalent to what now amounts to Neo-Nazism is the Ku-Klux-Klan.




Bringing this precursor up to the current era, we find a President Barack Obama besieged by an opposition with all the characteristics of neo-Nazis. With Bush they felt represented, battling Muslims who had been declared the new enemies - added, of course, to the old ones: Blacks, Latinos, Jews, socialists and homosexuals.


The neo-Nazi movement in our northern neighbor is derived from the Nazi Party. Created in the 1920s, the Nazis joined with the Free Society of Teutonia and formed the German American Bund. That party achieved notoriety in the 1930s, when Hitler and Mussolini were at the pinnacle of power. The defeat of Germany dispersed them; but they re-emerged in 1959 as the American Nazi Party led by Lincoln Rockwell.


There are now several groups, the most important of which is the Aryan Nations, which the FBI considers a terrorist threat and the Rand Corporation describes as “the first truly terrorist organization.” But it was the National Alliance (for White supremacy) that declared war on Barack Obama after he won the Democratic nomination for the presidency of the republic.


Paul Michael Schlesselman and Daniel Gregory Cowart, the two

neo-Nazis who in 2008 were charged with plotting to kill Obama



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At the time, two members of the Alliance were detained while planning to kill 102 African Americans, of whom they wanted to behead 14. But their main objective was to kill Obama - and to do so, they planned to don white tuxedos and top hats. They didn't mind dying in the process of this endeavor, but were caught in time.




The main figure in the current offensive against the U.S. president is Sarah Palin, former Republican vice presidential candidate, with the financing being paid from the accounts of Fox News. The company hired Palin as a political “commentator” at an exorbitant salary.



Another star commentator from this TV channel is Glenn Beck, the master-of-ceremonies at the recent rally held in the same place Martin Luther King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech in defense of Black civil rights. The event, during which Obama was accused of being a socialist and a “Muslim who hates Whites,” is considered a provocation and insult to the memory of King.


There are other business-related groups that contribute to these demonstrations and the creation of entities opposed to policies put forward by Obama. They have succeeded in convincing 25 percent of U.S. people that their president is a Muslim and hence, not a Christian. The White House has had to deny the rumors.


But the campaign continues. The goal is for the U.S. right and ultra-right to win the upcoming legislative elections and reach a majority in the House of Representatives to prevent the passage of laws that affect the interests of large corporations. At the same time, all of this continues to generate movements and state laws that target minorities and migrants.


Meanwhile, on the radio and on TV, certain commentators attack both Black and Latino communities and now Muslims born in the U.S. Alienating and turning Muslims into enemies has led to episodes like that of a doctor [Major Nidal Hassan], who had been the subject of mockery and discrimination and which led him to start shooting at the military base on which he served.


American neo-Nazis: More influence than meets the eye?


But despite of alarming level of anti-Muslim attitudes in the United States, the only government entity to express concern has been the CIA. The Agency fears being accused of exporting terrorism, because in the current situation, American Muslims have joined with Muslims in other places against their native land.




But racism, which is swelling the ranks of neo-Nazis, is not only growing in the United States. Groups of this persuasion are also gaining strength in Europe, while governments apply xenophobic policies that affect ethnic and religious minorities. France and Italy are in the vanguard of the trend.


Both French and Italian governments have stiffened their actions against the Gypsies [aka/the Roma]. Hitler did the same, eliminating thousands. In this respect, there is a legal void in the European Union, which “recognizes” Gypsies as citizens, but doesn't give them the right to circulate across its entire territory, nor does it give them the right to work.



Not to be outdone, the British have announced that they, too, fear terrorist acts by Muslims. And all of this is going on as the U.S. media is warning of a new recession, and that ten banks could fail in the coming months. Provoking racism to disguise other problems causes the ranks of neo-Nazis to swell.


*Frida Modak is a journalist and was press secretary to former Chilean President Salvador Allende.



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