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The Panic of 'America's Buffoon' Hugo Chavez


"Hugo Chavez, America’s buffoon, has prepared a strategy of censuring the media and Internet due to the expansion of displeasure with his totalitarian government."


By Raúl Benoit


Translated By Florizul Acosta-Perez


December 21, 2010


Honduras - El Heraldo - Original Article (Spanish)

With ecomonic problems mounting and Venezuela's media asking an increasing number of questions about his use of the public treasury, Hugo Chavez appears to have decided to attack the media messengers.


BBC NEWS AUDIO: U.S. film director Oliver Stome explains that Latin America marches to a 'different drummer,' and that it dnoesn;t want to be under 'America's heel,', July 21, 00:06:24 RealVideo

Honduras: As a mediocre comedian who improvises his performances, the buffoon tries to blame the theater owner and audience for his failures. Then he commands everyone to shut up, turns off the lights and closes the doors so that his pantomime isn't seen as dull or dingy, inside or out.


Hugo Chavez, America’s buffoon, has prepared a strategy of censuring the media and Internet due to the spread of displeasure with his totalitarian government. His deputies of the Bolivarian Revolution have been sent undercover to several of the world's cities, such as Miami, to work in offices near the Venezuela Consulate to harass their critics.  


On the other hand, another strategy he uses is to attack broadcasters for disseminating false news about crimes against officials of his regime, with the purpose of blaming the Internet and independent media for spreading trash propaganda. 


We cannot deny that the Internet is swamp terrain that at the moment has no rules, and which will have to be regulated by international agreement in order to lessen the debauchery that could result in chaotic consequences for future society.


But it is also true that us, the users of the Internet, television and radio, mustn't believe everything we see and hear in media, and we don't need a paternalistic government to look after us, be well informed and shape our own opinions.


The buffoon’s intention is to silence critics so only he can be heard - and he prepares the gag-warning with phrases like: “Under the Constitution, in a socialist government, one must subordinate oneself to the interests of the state. … I cannot imprison anyone. For that, the branches of government and the people must act. … They know they are committing a crime that is punishable anywhere in the world.” 


It is Chavez who is committing a crime by taking away civil liberties and freedom of expression. Crime is destroying the wealth of his nation, as he dispenses money to his temporary “friends” who, once they take advantage of Venezuela, will kick the dictator where we all know. It is he that commits wrongdoing by seizing the possessions and patrimony of families that worked for years providing people with employment and contributing to the nation's progress.


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On Thursday, December 9, Chavez introduced a bill in the National Assembly that would punish the use of the Internet and social networks for the sending of “messages disrespectful to public authorities, which could create anxiety or promote the rejection of legitimately constituted authorities.”  



The measure, which would reform a law that already restricts content broadcast by radio stations and television networks, would prohibit the use of Facebook, Twitter and other online sites where messages are sent that “constitute media manipulation.”


By attempting to control free speech, punish media and silence the Internet, Chavez is trying to cover up the failure of his communist project and the bankruptcy of the state due of his waste of national wealth, which he has used to gratify his overwhelming greed and narcissism.


The buffoon acts as if he's got stage fright.



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